Do Side-by-Sides Need Insurance?

side by side insurance
UTV insurance policy

As UTVs become more popular, potential problems like accidents are rising. Because of that people have gotten insurance and others wonder if insurance is needed or not. Accidents are bound to happen so I think this is a topic worth exploring. Do you need insurance?

It is recommended that you should have insurance on your side-by-side even though not all states require it. If you get in an accident and you do not have the proper insurance, you could be in great debt because of an unforeseen incident. The amount of insurance and what kind may depend on what carrier you have and what kind of package deal you bought.

Not all states require insurance but it is a great idea to have it. Accidents cannot be predicted and insurance is that extra security blanket that can make all the difference on a trip. I highly recommend getting insurance so you can be safe in your endeavors out on the dunes or on a trail finding adventure.

Do Side-by-Sides Need Insurance?

It is not required often, but I recommend it regardless. You cannot be sure when problems, accidents, or damages will happen. Because of that, It is a good idea to take the time and money to insure your side-by-side.

You might think “Well as long as I am careful, I do not need it.” What if somebody else hits you and they do not have insurance to pay for the damages because they thought the same thing as you? You will come out with a damaged vehicle and medical bills that could put you down a lot of money. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Besides accidents, there are things that can happen over time. Things like wear and tear. Sometimes your vehicle will get damaged from something falling on it or a random act of nature that ruins your UTV.

Is Having Insurance Required?

Some states require it but not all. I cannot find information on exactly which states. You will have to figure that out. So to answer the questions, insurance is sometimes required. Many state parks require you to have insurance to use their parks. Regardless of whether it is mandatory or not, I highly recommend it because you never know what will happen.

As time goes on, insurance for UTVs/ATVs may become mandatory. The popularity of these off-road vehicles is growing and as more accidents happen, there may be laws created around them for the protection of people. Only time will tell.

One thing lots of people wonder is if UTVs/ATVs are street legal. Once again it depends on your state. Check out this comprehensive list of laws regarding what the law is in each of the 50 states. It has a map of the US right at the top for some quick access to whatever state you live in.

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How Much Does Insurance Cost for a Side-by-Side?

The average cost of UTV insurance is $25. This amount can change depending on a myriad of factors. The primary coverage, premiums, and extra coverages change depending on what carrier you have. Things can change based on the company and the age of the person being insured.

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Remember that the make, model, and year of your UTV affects the price of your insurance.

What Does UTV Insurance Cover?

UTV insurance coverages can change depending on what you buy in your package. There are general things that come in almost every basic insurance coverage. There are many things that can happen to your UTV and so there are plenty of things to cover. What are these basic coverages though?

  • Medical Cost
  • Collision
  • Liability Coverage
  • Comprehensive Coverage
  • Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Now that I have laid them out here, let’s go over what each of them means exactly.

There is something that I need to mention before I forget. If you have your UTV on your property and something happens to it, it is generally covered by your homeowner’s insurance. I think that is important to share. Many people do not know that.

Medical Cost

side by side insurance
UTV insurance policy

Medical costs are pretty straightforward. If you are injured in an accident or whatever the circumstance may be, then the medical cost will cover the bill most likely. This is the most frequently thought about when it comes to insurance. People want to know if the insurance will cover the cost of medical needs.

Medical insurance usually covers you if you are hit by another person but if you are at fault, the policy might be different. You will have to figure that out when you buy your insurance from a company. That is all I have to say about medical coverage.


A big percentage of injuries come from collisions. This kind of insurance is similar to car collision insurance. In most cases, collision insurance covers rollovers. Since this is so common, you will find this covered by basically every insurance company. I have never seen one that does not cover collision.

Liability Coverage

Sometimes we are the ones who caused the accident. There is generally a lot of damage and there is no way the average person can pay for that. That is where the liability insurance comes in. It will cover medical costs and damages to the other person’s vehicle. It also covers property damage.

If you run into someone’s house and cause damage, this will be covered. Liability coverage is so important. The scary bills that you would have to pay could be insurmountable. With this coverage, the insurance company can take the hit when you can’t.

Sometimes people choose to sue, this is a very real thing. If the person you hit does do that and you are found to be at fault, insurance can cover court costs and legal fees. That money will get you a lawyer and the things you need to sort out a situation.

Comprehensive Coverage

Now that the big ones are out of the way, how about all the other little things? Well, that is where comprehensive coverage comes in. It is the “other” section for all the small things. It fills the cracks in a way. It covers things that are not while the vehicle is in use. Some examples of this are falling objects that dent, vandalism, theft, fire, and other random things that might happen. Many people refer to these things as “random acts of nature.”

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

If you are in an accident and the other person does not have insurance or not enough insurance, how does that work? That is where this kind of coverage comes in handy. Let’s say they are liable and they do not have insurance, then your insurance will cover your costs like medical bills and damages.

Not all states require insurance so many people do not have it. They think they are fine without it as long as they are safe. Then they get into an accident and realize they are screwed and they cannot pay for your bills. In these circumstances, it is good to have this kind of coverage.

How Can I Save Money on UTV Insurance?

side by side insurance
UTV insurance policy

You can save money on insurance. Most companies offer a safety course that will give you a discount once you complete it. Insurance companies will give you discount rewards for registering multiple UTVs/ATVs with them. Some give discounts if you have been riding UTVs for so many years. If you have a policy for your house and car, then you can get discounts on your UTV insurance.

UTVs are a huge target for thieves. They get stolen often. If you have anti-theft equipment set up on your UTV, then you can get a discount on insurance. Regardless of the discount, I think this is a smart idea.

What Affects How Much I Pay for UTV Insurance?

The first one is obvious. The insurance company that you choose will determine most of the price. Each one is different. Along with that, the premiums, package deals, and extras you purchase will affect the amount you pay.

Another thing to consider is the age of the person who is being insured. Your age affects how much you pay. Generally, teenage boys are more expensive. It is all based on the statistics of age, gender, and other things of who gets in accidents. It protects the company and it is smart business. Your driving record can also affect the price of your insurance.

The make, model, and year of the UTV will have an effect on the price of your insurance. This is similar to cars in every aspect. If you buy cheaper brands then your UTV will not cost as much to insure. There is a benefit to buying less known brands.

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