Bobcat Side-by-Sides: Are they good quality?

Bobcat side-by-sides are durable, good quality, UTVs for rough terrain, work environment or job site. They offer a variety of accessories that can contribute to various jobs such as plowing, grading a landscape, or lifting pallets. While not the fastest, they have plenty of power, as well as, carrying and towing capacity.

Side-by-sides are used by thousands of people every day for various uses. When it comes to buying any type of UTV that is exactly what you need to keep in mind, “what am I using this vehicle for?”

Bobcat has been a manufacturer of tools, and work vehicles for quite some time now.

Most people who work hard labor jobs such as construction, landscaping, and anything else outdoors have probably used a Bobcat vehicle such as a skid-loader, excavator, or standard power-tool.

It has not been until just these past few years, about a decade, that Bobcat has stepped into the UTV market. Inevitably the question then becomes, “is Bobcat’s UTVs of good quality?”

Quality is often one of the first things people tend to notice about any product that they buy, and it is at the forefront of the people’s decision-making process when buying anything.

If you have worked with bobcat tools or vehicles in the past then you already can vouch for their reliability, toughness, and over-all good quality

Bobcat’s new line of utility vehicles has the same quality reliability and toughness as the rest of their products.

Here in this specific post, we will go about reviewing the various UTVs that Bobcat has to offer to better understand their quality.

Then we will talk about the Pros and Cons of the vehicles and how they stand up in comparison to their competitors.

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Bobcat utv reviews
bobcat side-by-side reviews
bobcat UTVs any good

Bobcat Side by Side Options and Specifications:

Bobcat 2200 4×4 – $7,900-8,500

The Bobcat 2200 4×4 was one of Bobcats first ever UTVs to be on the market. It is not produced by Bobcat anymore, however, so the most recent year that you can purchase one is 2010.

Since this product isn’t directly produced by Bobcat anymore the prices are pretty flexible online. The cheapest I’ve seen thus far $6,500, however that can go all the way up to $10,000 depending on what is being offered.

The usual range that they go for now is about $7,500-8,500.

The Bobcat 2200 4×4 comes in either gas or diesel powered engines. The Gas engine puts out 23 horsepower, while the diesel only provides 20 horsepower.

Interestingly enough, only the diesel is a liquid cooled engine, while the gas is air cooled. Each model has a top speed of about 25 miles per hour. The gas 2200 has an operating weight of 1339 pounds.

The diesel model is slightly heavier and weighs in at 1475 pounds.

Both models have 6.5-gallon fuel tanks, 48-inch cargo beds, and can carry a load capacity of 800 pounds.

The Bobcat 2200 4×4 has a ride clearance of around 11 inches and has a smaller wheelbase of 82.7 inches so it does a fantastic job at getting into those tight spaces on the ranch or job site.

In reality, one can see why Bobcat discontinued this specific model. It is relatively small and while it offers enough power to get the job done, there is really so much more they can improve on.

Bobcat 2300 4×4 – $7,500 – $8,500

The Bobcat 2300 4×4 just like the Bobcat 2200 4X4 only ran up until 2010.

This model had a lot more to offer to consumers and was an effort by Bobcat to get into the construction field, nurseries, and farms and ranches.

And in reality, Bobcat did just that. The 2300 4×4 is powered by a 20 horsepower Kubota diesel engine and has a hydraulic transmission, as well as, an onboard hydraulic system so you can control the hydraulics yourself.

This Bobcat 2300 introduced its IntelliTrak all-wheel drive. This was basically Bobcat’s all-wheel drive/four-wheel drive system that helped with traction control and locking differentials.

I should note that there have been different complaints on Bobcats earlier models, with the locking differentials, but according to most forums were fixed with simple fixes, such as the right oil, or cleaning the right parts.

RapidLink is another thing that was implemented on these 2300s and is still used in the newest Bobcat UTVs.

The Rapidlink attachment system is compatible with various Bobcat attachments such as a bucket, a mower, pallet forks, a light material blade, and a whisker push broom.

The great thing about this Rapidlink is that it allows the operator of the vehicle to attach these various accessories without having to ever get out of the cockpit of the vehicle.

The specifications for the Bobcat 2300 4×4 are much the same to the Bobcat 2200 4×4 save this model doesn’t have a gas model, only diesel, and the wheelbase is slightly smaller.

Bobcat 3400 4×4 – $13,420

The Bobcat 3400 4×4 is probably Bobcat’s most popular model. It is still being produced today, so yes, that means you can get a fancy 2019 model if you wish!

The 3400 model is definitely Bobcat’s shining star when it comes to utility vehicles. In the Successful Farming magazine, it was said to be…

“…a best buy, considering it is a diesel and a well-built, well-equipped machine,” says Dave Mowitz, Successful Farming magazine’s executive editor of machinery and technology, after taking the Bobcat 3400 for a spin during the Ultimate UTV Evaluation.”

Successful Farming Magazine

Even loaded up to 550 pounds the Bobcat 3400 performs excellently. It never bottomed out during the test evaluation performed by Successful Farming, whereas other models did.

The suspension of the vehicle is phenomenal and whether it is fully loaded or not the handling is still the same, smooth and well adjusted.

The suspension on this machine is actually quite unique because of it’s MacPherson struts that are used in the front. So there is a bit more room in the engine bay for the engine.

The Bobcat 3400 4×4 also comes in an XL edition ($15,440) that provides extra seating to hold two to five passengers or even up to six depending upon the seating arrangement.

If you are looking for a UTV from Bobcat that is primarily for work, but you also want to have some play time in on the weekends then this really is the model for you.

The Bobcat 3400 has an Electronic Fuel Injected System with an engine that pushes out 40 horsepower with the gas option or 20 with the diesel option.

Both models can travel at speeds of up to 40 miles per hour. Which can make for some fun weekend riding through the mud, or simply around the ranch or homestead.

If you want to get some heavy work done as well, then you can be safe in knowing you made the right choice in getting the Bobcat 3400. It has a cargo capacity of 1,250 pounds making you a “one-trip-wonder” for any job.

The Bobcat 3400 4×4 also has an adjustable rear suspension and a drive mode selection of single wheel drive (open differential), two-wheel drive (rear differential locked), and four-wheel drive.

A cool thing about the Bobcat 3400 4×4 that is different from a lot of other UTVs is that it has so many easily available options to your vehicle.

Often times manufacturers offer cab enclosures, “winter additions,” etc, but what I like about the Bobcat site and build option is that there are literally over 30 options.

My personal favorite being a dual gun box scabbard mount due to my love of guns and range addiction.

Bobcat utv reviews
bobcat side-by-side reviews
bobcat UTVs any good

Bobcat 3450 4×4 – $10,000 (used)

Next up we have the Bobcat 3450, this is a slightly larger yet very similar model to the Bobcat 3400 4×4.

This model boasts Bobcat’s ever-so-wonderful Rapidlink system that is controlled by a joystick in the cockpit.

Allow me to explain just how easy this Rapidlink system works as well because it really is one of the biggest selling points on these vehicles.

I’ve worked various construction jobs in my lifetime and have done some landscaping work as well, the biggest hassle would be having to switch out buckets, pallet forks, and other accessories manually.

Honestly, I cannot tell you how many times I left the work site with a jammed finger or thumb, or even bruised foot one time, trying to move and carry these heavy monstrosities into position.

With this Rapidlink system however it is super easy to dismount things and then re-mount things. All you have to do is line up the mount you are going to use and then position the attachment.

The joystick has a disengaged/engaged switch that lets you turn it on and off, and with that, you can control the height and tilt of the Rapidlink arm that will attach to your attachment.

There is also some auxiliar hydraulics that will allow you to be more efficient and have more control over your attachment. That comes in handy for those more precise jobs in tight spaced and small movements.

You’re really only going to have to ever leave the vehicle to lock the attachment into place (here’s hoping Bobcat makes that automatic in the near future), to adjust the hydraulics, or to go home!

So if you’re wondering “is it worth it Matt?” Take my word for it, yes, yes it is. Trust me you will definitely thank me later.

All in all the Bobcat 3450 is by far my favorite UTV that Bobcat has to offer. It is precise and reliable. It’s not the coolest looking UTV around or the fastest, but it gets the job is done and gets it done right.

At the end of the day that is all that really matters right?

Bobcat 3600 4×4 – $16,406

The Bobcat 3600 4×4 is honestly a beast, and it is huge! Just check out the dimension specifications on this thing.

Length122.2 in / Width64 in / Height72.9 in / Ground Clearance8.7 in / Turning Radius91 in / Wheelbase83.8 in

This thing is the second largest UTV that Bobcat has to offer, it is right behind the Bobcat 3650 and if you were impressed by the Bobcat 3450 to get ready to be even more impressed.

Now, this particular model has a carrying capacity of 1,250 pounds in its cargo box. While that is around the same limit of the Bobcat 3400, this monster of a machine has a towing capacity of 2,000 pounds!

Because this utility vehicle is just so massive and heavy, weighing in at an operating weight of 2,173 pounds it has a great braking system to make sure this thing stops when and where you want it to.

It has a dynamic braking system so that whenever you take your foot off of the gas pedal they hydrostatic system will reduce oil flow to, which will then naturally make the machine slow down.

That helps with reducing wear and tear on the breaks and even reduces the energy consumption of the vehicle.

Along with that dynamic braking system, the Bobcat 3600 has four-wheel disc breaks giving you, even more, stopping power and control.

The Bobcat 3600 has a two-range transmission with High or Low options, as well as, a power management system that automatically adjusts the power of the vehicle so it stays constant no matter the terrain you are on.

This UTV, true to Bobcat’s vehicles, has a liquid cooled, diesel-powered engine that produces 24 horsepower. So it isn’t the quickest topping out at only 30 miles per hour.

What it lacks in speed it makes up for in power though.

Bobcat 3650 4×4- $17,886

I’ll be honest with you all, after comparing the specifications of the Bobcat 3600 and 3650, there is hardly any difference. The 3650 is slightly bigger but other than that it offers everything that the 3600 does.

It has the same cargo capacity of 1,250 pounds and towing of 2,000 pounds.

It also has dynamic breaking, power management system, and adjustable shocks. There really is no huge difference between the two models, besides that price tag of course.

Bobcat Toolcat Utility Vehicle – $18,000+

This last UTV that Bobcat has to offer is slightly different than your traditional UTVs. There are two models to choose from in this specific Toolcat category the D-series 5600 and the D-series 5610.

I’ll just be going over the 5600 since they are basically the same machine, all except for the 5610 offers some more premium features such as a cab enclosure with heating and air conditioning.

The Toolcat 5600 is a compact, four-wheel-drive loader. Don’t let its small frame and look deceive you though because this little guy is stronger than he looks.

It has a cargo load capacity of 2,000 pounds, with a 1,500-pound operating capacity. It offers a limited slip differential that helps keep an eye on tractive effort.

So if you need to minimize the power or traction because you are on softer turf, then no worries, the Toolcat will automatically do that for you.

The Toolcat also has the power management system that the Bobcat 3600 has and a specially designed suspension that has stops integrated into the suspension that helps maintain the desired lift capacity.

The Toolcat certainly isn’t a fast vehicle, only reaching a top speed of 17 miles per hour, however, it does boast 56 horsepower, which is what gives the machine all its power for towing, lifting, and hauling.

Each wheel has the same steering angle so that when you are working on those grass/turf areas you won’t take any sharp turns that will disrupt or damage the grass/turf.

I couldn’t find a price on the Toolcats because Bobcats website only allows you to build one and then sends an estimate.

Used ones go for around $18,000-$50,000 depending on the attachments, hours, year, and condition.

Bobcat utv reviews
bobcat side-by-side reviews
bobcat UTVs any good

Pros and Cons for Bobcat UTVs:


  • RapidLink
  • Towing Capacity
  • Cargo Capacity
  • Suspension
  • Durability
  • Versatility
  • Diesel

RapidLink – This is perhaps the best part about Bobcat UTVs. They make switching attachments so easy and you really have better control of the attachments that you are using. It makes work simple and precise.

Towing Capacity – Bobcat has some of the best UTVs with towing capacity in the industry. The fact that even Bobcat’s smaller models have almost 1000 pounds towing capacity is stunning.

Cargo Capacity – The cargo capacity is as amazing as the towing capacity is on these UTVs. With the least being 800 pounds and the most 1,250. Most UTVs of other brands offer well beneath that perhaps 500-600 for the price.

Suspension – The suspension on these vehicles is great for what they are built to do.

Sure they don’t have racing level suspension for crazy trails or dunes, but they don’t need it. For working around the ranch these UTVs won’t bottom out and cause problems. The suspension is perfect for them.

Durability – As we stated in the beginning, Bobcat has always been a reliable and trusted brand. Out of all the forums, I’ve read there are hardly any problems and what I’ve seen the issues have been easily fixable.

Versatility – These UTVs are versatile. You just have to take one look at Bobcat’s Toolcat and you see that Bobcats primary goal is helping you get your work done. The UTVs have so many attachments.

Whether it’s hauling rocks, cutting grass, or lifting pallets, Bobcat’s UTVs have you covered.

Diesel – Most UTVs I have researched thus far has been gas powered. The fact that Bobcat has given us the option of a diesel-powered UTV is amazing it’s just a great feature that shows that a little goes a long way.


  • Speed
  • Fun
  • Power
  • Locking Differential

Speed – If you’re looking for something fast and funky these aren’t the UTvs for you. With the fastest Bobcat model only reaching 40 miles per hour they certainly are not speed demons. So Bobcat definitely lacks in that there.

Fun – Personally I wouldn’t put the Bobcat UTVs high on the fun scale. They are intended for work, and that’s what they excel at.

There are plenty of other UTVs on the market that is better suited for racing, dune riding, and family adventure.

Power – While the amount of power these UTVs have suites them for their purposes and allows them to haul and tow large capacities, they aren’t the most powerful I’ve seen.

After looking at 80 horse power vehicles 24-54 are small fish.

Locking Differential – Apparently, this is one of the bigger problems customers face with the Bobcat UTVs. While every case that I’ve read had gotten fixed, it might be something to watch out for.

Bobcat Compared to Other Top UTV Brands:

Compared to other UTV brands I believe Bobcat to be one of the best in its class for what it does.

Remember these are work vehicles, not race vehicles. If you want something to go to the dunes with I would recommend the Can-Am Maverick X3.

If you were just trying to have fun racing around with the family, the Yamaha Wolverine X4 is an awesome machine too.

As far as comparing the Bobcats to other UTVs that put in rugged, hard work, they stack up nicely.

Kubota, who actually make the Bobcat engines have the Kubota RTV900. This UTV offers an accessory that allows you to use the hydraulic power to power other tools.

The Polaris Ranger is certainly a lot faster than the Bobcat UTVs hitting top speeds of 50 miles per hour. They also offer a wide range of accessories for their UTVs as well.

Interestingly enough Polaris partnered with Bobcat in making their UTVs which is why those 3400’s look so similar to the Polaris rangers, they basically are the same body style.

There are many different styles of UTVs on the market, the trick is finding out what you want, what your purpose in using a UTV is and then picking out the right one for you and your needs.

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