Idaho Paramotor Training: Cost, Available Trainers, and Locations

Welcome to the ultimate source of paramotor info! If you are reading this, it means that you are probably interested in taking a great big leap into the sky and learning how to paramotor for yourself. This is a very exciting thing to consider and I am honestly just pumped for you.

So, what paramotor training courses are available in Idaho? Idaho doesn’t really have any paramotor flight schools that can train you. While Idaho does have a few paramotor stores and clubs, their training takes place out of state, usually in Oregon or California.

Today, I will help point out for you the best places where you can obtain paramotor training for yourself. Just know that you will probably have to leave the state to get there!

Bozeman, Montana: Bozeman Paragliding

This is a school located in the beautiful Montana mountains. They have been doing paramotor pilot training since 2002 when they were founded by paramotorist Andy Macrae.

Macrae is an avid paramotorist who takes part in various paramotoring competitions around the world. It also appears that he especially loves cross country flying, as he has held the Montana distance record since 2005.

The school is located in Bozeman, Montana, which is about two or three hours from most of southeast Idaho.

At Bozeman Paragliding, you will get trained in a variety of techniques. They cover all the basic things you would expect, like wings, storage, take-offs and landings, and general knowledge to fly safely.

They also go over many good techniques on how to take advantage of thermals, how to fly cross country, and how to fly over mountains. Here in Idaho, that kind of stuff is important to, and that’s the kind of stuff you might not always get with a big-city school.

Their pricing is very transparent and straightforward. Your introductory lesson is $200 and lasts about three hours. In it, you will learn the basics of dealing with the wing and might even start getting off the ground.

This is a great way to see if paramotoring is something you are sure you want to get into. If you decide in the affirmative, then the whole certification training will cost you $1,600.

One thing you want to note is that the $200 that went to your first lesson will also count towards the price of this full training. Also, if you bring a friend to complete the training with you, you will get an extra $200 off.

Once you buy training from Bozeman Paragliding, you are always welcome back to practice on their hill, talk with their knowledgable instructors, and gain more insight into the sport of paragliding.

To get in contact with Bozeman Paragliding and see which lessons are right for you, you can check out their website here.

South Jordan, Utah: Utah Powered Paragliding

Utah Powered Paragliding teaches powered paragliding at the Point of the Mountain, which (unsurprisingly) is a point on the mountains that surround Salt Lake City.

Point of the Mountain is a place where the wind is always blowing, and if you ever pass it on the freeway, you are sure to see people paragliding and paramotoring up and down, using the thermals and the breeze to stay aloft almost indefinitely.

Utah Powered Paragliding is proud to be teaching students in such a unique and interesting microclimate.

There are several good flying sites that are minutes from each other, and they usually all have different conditions. If one site is not good, then they will take you to another!

This is another great choice if you live in the southern part of the State. At an hour and a half from the border, it is still pretty close to Idaho.

Utah Powered Paragliding will go over everything you need to know about flying a paramotor, from how to read the weather and microclimates to how to fold and store your wing and mix oil into your gasoline.

They will even pull you with a winch for your first solo flight so that you are close to the ground and in a controlled setting while mastering the basics of flight.

The cost of training at Utah Powered Paragliding will run you $1,500. If you buy your equipment from them, the cost is reduced and they will train you for just $1,000. For more information about this company and their services, visit their website here.

Pacific City, Oregon: Team Fly Halo

This one is a bit further, but no doubt a beautiful place to get sidetracked! On the Oregon Coast, Team Fly Halo teaches paramotoring students the techniques to fly.

They will take you under their wing with very personalized instruction from their knowledgeable and passionate instructors.

These instructors work very closely with the students. There are 3 instructors that work with a class size limit of 6. That is one instructor per two students! This is done to give as much one on one time as possible to each student.

These instructors aren’t always teaching, though. They only have classes running on certain days. Their locations also sometimes vary. They do some sessions in California over the winter, and in the summer is when you will find the ones in Oregon.

You can check the schedule of upcoming training sessions on their website. The upcoming training dates are listed along the left side of the page.

The cost of the training covers lodging, transportation, and gear rental. If you are planning on flying to the training, they will even pick you up at the Portland Airport.

Training with Team Fly Halo is more expensive and will cost you $2,500 for a lifetime of training.

What this means is that you are always welcome to come back to other lessons for more training, insights, and perspective on paramotor flying (they won’t cover your lodging, transportation, or gear rental on subsequent visits though).

Overall, there probably isn’t a cooler place to learn how to fly a paramotor than on the Oregon Coast, in the ocean breeze, and with some of the best instructors around.

Go Get ‘Em!

Congratulations on your desire to learn to fly! You really are smart to be looking for training first. Good training is invaluable and may very well save your life.

With good training, paramotoring is one of the safest ways to fly. Although your friend might be sure that he is the best paramotor pilot in the world, it really is better to go with the people who are expert at the sport and at teaching.

You won’t regret the experience and knowledge that comes from training. Thanks for reading and good luck with your search for a pilot school!

Related Questions:

Are paramotor instructors certified? There aren’t any regulations on who can be a paramotor pilot. Thus, there are quite a few variables in the quality of schools. Do some good research and go with a reputable school, and consider going with one that has been certified by a pilot’s association.

Should I buy my equipment before training? Don’t buy your paramotor equipment before getting training. Your paramotor equipment is a big expense, and it is one that you want to get right. Do some training first so they can help you size everything right, get good recommendations, and learn your personal preferences first.

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