Best UTVs for Big and Tall People (Our Top Recommendations)

UTV, side-by-side, ROV, these off-road vehicles have many different names and about a thousand different uses. They have been ever-growing in popularity over the past few years as more and more people have been purchasing these off-roading vehicles.

It seems that the time for ATVs, has made way for these new and exciting machines that tackle trails, rivers, whoops, and dunes and they sure are one heck of a fun time.

While you can’t put a price on a fun time, sometimes, you can put a height and weight restriction on it. Nothing is worse than going to a theme park, or any other fun thing and realizing that nature was not so kind as to let you fit easily into whatever contraption designed to produce that fun time maybe.

That is where nature was kind to me, I am a pretty small guy and have never really had an issue with fitting into small spaces. I have seen on many occasions my father being 6’2 and a hefty man, have trouble getting comfortable in his own car.

Those same problems transfer over just as easily to the side-by-side world and with some side-by-sides only offering, at times, 9-10 inches of legroom. It can be difficult to feel comfortable while whipping about the trails and dunes.

Some UTVs seats are uncomfortable, or the cabin is small and you can almost feel like a sardine that is packed into a can. If you have had this struggle with fitting comfortably inside a side-by-side then this article is for you.

In order to help my own father who is in search of a new off-road toy as well as anyone else who falls under that Big and Tall category find a side-by-side that is both accommodating and comfortable, I have put together a list of the best UTVs on the market for Big and Tall people.

The side-by-sides referred to here are of course our own recommendations. When purchasing your own vehicle it would be wise to go and test the vehicle, sit in it, and feel for yourself whether or not that particular vehicle is the best fit for you.

However, if you are just wanting a good place to start then this article will be more than helpful to you in your search for the best side-by-side for the Big and Tall.

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I will go ahead and start with the brand, that in my honest opinion, has the best selection for side-by-sides currently on the market period, and especially has the best selection of side-by-sides for people who need a bit more legroom all the while providing comfort.

Can-Am has always been a trusted name in the side-by-side community. It is one of the leading names and has some of the best performing as well as the highest quality side-by-sides on the market. They can be a bit pricier than some of the off-brand names, but you just can’t beat them when it comes to a quality side-by-side.

While they have always had great vehicles, they really took the market by storm and surprised even some of us long-time fans and customers with their 2020 lineup for side-by-sides.

Can-Am is offering over 20 new side-by-sides and they spared no expense in doing so, giving the consumer a myriad of options to choose from so that you can be sure that you find the side-by-side that is just right for you and when I say they give various options I am not just talking about performance upgrades and choices.

Can-Am went as so far as to make various side-by-sides that are specifically designed to have a nicer interior with more space for your body as well as anything you may want to store while you are in the vehicle.

We have seen manufacturers implement interior upgrades and changes before but not really ever like this. Can-Am has a whole DS series for their Maverick X3 models where the whole purpose of them is to offer improved seating, legroom space, and more.

So to start off we will go ahead and look at the different side-by-sides that Can-Am has that are under that DS mark.

Maverick X3 DS Turbo R: $20,999

2021 Model

The Maverick X3 DS Turbo R is one of many in the newly listed side-by-sides under the Maverick X3 name. Despite its $21,000 dollar price tag, it is actually one of Can-Ams less expensive Maverick X3 models, seeing their most expensive is around $30,000.

The Maverick X3 DS Turbo R is 65.4-inches tall so it has a pretty high ceiling. When you are sitting down in the seats there should be no problem with brushing your head on the roof, that is if you choose to get one.

The seats and cabin are other things of genius, which is where the DS model really shines in the first place. The cockpit is truly designed with the driver in mind. The Maverick X3 DS Turbo R has a flat-bottom steering wheel that offers 25% tilt variability.

The seats themselves are arranged so that they sit low. This helps in the driver and passenger feel one with the vehicle and can feel the movements more precisely. However, low seating provides a high posture so that you do not have a hindered view.

The seats are also one-piece molded seats, inspired by race-car seats, that help support weight distribution and have 4-way adjustability with 2 inches in height and 6 inches in the slide function.

Although the seats, head-room, and legroom are what we are focused on in this article it is not the only thing that this side-by-side boasts. As well as being comfortable, it is a powerhouse sporting an industry-leading triple-cylinder Rotax ACE engine.

The ACE engine produces 172-horsepower at 7,250 RPM and 124 ft-lb of torque at 6,500 RPM, which is just an incredible amount of power and speed for any side-by-side.

Couple that amazing engine with an even more amazing air intake and exhaust that are tuned perfectly for this specific vehicle and other side-by-sides will have trouble keeping up.

The Maverick X3 DS Turbo R has a QRS-X CVT that was created to help eliminate torque lag so that you can get power almost immediately when you put your foot down on the gas pedal.

This side-by-side also uses Can-Am’s TTX suspension that gives the vehicle 20-inches of travel and an arched double A-arm suspension helps give the Maverick X3 DS Turbo R the precision like handling that it is known for.

Equipped with Fox 2.5 Podium QS3 shocks, this Maverick will have no problem crawling over rocks, or landing a hard jump, especially with its 14 inches of ground clearance.

Couple the outstanding power with a precision-built suspension to handle it all and you have one heck of a side-by-side. Throw in the DS option that gives a more comfortable and versatile cabin and you have a side-by-side that will let even the big and tall guys have a fun time out on the trails.

Maverick X3 X DS Turbo RR: $24,999

You may be asking yourself if there is really a difference between this Maverick X3 X DS Turbo RR and the aforementioned Maverick X3 DS Turbo R besides an extra 5,000 dollars and some extra letters, and the answer to that question is quite a bit.

The Turbo RR version has much the same as the Turbo R does in way of seating, ground clearance, transmission, and some aspects of the suspension. Where it really differs is in the power and flexibility of the shocks that this vehicle has.

The Maverick X3 X DS Turbo RR is just as comfortable with adjustable seats, head-room (add an extra inch from the Turbo R), and legroom, however, the engine is quite a bit different.

The Turbo RR has newer pistons, increased durability, a larger turbocharger, and increased cooling capacity. What is more is that it produces 195-horsepower, as well as, 135 ft-lb of torque, a significant amount more than the Turbo R does.

The Turbo RR also has enhanced Fox 2.5 Podium RC2 shocks that are fully adjustable. This side-by-side also comes with a full heavy-duty skid plate underneath the vehicle and sturdy front bumper for added protection.

Maverick X3 Max X DS Turbo R: $23,699

2017 Model NOT 2020

If you are looking for a side-by-side that has a lot of legroom and extra space then most people will tell you that you should look into getting a four-seater side-by-side or something along those lines.

They are not wrong either, typically those “crew” style side-by-sides tend to be wider, longer, and provide more space for the passengers that are supposed to be in them.

The downside to a lot of those bigger side-by-sides, at least in the extreme performance area, was that the passengers would typically get short shafted in the back when it came to legroom.

The DS series that Can-Am provides does not just help the driver and front passenger have more legroom and maneuverability but also gives the people in the back an option to adjust their seats as well helping provide the perfect fit for whoever may be tagging along in your outdoor adventure.

The Maverick X3 Max X DS Turbo R provides both the front seats as well as the two back seats, which are “bucket” style seats meaning that it is not just two attached seats like bench seats but are individual and move individually, to adjust with 2 inches in height settings as well as 4 inches slide adjustability.

As for the performance, suspension, shocks, and other accessories on this side-by-side they are all the same as the two-seater Maverick X3 DS Turbo R. The Max’s only difference is the addition of the two seats in the back and the fact that it only has 13-inches of ground clearance instead of the 14 inches of ground clearance that the DS Turbo R has, so you lose an inch.

Maverick X3 Max X DS Turbo RR: $27,499

The Maverick X3 Max X DS Turbo RR is very much the same to the Maverick X3 X DS Turbo RR but it has the added two seats in the back of the vehicle. In fact, that is how most of the “Max” versions of Can-Am’s side-by-sides work.

Everything is usually the same as them. They have the same engines, power, suspensions, shocks, accessories, and everything else but just with extra seats, and the Max X DS Turbo RR is no different.

It has the added two seats in the back that adjust jus the same as the Max X DS Turbo R seats do with the 2-inches of height and 4-inches of slide adjustability.

The engine is the same producing the 195-horsepower and 135 ft-lb of torque and the suspension and shocks are the same as well.

Typically if there is anything different where the Max models are concerned it is with added accessories that would then have added letters different to the two-seat models.

Defender Max: $13,199

We have seen a lot of the Maverick side-by-sides listed from Can-Am but not too many of their utility-style vehicles. If you are looking for space and legroom in a Utility vehicle then I would recommend the Defender Max.

Like I said before when it comes to the added room you typically want to go for those larger four-seater side-by-sides since they are built bigger than the two-seater ones are.

The reason I recommend these defenders over other utility-style side-by-sides is because of how the seating is in these models. Can-Am uses a VERSA-PRO bench seat in the back of the Defender Max that allows for a 40/20/40 style bench seating.

This allows for profiled corners so that you can enter or exit the vehicle comfortably, and you can comfortably hold up to 6 adults in the vehicle at one time, so when you are hauling fewer amounts of people you have all of that extra room available.

The Defender Max is a pretty powerful side-by-side as well. It comes with a Rotax V-twin HD8 motor that produces 50-horsepower and 50-ft-lb of torque. It can tow up to 2,500 lbs and has a payload capacity of 1,750 pounds.

The cargo box can hold up to 1,000 pounds of whatever you can fit in it. The Defender uses Can-Am’s TTA suspension so that you have 10-inches of travel throughout the vehicle and 11-inches of ground clearance overall.

The Defender Max is also around 75-inches in height so you really have ample amount of room inside the cabin for your legs but also for your head as well.


Mahindra is a brand that is more or less well known in the side-by-side community. It is better known for their tools and trucks but they have also gotten into the side-by-side industry as well and have actually produced some really quality vehicles.

While Mahindra has a wide variety of side-by-sides to choose from including crew models, long bed models, as well as diesel models in each class, we will focus on the Mahindra Retriever 750 Gas model for the sake of this article.

Mahindra Retriever 750 Gas: $16,899

Many of their other models are very much the same to the Retriever 750 Gas model with only slight differences in horsepower, and towing capacity.

The reason I mention this side-by-side in this article is that it is rated as the industry leader in seat comfort. That is primarily due to the 19 inches of space that Mahindra gives you in entry space in the vehicle which translates to plenty of legroom.

As far as power and capability are concerned the Retriever 750 does just fine. It is the industry leader in cargo box capacity with a capacity of 1,200 pounds and a towing capacity of 2,100 pounds.

The Retriever 750 sports a 747cc engine that produces 26.5 horsepower and reaches top speeds of 35 miles per hour. Their 1000 gas model reaches speeds of 60 mph with a horsepower of 83 if you are interested in their larger model.

With the ample legroom, good towing capacity, industry-leading cargo box capacity, 12-inches of ground clearance, and ample enough headroom the Retriever 750 and the rest of the models in its series are solid choices for Big and Tall people looking for a side-by-side.


Polaris makes some really great side-by-sides, there is no doubt about it. For the most part, I think that they are comfortable, and they are of great quality. That is why they are one of the leaders in the industry not just for side-by-sides but for Powersports in general.

While they make some pretty awesome vehicles, I do not know if they are the absolute best for side-by-sides for big and tall people. There are plenty of forums and other places where people discuss these things and say that they have no problem so I think inevitably it will be up to you.

However, that being said, Polaris’ side-by-sides tend to be less wide when compared to Can-Am, which is not a bad thing, it allows for the vehicles to fit into tighter spaces which is good, but that also limits cabin space.

I have seen tons of videos where bigger people ride in Polaris side-by-sides and feel just fine, other people complain that there is not enough room, once again you will just have to try it out for yourself and determine how you feel in them.

If you are a fan of Polaris and want to get a side-by-side that is comfortable enough for you and has ample room for bigger people then you may want to take a look at these models which would probably be the best bet for you.

Polaris General 4 1000: $21,799

Going once again with four-seaters because they have more room, the Polaris General 4 is definitely comfortable maybe even more so than a lot of the Can-Am side-by-sides.

The General 4 1000 is only 62.5 inches wide so it is not the biggest/widest side-by-side on the market, not in a long shot. However, all four seats are bucket seats and they all have seat sliders so you can adjust them accordingly.

There are 23 liters of internal storage so there is plenty enough space to store your things in the General 4 1000 and the General 4 comes with half-doors included so that is a plus for safety.

Power-wise, the General 4 1000 is one of the best in its class. It produces 100-horsepower from its ProStar 1000 engine and can tow up to 1,500 pounds as well as carry up to 600 pounds in its cargo box.

This side-by-side also comes standard with a 4,500-pound winch for any tough situations you may run into on the trail. The machine sits atop Fox 2.0 Podium QS3 shocks so it can get over tough terrain fairly easily as well.

While it is not the widest side-by-side nor does it have the most space, the bucket seats should help with comfort and the sliding adjustable seats should help with legroom making this side-by-side a decent pick for big and tall people.

Ranger Crew 1000: $14,399

The Ranger Crew 1000 may be a better choice for big and tall people. It has 25% thicker seats for comfort, 5-inches of extra room for entry and exit, and a ton of space to store things so you do not have to compromise legroom or comfort to take things with you on your adventure.

The Ranger Crew 1000 also has seat sliders so you can adjust the length of the seats depending upon your height. A lot of the other highlights of this vehicle come in its power, transmission, and drivetrain.

The Ranger Crew produces 61-horsepower and 55-ft-lb of torque. It has a front bumper and thicker skid plate, not to mention a more thoroughly protected transmission that has special belt protection.

The ranger 1000 crew has 12-inches of ground clearance, 10-inches of suspension travel and sits atop 26-inch 6 ply ITP tires. It has an AWD/2WD/ and a Turf Mode to protect your lawn if you are driving on it.

The Ranger 1000 Crew is 76-inches tall so there should not have too much problem with headroom in the vehicle. All in all it’s a great vehicle that offers a lot, but just an average amount when it comes to legroom, and space. It sure is comfy though.

RZR XP Turbo S: $22,499

There are two RZR XP Turbo S models one that starts at $22,499 which is the velocity model, and another that is $29,999. For this article, we will look at the cheaper, velocity model.

The RZR has a 72-inch width so it is a bit larger with a bit more room in the cabin for its driver and rider. This is Polaris’ version of the Can-Am Maverick X3.

It comes with some amazing specs as well as an active tuning option for the suspension inside the cabin through the DYNAMIX Active Suspension system which is definitely a cool feature.

The vehicle has Fox 3.0 Internal Bypass Live Valve shocks that allow for the in-cabin suspension adjustment, 25-inches of usable travel, and 16-inches of ground clearance.

The RZR XP Turbo S does have a bit better room for big and tall people with their improved driving position that helps the driver have a better view around him and the road as well as being a more comfortable seat.

However, there is not a ton of space in the cabin, because it is meant for more of a race-like feel and such. The side-by-side is a beast, all the same, producing 168 horsepower that is amped up by a big turbocharger.

Combine that with those shocks and a trailing arm suspension and you can whip around in this side-by-side no problem.


After looking at everything we have suggested I still believe that your best bet is with Can-Am or Mahindra. They just seem to have more room. Though Polaris offers some killer attachments and I believe that they have the comfier seats as well as awesome tech.

Can-Am really does perform well with power and torque. Polaris’s side-by-sides really do not come anywhere close to Can-Am’s power, seeing that the RZR tops out at 168 horsepower while the highest tier Maverick X3 has 195-horsepower.

Plus if extreme performance side-by-sides are what you are looking for, those Mavericks have a wider stance giving you more room, and with those DS selections, we mentioned you have the better adjustability when compared to Polaris.

Mahindra offers some great side-by-sides that have awesome legroom, industry-leading if you remember correctly. They do not really have any extreme performance side-by-sides, theirs are more utility-focused, but if the utility is your preference then they are a great option as well.

Plus Mahindras utility side-by-sides are powerhouses for hauling things as well towing them, although Can-Am’s Defender is not too far behind and has the industry-leading towing capacity overall.

When it comes down to it, the decision is up to you. You will have to go out and test ride each of these different vehicles to get a feel for how they perform and more importantly how you fit and feel in them.

They may boast some crazy tech and specs but if you are uncomfortable every time that you take your side-by-side out then there is no point in getting it.

As always I hope that this article was some help and that our recommendations could at least give you an idea of what is available to our big and tall riders and start you on your way to finding the perfect side-by-side for you.

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