How Much Does a Parasail Boat Cost?

Our article about working as a parasail captain inspired you to pursue that career path. Whether you’re striving to start your own parasail company or join someone else’s, you need a parasailing boat. How much will you spend on one of these boats?

Parasailing boats can cost upwards of $50,000 to $90,000 since they’re specialty vessels. They’re also usually customized to include unique colors and logos for a parasailing company. To save money, you may be able to buy a used parasail boat.

In this article, we’ll delve further into the costs of new versus used parasail boats as well as introduce some parasail boat models you might consider. We’ll even tell you how to take care of your parasail boat so you can use it as a money-maker for years to come!

How Much Does a New Parasail Boat Cost? What about a Used One?

New Parasail Boat Price Range

If you wanted to buy a recreational boat tomorrow, you could shop online or visit dozens of boating outlets near you. Not so with parasail boats. These are considered specialty boats, as we said in the intro, since they’re not your everyday vessel. If you went to 200 boating stores, we’d bet few if any of them would have parasailing boats available.

Instead, if you want to get your hands on a parasailing boat, you need to find a manufacturer who makes one. We’ll talk more about some of these manufacturers a little later. Then you need to custom-order your boat. Most parasail boats are painted and otherwise customized for a parasailing company. For example, you could get your company’s name or logo across the side of the boat. This is good for branding. 

Due to their customization options, new parasail boats cost around $50,000 to $90,000. Some boats may be somewhat cheaper, such as $30,000 to $60,000, but it all depends on the size of the boat, the materials used, and whether your parasail boat is run-of-the-mill or custom.

Yes, that’s quite a lot to spend on a boat, but you can take solace in the fact that for the money you put forward now, you’ll recoup it back later if your parasailing company is successful enough. 

Used Parasail Boat Price Range

Let’s say you want to start a parasail business from scratch but you don’t exactly have $50,000 to invest right now. You certainly don’t have $90,000. Maybe your budget is more around $35,000. Can you still get your hands on a parasail boat?

Yes, but it’s going to be a used one. How much will it set you back? We found a list of used parasail boat prices that should give you a better idea.

  • 2018 Enma Hanna in good condition with a Yanmar 315 engine at 700 working hours and Bravo 2 drive: $83,147
  • 2019 CBB Ocean I in very good condition with an Iveco 400PS engine at 350 working hours and Hamilton Jet drive: $98,812
  • 2017 Tansal in good condition with an Iveco 400PS engine at 1,200 working hours and Alarmin Jet drive: $74,711
  • 2017 Merc Merc28 in good condition with an Iveco 400PS engine at 1,300 working hours and Konig Jet drive: $71,096 
  • 2017 Merc Merc24 in good condition with a Volvo Penta 300PS engine at 1,500 working hours and a Bravo 2 drive: $55,431 
  • 2017 CBB X Pro in good condition with a Man 400PS engine at 860 working hours and a Hamilton Jet drive: $91,582 
  • 2017 CBB Benjamino in good condition with a Yanmar 315PS engine at 1,400 working hours and a Bravo 2 drive: $59,648

Keep in mind that these prices are for relatively new parasail boats. Like with other used boats and even used cars, the newer the vehicle, the costlier it tends to be. If you could find a used parasail boat from the early 2010s that didn’t have thousands of working hours on the engine and was in good condition, it would probably be even more inexpensive. 

What Are Some Examples of Parasail Boats?

The names in the world of parasailing boats are completely new to you. To help you learn more and inspire a purchasing decision when the time comes, here is an overview of four parasail boats and their manufacturers. 

Moggaro 1000 Parasailing Boat

Moggaro Aluminum Yachts was founded in 2003 in Spain. They’re a shipyard business and boat manufacturer that specializes in aluminum vessels. The boats Moggaro produces include workboats, parasailing boats, tourism passenger boats, interceptors, pontoon houses, pontoon boats, recreational boats, diving boats, jet boats, and more.

Their 1000 Parasailing Boat was one of the first aluminum parasailing boats on the market. This custom-designed boat is made of sturdy naval aluminum for a lightweight, streamlined profile. Its interior features high-density Porexpan that’s supposed to make the boat unsinkable. We don’t recommend personally testing that! 

The fuel tank can hold roughly 119 gallons. A diesel inboard Yanmar engine capable of achieving 440 HP at 3,300 RPM powers this mighty little parasailing boat. Its beam is 9.2 feet long and its hull 28.87 feet.

Badilli Revival Parasailing Boat

Turkish boat maker Badilli produces the Revival Parasailing Boat. All boats are made in their Antalya manufacturing plant, which also includes their showroom. There, you can sample Badilli’s sport fishing equipment, water fishing equipment, accessories, and their impressive variety of fiberglass boats, including speedboats and parasailing boats.

The Revival is a sleek vessel with high-quality spoilers, side windows, a shaded rollbar, and a deep-bottom body structure in the shape of a V. Badilli says the Revival can be used as a party boat and even a diving boat if you decide to retire from parasailing.

Badilli’s parasailing boat has a water capacity of 26.42 gallons and a fuel capacity of 52.84 gallons. The Revival’s cruising speed is 25 knots and its max speed is 45 knots. The boat’s hull is 11.32 feet long and its overall length is 35.43 feet. 

Mercan Yachting Parasailing 36

The creators behind the Parasailing 36 are Mercan Yachting, another Turkish parasailing boat brand that produces fiberglass vessels. The Parasailing 36 is favored for its “power and stability at sea” according to Mercan, making it a solid choice for your first parasailing boat.

With room for 13 people, the Parasailing 36 has a max engine horsepower of 500 HP. Its fuel capacity is 97.74 gallons and its beam length is 10.66 feet. The boat’s overall length is 35.60 feet, making the Parasailing 36 a tidy boat that’s still surprisingly big.

The Parasailing 36 comes loaded with lots of standard equipment. You get all the essentials you’d expect, such as a horn, compass, flagpole, engine compartment hatch (with an included shock absorber), self-bailing system, and engine room lights. Also included with your purchase are two automatic bilge pumps, a portable fire extinguisher, a service battery, an icebox, and removable passenger upholstery. Your own helm seating upholstery is not removable.

You’ll find plenty of storage throughout the Parasailing 36, like a dedicated storage platform as well as more storage beneath the cockpit and under the passenger seats. Stainless steel parts abound as well, including a bow eye, four-step swimming ladder, parachute opening roller, parachute opening roller safety rail, cleats, and anchor chute.

Rounding out the standard equipment is a fused control panel, navigation lights, an acrylic windshield, a cockpit handrail, and passenger bow seating handrails.

You can also add the following equipment to the Parasailing 36, likely for an additional fee:

  • Hull sticker graphics
  • Tent for the seating unit
  • Stainless steel rollbar
  • Tent for the rollbar
  • Winch system
  • Winch emergency stop
  • Sound system with one subwoofer, one amplifier, and four speakers
  • Deck table
  • Stainless steel life vest hanger
  • Bow thruster
  • Antifouling paint 

CBB Skysurfer

The last parasailing boat we want to talk about is the CBB Skysurfer. We mentioned CBB in our list of used parasail boat prices. Their name is short for Commercial Boat Building. 

CBB sells new and used boats as well as trailers and winch systems. Their motto is “innovation beyond adventure.” The Skysurfer has a geometric look that is certainly going to turn heads and attract business for your parasailing company. It’s made of composite materials with a 52.83-liter fuel tank and an engine that runs on 330 to 450 HP. Its width is 10.65 feet and its length is 35.43 feet. 

Should You Buy a New or Used Parasail Boat?

Now comes the hard part, deciding whether you should get your parasail boat new or go used.  

To help you decide, we first recommend creating a budget. If you’re starting your own parasailing business, you’ll need considerably more capital than if you’re part of a preexisting parasail company but you have to purchase your own boat. 

Used parasailing boats are not always that much cheaper than new ones, but that depends very much on the seller, the age of the boat, its value, and its condition. We had a hard time finding used parasailing boats for research purposes outside of CBB’s website. They are out there, but tracking one down can be a time-consuming process. If you need a parasailing boat tomorrow, you might be out of luck. 

The exclusivity of parasailing boats, even used ones, justifies the prices a seller may set. The seller is going to be less willing to budge on the price since hey, it’s either buy their boat or go with none at all. If you’re really good at haggling, you may be able to bring the cost down ever so slightly. For the most part though, the price you see for a used parasailing boat should be what you’re expecting to pay.

The biggest downside to buying a used parasail boat compared to a new one is that it will have someone else’s stamp on it. The original owner probably customized the boat for their business needs, so it may still feature signage and logos of a parasailing company you don’t own or work for. 

Yes, you can always get the logos scraped off or paint over them, but this is intensive work that can also be costly.  

Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of Your Parasail Boat

Since you spent a pretty penny on your parasailing boat, you want to hold onto it for a long time. Here are some maintenance tips that will allow you to do just that.

Keep Your Boat Clean

Although your parasail boat doesn’t go very far day by day, you can still log a lot of mileage, especially if you have a jam-packed parasailing schedule. At the end of each day or at least at the end of every week, take the time to hose off your boat from top to bottom. While you’re giving it a bath, check for scratches, dings, or signs of damage. Repair these immediately.

Use Dry Storage

Since your parasail boat is going back into the water tomorrow, it might make sense for you to leave the boat in the water overnight, right? Yet this may not always be the best idea.

Fiberglass and saltwater are compatible, but what about metal components, even stainless steel ones? Unless they’re pretreated, then these parts can rust or corrode with enough saltwater exposure. Even pretreatments can fade with time and use.

It’s always good to take your boat out of the water and let the parts dry. Even if this isn’t every day but only a few times a week, it will make a difference regarding your parasail boat’s longevity.

Flush the Engine

Saltwater and metal parts don’t get along, as we said, and the same is true of saltwater and your engine. Salt deposits and crystals can reach the engine and wreck its internal workings. Sand and other grime can also find their way to the engine, none of which will help its performance. By flushing the engine with freshwater, you remove all blockages and gunk so the engine will purr like a happy cat.

How often should you flush the engine? Ideally, after each time you use your boat, but that may be unrealistic. We’d again suggest doing it at least once a week.  

Final Thoughts

Parasail boats may cost $50,000 to $90,000, with used prices not a whole lot lower. These boats cost a premium due to how each parasail boat is often built from scratch and custom-designed with your business in mind. 

Once you find the right parasail boat for you, make sure you follow our maintenance tips. Best of luck! 

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