How Much Does a 4-seat Side-by-Side Cost?

side by side 4 seater cost
4 seat UTV cost

Side-by-sides come in many different varieties and styles. Throughout the history of side-by-sides the most common, vehicles have been ones with two seats. However 4-seat side-by-sides have been making a larger presence within the market recently.

If you are looking for a side-by-side that is perfect for your family, be sure to check out my article “Best Side-by-sides UTVs for Families with Kids.” There it talks about some of the best side-by-sides on the market for families, and yes all of them have either four seats or more and some of those side-by-sides will be mentioned here in this article.

Because more and more people are wanting to go out with their family and friends on fun trail rides and adventures, many different companies have responded to the call with larger side-by-sides that can accommodate more than two people.

Since 4 seater side by sides are much larger than your typical two-seater side-by-side they will cost a bit more. Depending on the make and model, you’re going to be spending anywhere from $13,000-$30,000. Continue reading to see the prices of top 4 seater side by sides.

More seats also mean the vehicle will tend to be a bit wider as well, so some of those tighter trails might prove to be more difficult to navigate than they would be with a smaller side-by-side.

However if small trails are not an issue, and you just want to have an enjoyable adventure with your family and friends then 4 seats are definitely the way to go!

I have gone ahead and compiled a list of right around twenty-five different side-by-sides either in the sport or utility/recreational categories from some of the top names in the business to help you get an idea of what is available, what those specific side-by-sides are like, and how much they cost.

I also took the liberty to collect the various price points of these vehicles from the newest models all the way back until 2015 so that you might have an excellent view on whether you will want to buy a brand new model or go for an older model that is less expensive yet still as much fun.

The costs that I post here are reflective of the current information on nadaguides, which are usually reflective of dealership prices and so forth. So it is not like you can not, perhaps, find a better deal from a private seller in your area.

That being said, if you are looking for the best way to save a few dollars in the purchasing process take a look at my “7 Clever Ways to Buy a Side-by-Side on the Cheap” article that will help you save money with your side-by-side purchase.

Now that you know what to expect here, let us get into the meat of it all and look at just how much a four-seater side-by-side will cost. I’ll first post a table of the most recent top models with their prices and then get into each individual model over the 4-5 year period.

Price of Popular 4 Seater Side by Sides

ModelYearRetail Price (Brand Site)Average Price (NADA)Lowest Price (NADA)
Polaris RZR S4 1000 Sport2024$24,999N/AN/A
Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 Ultimate2024$29,999$28,025$25,700
Polaris RZR XP 4 1000 Premium2024$26,999$22,11516,805
Polaris RZR Turbo R 4 Sport 2024$31,999N/AN/A
Polaris Ranger 570-42022$15,440$13,110$9,685
Polaris General 4 1000 2023$26,999$23,475$21,040
Can-Am Maverick Sport Max DPS2023$19,699N/AN/A
Can-Am Maverick X3 Max DS Turbo 642023$25,099N/AN/A
Can-Am Maverick X3 Max DS Turbo RR2023$27,099N/AN/A
Can-Am Maverick X3 Max X Rs Turbo RR2023$30,899N/AN/A
Can-Am Defender Max2023$14,699N/AN/A
Can-Am Defender Max DPS2023$16,299N/AN/A
Can-Am Defender Max XT2023$20,799N/AN/A
Can-Am Max X mr2023$23,199N/AN/A
Honda Pioneer 700-42023$13,399N/AN/A
Honda Pioneer 4-Deluxe2023$13,899N/AN/A
Kawasaki Teryx42023$18,199N/AN/A
Kawasaki MULE PRO-FXT2023$16,399N/AN/A
Kawasaki MULE 4010 TRANS 4×42023$12,799N/AN/A
Yamaha Viking VI EPS2023$17,899$15,145$13,230
Yamaha Wolverine RMAX4 10002023$23,399$20,240$18,820

Polaris 4 Seat Side-by-Side

Sport Models

RZR S4 1000:

Year Retail Price Average Price Lowest Price

The RZR S4 1000 is a new model from Polaris which is why there is not much information on the previous pricing even for the 2019 year.

While RZR has had similar models in the past with the RZR 900 models, the S4 brings a bit more power and finesse to the section.

The RZR S4 1000 is a great model for the trails. It sports a ProStar 1000 DHOC twin-cylinder engine that produces a commendable 100 hp.

The suspension on this particular model is a Dual A-arm suspension for both the front and rear suspension. The vehicle’s suspension has right around 13 inches of travel giving the vehicle about 12.5 inches of ground clearance.

Polaris used the FOX 2.0 podium X shocks for this vehicle and since FOX is one of the best brands in the game, you can be sure that this side-by-side will give you a smooth ride over even the roughest terrain.

The vehicle has a wider stance than some of the previous RZR models of its class with a 60-inch stance. This helps gives the side-by-side better stability when cornering and at high speeds.

The drivetrain system is Polaris’ own High-Performance True On-Demand AWD/2WD that gives the driver the ability to switch from AWD to 2WD in the cabin of the vehicle with a simple flip of a switch.

Overall this is a great trail vehicle with enough power and class to keep the whole family entertained for hours on end.

RZR XP 4 1000 Ultimate:

Year Retail Price Average Price Lowest Price
2019 $21,499$18,025$13,700
2018 $20,499$17,630$13,400

The RZR XP 4 1000 has been around for quite a while, yet the out of the box pricing is pretty much the same. It hovers around $25,000 retail while average pricing as the vehicle depreciates can range anywhere from $19,000-15,000 depending upon the year and quality of the vehicle.

It could be that original release dates are typically higher priced and then as demand either grows or lessens companies re-evaluate pricing, or it could be something else altogether, however, this does occur with various models over the years.

You might ask yourself if there is really that much of a difference between the RZR XP 4 1000 and the aforementioned RZR S4 1000, after all, how much of a difference can two letters make?

Well, the answer is quite a bit. While the RZR XP 4 1000 would be considered a “base” model for the four-seater XP models, it still packs a huge punch, and as you can see by the numbers, holds its value quite well.

One of the big differences between the RZR XP 4 1000 and its S4 counterpart is the extra ten horsepower that the engine produces. While it does not seem like much, ten horsepower goes a long way in vehicles such as side-by-sides. It could mean the difference between winning or losing a drag race with your neighbor!

The RZR XP 4 1000 has a 999cc, DOHC twin-cylinder ProStar 1000 engine much like the S4, however, it is an H.O. engine. H.O. stands for “high output.” When an engine has a high output engine it typically has bigger valves, rectangular ports, and better-forged parts than an engine that is not meant to operate at high output levels.

That is one of the reasons this vehicle can produce the extra ten horsepower that it does.

The suspension on this vehicle is also a higher level than that of the RZR S4. While the front suspension on the XP 4 is still a Dual A-arm suspension with a stabilizer bar, the rear suspension is a trailing arm suspension that helps propel the vehicle forward over rough terrain.

The RZR XP 4 also has a whole two inches more of ground clearance, giving the vehicle 14 inches of total ground clearance with 16 inches of travel in the front and 18 inches of travel in the back.

The shocks used here are a bit better than the typical FOX Podium shocks. The shocks used for this side-by-side are Walker Evans Needle shocks that have 16-position adjustable clickers so that you can adjust your suspension to your specific desires.

RZR XP 4 1000 Premium:

Year Retail Price Average Price Lowest Price

We see in this table once more that price gap in-between years, and once again I am not too sure as to why there is such a large gap of almost $5,000, however, I am just grateful we are getting a better/newer vehicle for even less!

With the Turbo model of the RZR XP 4 Premium average prices seem to be around the $22,000-25,000 range. In all honesty that is not terrible for a turbocharged side-by-side and you could probably find them for less through private sellers.

The RZR XP 4 Turbo is truly only different in the engine area of the vehicle. While the XP 4 Turbo has a slightly smaller ProStar engine that only uses 925cc of displacement, the turbocharger in the engine more than makes up for the lack of displacement.

The engine is still one of Polaris’ ProStar twin-cylinder DOHC engines, but this one produces 168 horsepower. That is almost 60 more horsepower than the standard XP 4 1000 and with those extra horses comes the adrenaline rush that every racecar driver dreams of.

Most everything else on this vehicle is the same as the XP 4 1000. The suspension is the exact same with the same amount of both ground clearance and usable travel.

Both vehicles sport 29-inch 2.0 Maxxis Bighorn tires, and both vehicles utilize those Walker Evans needle shocks and have the dual A-arm suspension in the front with the traveling arm suspension in the back.

So if you liked the specifications on the RZR XP 4 1000 but wanted just a bit more power, then the RZR XP 4 Turbo will suit you quite nicely.

RZR Turbo R 4 Sport:

Year Retail Price Average Price Lowest Price

The RZR Turbo 4 S is a very recent addition to the Polaris sport side-by-side lineup. Because of that pricing history is very slim. The brand new models are over $30,000 and the cheapest 2018 model is around $18,000.

Because this model is so new, I do not believe it to be very common that you will find a vehicle like this any cheaper than $18,000 without a problem or two attached to the vehicle.

The reason that this particular side-by-side costs as much as a person’s car would is because of the amazing features that it offers. I believe it to be one of the most “decked out” side-by-sides on the market.

The engine on this side-by-side is the exact same as that of the RZR XP 4 Turbo, there are no differences or changes there. However, the vehicle does have 2 more inches of ground clearance giving te XP 4 Turbo S 16-inches of ground clearance.

16-inches of ground clearance means 25 inches of usable travel for the suspension of the side-by-side. Speaking of the suspension, this beast of a machine has one of my favorite suspensions on the market.

The Polaris RZR XP 4 Turbo S uses Polaris’ Dynamix Active Suspension System. This suspension system utilizes Fox Podium 2.5 Internal bypass shocks in the front and Fox Podium 3.0 Internal bypass shocks in the rear.

The internal bypass shock system allows for complete control over the tuning of the suspension of the vehicle all from the cockpit of the side-by-side. So you will not have to get out a screw drive, or what have you, to tune the suspension and shocks. It is one of the most ingenious ideas that Polaris has had in my opinion.

The suspension is not all that changed, the vehicle also uses 32-inch ITP coyote tires, to help control the 72-inch width that the Turbo S has.

Within the cockpit also comes a 7-inch GPS and touch display system and much more goodies that you do not normally get in a side-by-side today. With all those extra features you can see why this side-by-side is so expensive.

Can-Am 4 Seat Side by Side

Maverick Sport MAX DPS:

Year Retail Price Average Price Lowest Price

This four-seater model is, in my opinion, is probably the best bang for your buck perhaps second only to the Yamaha Wolverine X4 that we will see later. I say that because, for the varying price points at which you can acquire this side-by-side and for the power and ride it puts out, to me, it is a great buy.

With the average prices ranging from $14,000-18,000, and most of them probably being cheaper than that depending upon the year, if you are looking for a fun recreational side-by-side for the family this is one I would highly recommend.

The Maverick Sport Max DPS is an interesting model. That is primarily because, from what I can make out, it has been renamed at least two times in the past 5 years.

In 2015 this model was called the “Maverick 1000R X RS DPS” and it had the same engine, suspension, and other specifications that the newer models have.

Then in 2018, the model presents itself as the Maverick Max 1000R DPS. Now in 2019 Can-Am is calling it the Maverick Sport MAX DPS. However, regardless of the name, the specs are pretty much the same throughout the years, just with newer shocks and such as they presented themselves.

The Maverick Sport MAX DPS is a great side-by-side regardless of what name it goes by. The newest model has a 60-inch stance giving it a wheelbase of around 112 inches.

The engine in this machine is Can-Am’s trusted Rotax engine. This particular one is a twin-cylinder engine and having 976cc of displacement while producing 100 horsepower.

The Maverick Sport MAX DPS has 12 inches of ground clearance thanks to the double A-arm suspension that it has equipped with FOX 2.0 Podium Piggyback shocks.

Those piggyback shocks are actually quite nice, I have ridden in side-by-sides with them before and the dampening level is great on them and they help produce a smooth ride.

The DPS option means that this specific model will have dynamic power steering, as well as Can-Am’s Visco-Lok front differential.

All in all, this is a well rounded, affordable side-by-side that I would highly recommend.

Maverick X3 MAX Turbo:

Year Retail Price Average Price Lowest price

The Maverick X3 Max Turbo is another model that hasn’t been around too long, only for about 3 years which hasn’t given the models much time to depreciate. With that, the average costs range between $16,000-19,000.

Even though this model hasn’t been around for that long, that has not stopped Can-Am from going on a re-naming spree. In 2017 this model was called the Maverick 1000R Turbo.

The X3 MAX Turbo has a slightly wider stance than the Sport MAX with a 64-inch stance. It also has an extra inch of ground clearance with 13 inches.

The biggest difference with this model and that of the Sport DPS is the engine. The X3 MAX Turbo has a Rotax three-cylinder 900cc turbocharged engine that produces 120 horsepower.

The X3 Max Turbo has a rear trailing arm suspension as well as a dual A-arm with a sway bar. It also features FOX 2.5 Podium piggyback shocks with a QS3 compression adjustment.

Maverick X3 Max DS Turbo R:

Year Retail PriceAverage Price Lowest Price

The Maverick X3 Max DS Turbo R, if that is not enough letters in a title then I do not know what is, has one main difference that makes it above the rest of the aforementioned side-by-sides. That is the amount of sheer power that this vehicle produces.

The engine in this side-by-side is quite amazing and produces some of the best power not only in its class but in the side-by-side market in general.

The Maverick X3 Max ds Turbo R has a 172-horsepower Rotax ACE (Advanced Combustion Efficiency) 900 cc Turbocharged Triple-cylinder engine, liquid-cooled with integrated intercooler and high-performance air filter.

While most everything else on this model is the same as the standard Maverick X3 Max Turbo, the high airflow transmission helps to keep the QSR-X CVT transmission nice and cool.

Like I said before, everything else on this model is the same as the last including the tires, suspension, shocks, and drivetrain.

Maverick X3 Max X RS Turbo RR:

I won’t bother making a table for this model because its first year is the 2020 model but I will say that it does cost $29,999. This years model, 2023 has an MRSP of $30,899.

There are actually quite a few changes in this model compared to the rest. For starters, the vehicle’s engine produces a whopping 195 horsepower. It also has a ground clearance of 16 inches and uses some of the newest shocks on the market, the FOX Podium 3.0 RC2s.

It comes with 30-inch Maxxis Bighorn tires as well as 1/4 doors, a full roof, and a heavy-duty full skid plate attached to the bottom of the vehicle. This is most certainly Can-Ams most top of the line side-by-side and the best part is that it seats four so the whole family can join in on the fun.

There are a ton more Maverick X3 RR models and this video explains about a few of them.

Kawasaki 4 Seater Side by Side


YearRetail PriceAverage PriceLowest price

The Teryx4 is one of the few sport side-by-sides that Kawasaki produces, but it has been one of the oldest four-person sport side-by-sides on the market dating well before 2015.

The average price for this vehicle can run anywhere from $12,000-15,000.

The Kawasaki Teryx 4 is a good sport side-by-side for a family or person who is just starting out, in my opinion. It isn’t overly fast, too fancy, or expensive for that matter.

The Teryx 4 has a twin-cylinder 783cc engine. The side-by-side has a double-wishbone suspension which features Fox Podium coil-over shocks with piggyback reservoir.

It also has a Double-X steel frame tube about the vehicle for protection which is a nice touch for families. All in all, it is a decent side-by-side that will allow for some safe, family fun on the weekends.

Cost of Utility/Recreational 4 Seat Side by Sides


Polaris Ranger 570-4

Year Retail PriceAverage PriceLowest Price

The Polaris Ranger 570 is a mid-range utility vehicle that will allow for four workers to pile in and get the job done at the worksite, ranch, or wherever you are.

The ranger 570-4 has a 567cc engine that produces around 44 horsepower. That doesn’t mean that the Ranger is not tough though. The Ranger 570-4 has a towing capacity of 1,5000 pounds and a cargo bed capacity of 500 pounds.

With a 9-inch ground clearance and 25-inch tires, you will be sure not to get stuck in the mud and power through, throughout the day.

General 4 1000 :

YearRetail PriceAverage PriceLowest Price

The General 4 1000 is another great option to have fun with the family. It leans away from the utility side of things and into the recreational side of things.

It has a twin-cylinder 999cc ProStar engine that produces 100 horsepower. The general 4 1000 features a Dual A-arm suspension with stabilizer bar. and has 12 inches of ground clearance.

The vehicle also has a towing capacity of 1,5000 pounds and this specific model comes with a winch capable of pulling 4,5000 lbs. With its Fox Podium 2.0 QS3 shocks you’ll be able to have a smooth fun and fast ride.


Defender MAX HD8:

YearRetail PriceAverage PriceLowest Price

Average Prices for the Defender Max HD8 is about $10,000

The Defender Max HD’s top features are:

  • 82-hp V-twin
  • Snorkeled CVT and engine intakes
  • 30 in ITP cryptid tires
  • 4wd, trail, and mud mode

This vehicle is built to go mudding, with the engine intakes and snorkeled CVT you won’t have to worry about mud clogging up the engine bay. Plus with the optional mud-mode, you can set the drivetrain to tackle all of those muddy issues on the ranch.

There are plenty of other Defender models you can check out as well, such as the Defender MAX DPS, Defender MAX XT, and the Defender X mr, all of which offer various features and add-ons.

Honda 4 Seat Side by Side

Pioneer 700-4

YearRetail PriceAverage PriceLowest Price

The Honda Pioneer has been around for quite some time and while it isn’t the flashiest for fastest utility vehicle it still gets things done and has some cool features as well.

Those features include:

  • Quick Flip Seating
  • 675cc engine OHV single-cylinder
  • Honda Automatic transmission
  • Tilt Bed

What I like about this vehicle is that it does have a manual transmission option with the paddle shifters, so you can really take control of the vehicle and the gear shifts. It is simply something that a lot of other side-by-sides do not have.

There is also a Honda Pioneer 700-4 deluxe model that offers:

  • DPS
  • AT/MT (automatic trans/manual trans)
  • Paddle shifters
  • Quick flip seating
  • 675 cc engine

Kawasaki 4 Seater UTV

I will say that as far as Kawasaki utility vehicles go they are not my absolute favorite. They really only have two utility side-by-sides and both of them aren’t exactly appealing to look at, they are actually quite bland. However, that doesn’t mean that they are not good quality vehicles.

Mule 4000 Trans

Year Retail PriceAverage PriceLowest Price

The Mule 4000 Trans is a very new model 2019, being the only year there is pricing history for.

Like I said the Mule 4000 Trans isn’t the flashiest vehicle and has some standard features such as:

  • 2WD/dual-mode rear differential w/diff-lock
  • EPS
  • CVT transmission
  • Steel front bumper and steel cargo bed

The steel front bumper and steel cargo bed are pretty nice actually. Most side-by-sides do not have those features, so it helps with the durability of the material.

MULE 4010 Trans

Year Retail PriceAverage PriceLowest Price

The MULE 4010 Trans isn’t much different from the MULE 4000 just that it has been around longer and that it comes with a four-wheel-drive mode.

Yamaha 4 Seater UTV

Viking VI EPS

YearRetail PriceAverage PriceLowest Price

The Viking VI EPS honestly looks great and is a side-by-side that I would recommend highly. I love Hondas because they run great and last for a long time.

This Viking VI EPS will cost on average, anywhere from $10,000-15,000 which isn’t too bad for a newer model and the power and performance this side-by-side brings to the table.

With a 666cc engine, you will have enough power to get what needs to get done and have a fun time doing it. I also love the automatic centrifugal clutch. These things last longer than the CVT clutches that are standard in most side-by-sides.

This particular model features:

  • 688cc fuel-injected engine
  • 115.6-in wheelbase
  • 2WD/4WD with limited slip and full lock diff
  • Automatic centrifugal clutch

The video shown is a walk around of the Ranch edition which is a slightly more expensive model but many of the features are the same.

Wolverine X4

YearRetail PriceAverage PriceLowest Price

Once again this is another newer model that has only been out for about a year so pricing is pretty limited. The average price being $18,545.

I do love this model though, it was one of my top picks for UTVs for families. With its 847cc parallel-twin DOHC engine, it really has some power to it and the on-command 3-way locking differential helps you control all that power as well.

The Wolverine X4 also features an ultramatic v-belt transmission and electronic power steering. Yamaha really did a great job with this side-by-side.

Side By Sides Under $10,000

Looking for an affordable side by side that doesn’t compromise on performance? Look no further than Outdoor Troop! In this article, we’ve compiled a list of the top-selling UTV’s under $10,000, perfect for off-road enthusiasts on a budget. From reliable brands to versatile features, these models offer incredible value without breaking the bank. Get ready to discover the best options for your off-roading adventures without compromising your finances!

Our Top 6 Side-by-Sides:

  1. Polaris RZR 170 EFI: A Kid-Friendly Introduction to Off-Roading. The Polaris RZR 170 EFI is the ideal choice for parents who want to introduce their children to the world of off-roading. With its 169cc engine and maximum speed of 29 mph, this side by side is designed for kids aged 10 and up. Safety is a top priority, featuring an adjustable driver’s seat, steering wheel, and a safety flag. Discover a world of excitement while keeping your little ones secure on the trails.
  2. Massimo T-Boss 410: Versatility and Power at an Affordable Price. For those seeking versatility and power, the Massimo T-Boss 410 is a standout option. Equipped with a 352cc engine, reaching speeds of up to 25 mph, this side by side is ready for various tasks. Its practical dump bed simplifies cargo transportation, making it an excellent choice for hauling items around your property. Additionally, the T-Boss 410 comes with features like a windshield, roof, and rearview mirrors for added convenience.
  3. Coleman Outfitter 400: Hunting and Off-Roading Companion. The Coleman Outfitter 400 is a beloved side by side renowned for its hunting and off-roading capabilities. Powered by a 391cc engine, it reaches speeds of up to 25 mph. The convenient dump bed enables effortless transportation of hunting gear or other items. Benefit from added accessories such as a windshield, roof, and winch, enhancing your experience on the trails.
  4. Hisun Strike 250: Sporty Performance for Thrilling Off-Roading. If you’re searching for a side by side that offers sporty performance, the Hisun Strike 250 is your ticket to thrilling off-roading adventures. With its 229cc engine and maximum speed of 25 mph, this model is designed to deliver excitement. The full suspension system ensures a smooth ride even on rough terrains. Enjoy additional features like a digital dash, LED headlights, and a winch for added convenience.
  5. ODES Dominator X2 LT: Heavy-Duty Powerhouse at an Affordable Price. For heavy-duty tasks without compromising your budget, the ODES Dominator X2 LT is an excellent choice. With its 800cc engine and remarkable maximum speed of 60 mph, this side by side provides impressive power. The dump bed makes it easy to transport heavy loads, making it a reliable work companion. Expect premium features like a windshield, roof, winch, and LED lights, ensuring optimal performance in any situation.
  6. Yamaha YXZ1000R: The Epitome of Off-Road Excitement. The Yamaha YXZ1000R is the epitome of off-road excitement, designed to deliver adrenaline-pumping performance and unmatched handling. This high-performance side-by-side vehicle combines power, agility, and cutting-edge technology to create an unrivaled off-road experience.

After exploring the highlights of these six exceptional side-by-side vehicles, it’s clear that the off-road market offers a range of options to suit every adventurer’s needs. Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly option, a versatile workhorse, or a thrilling performance machine, Outdoor Troop has you covered. Choose the side by side that aligns with your preferences, and get ready for thrilling off-road adventures while staying within your budget.

Explore our website for more information on each side by side, user reviews, and additional resources to help you make an informed decision. At Outdoor Troop, we’re passionate about helping you find the perfect side by side for your off-roading adventures. So start exploring today and make memories in the great outdoors!

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