How to Charge a Jet Ski Battery

jet ski battery
how to charge a jet ski battery

Once the jet skiing season is over, it is time to take out the battery and charge it up. If this is your first offseason you may not know how to charge your battery, but no need to worry, charging it is simple. Here is a guide on how to do so.

To charge a jet ski battery, it will need to either need to be taken out or be easily accessible in the jet ski in a dry area. Then, connect it to a smart battery charger. The charger will then use 12 volts to charge your battery over time.

Charging a jet ski battery is not too challenging, but it can seem a little intimidating the first time. With a couple of safe and helpful tips, you’ll have the confidence you need.

How to Charge a Jet Ski Battery

Here is a step by step list of how to charge your jet ski’s battery:

  1. Make sure the battery is in a place where water cannot get to it
  2. Make sure the battery is near a power outlet if you are using a wall charger
  3. If you are accessing the battery while still in the jet ski, remove access panels so that you can get to the battery
  4. If you are charging the battery while it is still in the jet ski, disconnect the negative cable (the black one) so that you do not damage the computer on the jet ski
  5. Plug in your battery charger to the wall and wait for the okay
  6. Connect the charger to the battery according to the directions
  7. Before you leave it to charge, check to make sure it is working properly. If you have a smart charger, then a LED green light will shine if it is good to go. A red LED light will show if something is wrong with either the charger or more likely the battery

If you do not have a smart charger, then you CANNOT leave the charger on the battery. You will need to eventually disconnect it to make sure it does not fry your battery.

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How Long Do You Charge a Jet Ski Battery?

jet ski battery
how to charge a jet ski battery

If you do not have a smart battery charger then you will have to manually check when the battery is charged and then disconnect the charger so it does not overcharge.

It takes about 45 minutes to charge a completely dead battery up to 65%. If your battery is completely dead and you want it fully charged then you will need to charge it for around 2 hours.

I would check your battery every 30 minutes after you connect it just to make sure it does not overcharge. If your battery is around 85% charged and you just want to top it off, it should only take 15 minutes to a half-hour.

Batteries usually charge up pretty fast and with a smart charger you do not even have to worry about disconnecting it or wondering how long it will take because it does the work for you.

What Voltage Should a Jet Ski Battery Use to Charge?

The best battery voltage you can get for your jet ski is a 12-volt battery. When you are looking for a charger, you need to make sure it is at 12 volts and is under 2 amps. You should not try to charge a battery super fast. If you want to avoid damaging the battery, then you should stay under 2 amps when charging.

It is not uncommon for even the best battery to die. If any battery has been sitting out for a while, then it could be dead and you may not be able to restart it. Because of this, I would recommend connecting your battery to a trickle charger to ensure it does not die.

Best Jet Ski Battery Chargers

The best possible charger you can get for your jet ski battery is going to be a smart charger because these charge your battery until it is fully charged and then automatically turn off, meaning you do not have to worry about checking it or disconnecting it.

Here are a few of the best smart chargers out there:

  • Battery Tender Jr- This is the number one choice of smart battery chargers out there. It is spark-proof and comes with a 12-foot output cord. It does not overcharge your battery and if there are any problems with it, it comes with a 5-year warranty so you can return it. This is the highest-rated charger on Amazon and has over 9,000 reviews! This is the battery charger I would recommend for everyone. It is super cheap at around $25. Check it out here on Amazon.
  • NOCO Genius 6V/12V- Although it is a little more expensive, this comes in a voltage of 6 or 12 and also has a 5-year warranty with it. It works very well and is reliable at around $30 online. Check it out here on Amazon.
  • Motobatt Baby Boy 500- This has a 2 stage charge and shuts off when the battery has been charged. It measures the voltage and amperage simultaneously which charges faster and has more accuracy. It comes with a 1-year warranty and is around $18 on Amazon. See here.
  • BatteryMINDer Plus Model 1510- This is another great option when it comes to smart chargers. This charger can charge up to four batteries at once and will charge it up quick. This charger can take almost dead batteries and charge them up to brand new condition again. It has a 10-year warranty and costs more than most batteries but will last a long time. It is around $50 on Amazon. See here.

There are other options when it comes to chargers, and if you want a cheaper option, you can go with a solar-powered charger. These are very popular options especially if you keep your jet ski outside because you do not have to plug the charger in and you do not have to pay for the electricity either.

Here are a few of the best solar-powered chargers:

  • ALLPOWERS 18V 5W- This is the most popular solar-powered charger. It works in all weather conditions because it is weatherproof. It not only works with PWC batteries but also with car, motorcycle, and tractor batteries. You can buy it online for about $20.
  • Betop-Camp 12V 10W- This solar battery is covered with clear PV glass which makes it more efficient. It is snow proof and works in all daylight conditions. Once the solar charger is charged up, a flashing LED light will flicker. This will keep your battery charged and ready to go. You can buy this online for about $30.
  • MOOLSUN 12V 10W- This is a great charger that you can take anywhere you want. When put in the sun this will charge your battery right up. It works in all kinds of weather and is an awesome option. It sells for about $30 online.
  • Zeal life 12V 1.8W- One thing that is very popular about this solar power charger is it works in cloudy weather conditions as well as sunny ones. This is eco-friendly and will get the job done. It also has a one year warranty in case anything goes wrong with the charger. The Zeal life charger is selling online for around $25.

Can you Jump Start a Jet Ski Battery?

You should not jump start your jet ski with a car or a truck because the batteries and charging systems in them are too powerful for your jet ski to handle. You could easily end up frying the electronics.

There are safe ways you can jump-start your jet ski. One of the ways is using a freestanding battery. “Freestanding” means that it is a battery not connected to anything else. You will need to make sure that the freestanding battery has a full 12-volt charge or it will not work. You will then connect the battery in your jet ski to the freestanding battery and jump start it.

You can also jump-start your dead battery by connecting it to another jet ski’s battery. This is not the recommended method to jump-start your dead battery, but it is a way to do it. Again, connecting your jet ski to another vehicle is not recommended because it can fry your electronics if the other battery is too powerful.

The easiest and safest method is by jump-starting with a battery booster. This should always be your constant companion because whether your jet ski, motorcycle, or even car battery dies, this will jump-start it right back to life.

You need to make sure the booster is charged up by using an outlet in your home or even the cigarette lighter in your car! Once it is charged up you just attach the booster to your dead battery, turn the dial to “on” and “jump” and then start up your jet ski.

If you are in an area where it gets cold quickly and you still decide to operate your jet ski when it gets colder, you will definitely need a battery booster. When batteries are sitting for too long in cold weather they will die.

One thing to remember is that you should NEVER jumpstart your jet ski in the water. This can be very dangerous and can result in death. The best way to jumpstart your jet ski is with a battery booster because it is the simplest and least dangerous way.

Reasons Why Your Jet Ski Battery Dies

You may be wondering why you have to replace your jet ski battery so often. Here are some of the things that could be happening to your battery.

One way to see if your battery is dying is to put your key in and start up your jet ski. If you hear multiple clicks when you turn the key this is a sign you have a bad battery.

One thing people often do not know about jet skis is that they do not have a charging system as a car does. This means that you cannot ride around to charge your battery like in a car. The battery in your jet ski will not charge if you just ride it around. A jet ski has what is called a Stator which does not fully charge your battery but just maintains a charge.

If your battery is just sitting for too long without running, it will begin to sulfate. This is when the plates on the battery build-up and cause it to lose its charge. You do not drive your jet ski as much as your car which is why your jet ski battery does not last as long.

If your jet ski battery will not stay charged then there is a chance that something is draining it or the Stator has stopped charging. To check and see if the stator is bad, you should test the voltage of the battery. If the battery is pushing close to 14-volts then it is fine, but if it below that then something is wrong with the charging system.

One more thing to keep in mind if your battery is giving you trouble is the size of the battery. You could have a battery that is too big or too small and that can affect your battery life and how your jet ski operates.

How to Store Jet Ski Batteries

If it is offseason, you should take your battery out of your jet ski and store it in a dry place where it will not get cold. When you maintain the battery correctly you will have a fully-charged battery the next time you take it out in the water.

In order to maintain your jet ski battery correctly during the winter you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Locate your battery at the back of the jet ski.
  2. According to the manufacturer’s directions, remove the battery by undoing the bolts that hold the battery down.
  3. Flip back the rubber cap from the negative terminal of the battery. Use a Phillips screwdriver to unfasten the screws that connect the negative terminal to the battery cable. Life the cable away from the battery.
  4. Flip back the rubber cap from the positive terminal of the battery and repeat the third step but for the positive terminal.
  5. Lift the battery out of the jet ski while keeping it level at all times. You may want to put on some protective gloves for this step.
  6. Put the battery in a dry garage or shed on top of a rubber mat. Attach the battery to a smart charger (trickle charger) and make sure it starts working.
  7. Come back to check on the fluid level of your battery every four weeks. Unscrew the battery cap with a flathead screwdriver and refill with distilled water if the level falls below the lower-level mark on your battery. Refill and then replace the battery cap.

You need to make sure that the battery is stored in a place where it is protected from the winter weather. You should not keep your jet ski battery in your house to charge because it can give off dangerous fumes. You will need to keep open flames and sparks away from the battery or else a fire could be started.

Do not place your battery on concrete because it can drain your battery. If any fluid drains from the battery, do not touch it with your skin because it could be dangerous.

You need to store your battery in a place where kids cannot reach it. It is very important that your battery does not freeze or else you will have to buy a new one. Batteries for jet skis can last anywhere from 3-5 years but if you take perfect care of your battery it can last longer.

The best way to ensure your battery is charged for when summer comes around is to connect it to a smart charger (trickle charger) that will charge it over a period of time. Having your battery in a storage unit with electrical units will make it easier to charge.

In my opinion, you should buy a jet ski battery that is going to last you a long time and one that will keep its charge all the time without dying out on you. It may be a little more spendy than the cheap batteries but as long as you take good care, they will last you years instead of just one year like the cheap ones.

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