Can You Move a Log Cabin to Another Property?

People love to build their own log cabins, whether it becomes their office, a garden shed, or even a recreational escape on another property. But when you build something like that, you often get attached to your own creation. That’s totally normal!

Can you move a log cabin to another property? You can move a log cabin, depending on how permanently placed the structure was built to be. If the structure isn’t set into the ground and is on the smaller side, then it shouldn’t be too hard to move it to another location.

Not only can I tell you it is possible, depending on how the structure was built, of course, but I can also tell you how you might be able to do so yourself.

Is it Really Possible?

It is possible to move your log cabin, as long as it isn’t built into the ground. 

A lot of log cabins are built in such a way that the flooring isn’t a cement slab embedded in the ground, but instead, a raised floor or base layer to take away flooding risk. This type of structure is most often good for moving the building to another location.

This structural type is good for moving because it is able to be picked up without destroying or taking down the structure of the house. You may only have to section the cabin into rooms in order to make the move easier and simply reattach these different chunks later.

If the cabin is built on a ground embedded base, however, it is unable to be relocated because trying to pick it up would require destroying the structure entirely which would ruin the cabin and make it immovable and unable to be put back together.

Therefore, it is possible to move a log cabin, but a more definite answer depends all on the structure, size, and build of the cabin in order to know if it can be easily moved without destroying the structure entirely.

How Can You Move a Log Cabin?

In order to move a log cabin, I would definitely suggest you hire someone to do this daunting and dangerous task for you to ensure the proper safety and set up and take down precautions are taken.

When moving this structure, you will need to first make sure that it is a small, manageable size to move. If it is larger you could always separate the cabin by rooms or chunks to help it fit better on the necessary trailer.

The first thing you will need to do is make sure the cabin isn’t embedded or built into the ground, and if it isn’t, then you will need to work on bracing any free floating walls or areas where a wall or roof should be. WIthout bracing things, you risk those pieces breaking off.

Next you will need to put the structure(s) on jacks and slowly working it onto caster wheels or tank rollers so that you can move it onto the trailer. 

After all of the necessary wheels are secured and placed, you will need to push the structure piece onto the trailer. Take breaks to realign and replace the wheels under the structure to make sure that nothing will break due to being imbalanced.

Before you start pushing your log cabin, you will need to take note or and remove any possible obstacles or debris that are in your path towards the trailer. You will also need to make sure that the wheels are all facing the right direction.

Once you get the cabin (piece) behind the trailer, you will need house jacks to lift it up high enough to slide onto the trailer itself. Once the building or room is moved over the trailer properly and in a good position, slowly set it down on the trailer to be strapped down and prepared for travel.

You will need to strap down the structure and put plastic or other protective material around the windows in order to ensure their safe travel as well. 

After everything is safe and secured, slowly drive this structire over to it’s desired location, careful of going under bridges and such and ensureing the structure is staying intact. 

Back the trailer holding the structure near the desired location of the cabin and basically reverse what you did in order to get the building onto the trailer. Use house jacks to shimmy it off of the trailer then castor wheels or tank rollers to move it to its desired location. 

Once you have the cabin in its desired location, you can then start to use smaller jacks to take the wheels out from under the structure and place it properly. Have professionals help you put it back together as well to ensure everything stays up to code and is safe to use. 

Another Way to Move a Cabin?

Some small cabins are simply latch-type interlocking walls. Moving these types of cabins is much easier and much preferred to trying to cut apart and move an old cabin as explained above. It is also much easier to do on your own without hiring professional help.

In order to move one of these simple structures, you will simply need to have friends or family members help you unlock and disassemble the walls, roof, and flooring of your cabin. After doing so you can then place these pieces carefully on a trailer for travel.

I would recommend placing packing/moving blankets in between the different pieces of this structure so that the other pieces don’t scratch and ruin each other. It will help to prevent a lot of otherwise unavoidable moving damage that can occur.

Make sure that these pieces are all strapped down safely and tightly and then you are ready for travel.

Be careful when transporting these pieces that you aren’t a danger to others on the road. Drive slower and as far over as possible and still legal to make sure that other cars can safely get around you etc.

Once you arrive at your desired location, carefully pull the trailer as close to the cabins desired location as possible and then take the pieces out of the trailer and reassemble your little cabin. Make sure that everything is assembled correctly according to the specific directions given with your structure to ensure that it is a safe dwelling to be in.

What Can I Do With a Small Cabin at My Residence?

After you cabin is assembled safely and properly, feel free to redecorate your new luxury escape however you please! Bright colored curtains and a love seat under the window? Yes please! Nice cozy bed to curl up in or a reading nook in the corner? Heck yes! Maybe even paint the walls a bright color for some fun, fancy flare!

You could even turn your little cabin into an at-home office if you so desire. Put a nice desk and maybe a snack cupboard and some office chairs and voila! Cozy home office complete! 

If you have kids you can even turn your cute cabin into their play house! Just fill it with their cute toys, matching curtains and a rug, and a cute stone path leading up to the door. You could maybe even put a cute little shoe rack just inside the door so its less mess to clean up later from dirty shoes too! Then, your kids can play in a safe space to their hearts content without turning your home into a warzone of spilled legos to step on or dress up clothes thrown across any and all furniture.

Or maybe instead, a nice place to stash all of your cool gardening tools and knick knacks? Wonderful! Or you could even use it as a little secret nook to hide in somewhere by your garden. How cool would that be? The possibilities are endless!

Enjoy your little cabin at your new residence or other location! No matter what you decide to do with it, you can keep it wherever you end up moving and do anything you want with it!

Related Questions

How much does it cost to move a log cabin? Depending on the company you use, if you choose to do so, which I would highly recommend, the starting cost is around $12 to $16 per square foot to move the structure.

Do you need permission to move your log cabin? I don’t believe you need permission to move your log cabin, but I would check with your local city regulations and hire a professional structure moving company to do this job for you so that everything is done properly and safely.

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