How Big of a Fish Can a Drone Pull In?

Drone fishing is the next big thing for many fisherman, but everybody wants to know if those tiny drones can handle “The Big One” that they intend on catching.

How big of a fish can a drone pull in? Drones do not limit the catch size at all. Drone fishing isn’t completely automated fishing, but it extends your limited casting range. People catch fish that are typically reserved for deep-sea fisherman with drone-assisted fishing while they sit comfortably on the beach or pier.

Drone fishing isn’t what most people imagine it to be. Drones have many applications for fishing, and I was amazed as I learned about them. Oh, the wonders of technology!

Using a Drone for Bait Fishing

if you have ever tried to fish from the shoreline, you know how frustrating it can be to see guys on their expensive fishing boats taking home the biggest fish in the area. The truth is, when you are fishing from the shore, you don’t have the same access to the water that they do and are therefor less successful. Until recently.

By using a drone to carry your bait out 300 or more yards and then dropping it into prime fish real-estate, you now have access to the same water as the guys in boats worth tens of thousands of dollars. How cool is that?

Drones are amazing for fishing because of their versatility. They have many attachments designed for fishing, including bait release systems that allow you to access new waters.

If you are reading this article, chances are you have most of the equipment needed to try this, you are just missing the critical piece of the puzzle and that is a fishing drone. Although they are pricey, they are cheaper than a boat and much easier to manage.

Plenty of people have tried all sorts of wacky ways to get their line out further than the next guy, but with a drone it doesn’t get easier. These drones are simply attached to the end of your fishing line that comes from your rod. Some fishermen are saying that this is the best solution yet.

If you are handy at building things yourself you can even try your hand at building a fishing line attachment and save yourself an extra buck or two.

Get a drone and one of these bait attachments, and you are ready to attack the waters that have previously been beyond your reach.

Using a Drone From a Boat

If you are one of the lucky people to own a fishing boat, then drones can still be useful for you, although not quite as useful as they are for people without nautical superiority.

You may already be familiar with kite-fishing, where you use a kite to get your bait farther than you are able to cast. Sometimes there just isn’t enough wind to get your kite to do its job. This is where a drone comes in handy.

Simply rig your drone up the same way you would with a kite and do the same thing. This allows you to get your bait out there without relying on the weather. I wouldn’t trust a drone in extreme conditions though, rugged as they may be they still can get lost.

Another use for a Drone is to get a birds-eye view of your bait activity or another place that seems promising. My father calls this “having an eye in the sky”. Some people even use a drone to distribute chum into an area to get some activity going before you even cast.

Drone Fishing Without a Rod

When people first hear of the term “Drone Fishing” they imagine a drone with a fishing line tied to it flying above a body of water. Although this is possible and very fun, it is risky and expensive.

Simply tie your favorite light fishing line to the bottom of your drone so that the weight of your catch will be distributed evenly and then just fly your lure out to the desired fishing spot and wait. The issue with this is that your drone has limited power, and mileage may vary according to the size of your wallet.

The longest you will see is an hour, and that will be rare. If you see your drone getting pulled around then now is the time for it to ascend until your catch is out of the water, then bring it to shore.

The risky part of it all is that if you catch a fish that is too big for your drone to carry, it will pull your new toy worth thousands of dollars into the water.

You can probably see how this could be really fun but might take a lot of the appeal away from fishing. I love fishing because of how relaxing it is and having thousands of dollars teetering that close to oblivion is not my definition of R&R.

How Much Does a Fishing Drone Cost?

Fishing Drones are handy tools, but some of them may set you back enough that you could have purchased a small fishing boat!

Some drones are simple and can cost as little as $500, but will not give you the features that you probably want. I wouldn’t spend less than $1000 on a drone if you want it to do what I have talked about in this article.

If you are using this as a fishing drone, having a waterproof drone is a must, and you won’t find a competent waterproof drone that does its job for less than $1000. They have many fishing specific drones out on the market, and it really depends on what type of fishing you are going to do with it.

If you are like me and want things that just work without all of the fuss, then get a drone that is specifically designed for fishing. These drones usually have some sort of bait release mechanism built in, and that way you don’t have to install anything. This is a big investment, and you should be knowledgable on the product you end up buying.

On the high end, there is no limit to the cost. You can buy drones worth tens of thousands of dollars to become the master of the seas. With laws governing personal drones you cant have military grade drones that you see in movies, but you can get pretty darn close. If you have the money to spend, the sky is the limit!

If you are in the market for building your own drone, then you are about to enter a whole new world. There are so many things to learn about building and maintaining drones.

Often you can find some people in different online drone communities that have done exactly what you are about to do, and can offer some advice. Buckle up because there is a lot of research for you to do!

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Is drone fishing legal in my state? Every state has different rules for drones, but here is a great place to start. Look into what your state has to say about using quadrocopters.

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