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As I have been learning about Paramotors I have noticed that it is very helpful to have a good pair of gloves. Being that there are so many types of gloves out there I narrowed it down to what the best gloves are.

So, what are the best paramotor gloves? The best paramotor gloves are the ones that not only keep your hands warm in the air but also provide great finger dexterity. I have found that the Markhof Pro Model 2.0 Vallerrett Photography gloves are perfect for paramotoring.

You will find as you paramotor that getting the right, or wrong, gloves can make or break your paramotoring experience. Continue reading to learn more about other gloves that will further enhance your time that you spend in the air making paramotoring more fun and comfortable.

My Top Paramotor Glove Picks

These days there are so many types of different gloves made for outdoor activities that finding the right ones gets overwhelming. The good news is that the more popular paramotoring gets, the more gloves are made specifically for the hobby.

There are also some great gloves that aren’t made specifically for paramotoring that are just as efficient. Below are my reviews of some other gloves that will prove to be great picks for you as you paramotor.

Markhof Pro Model 2.0 Vallerrett Photography Gloves

These are the gloves that I highlighted earlier. I love these gloves and find them to be a great pick for people who love to paramotor. Originally made for photographers who take their pictures in the wintertime, the Markhof gloves provide lots of dexterity while still keeping one’s fingers warm.

While paramotoring those are the two things that really matter. You want to have lots of movement with your hand while also not having to worry about getting frostbite.

These gloves aren’t heated like other gloves, but that makes them great for wearing throughout the whole year. They are great for Spring, Summer, Fall, and early Winter flying.

If you do a lot of paramotoring during the winter-time when it is really cold it might be best to invest in gloves that will warm your hands more.

Cabela’s Heated Gloves

Here is a video of a review of the Cabela Heated Gloves

Heated gloves from Cabelas are regarded as a solid choice amongst many for any cold activity. They provide lots of warmth that lasts for hours.

Even though they might not have quite as much dexterity as other gloves on this list they still are a great option for those who paramotor all year round.

When it’s super cold outside the wearer can heat up the gloves in minutes with the simple press of a button.

If the weather isn’t too bad then the wearer can choose to not even use the heating capabilities to make them feel like any other normal type of glove.

All around these gloves are great for paramotoring due to their versatility. Whether it’s below freezing or not too bad outside they will prove to be a great pick for a paramotor operator throughout the year.

They might not have as much dexterity as other gloves do so that is a potential issue, but in regards to warmth, they won’t let you down.

High Adventure Itsy Bitsy Touch Gloves

These gloves are specifically made for paramotoring and are known to be 3-season gloves, perfect for Spring temperatures or high-alpine situations that are above freezing level. They are both wind and water resistant and provide good weather protection with maximum dexterity.

Warm hands are guaranteed by the bamboo lining in the pulse area. The shaping and cut of the gloves promote great freedom for movement and dexterity.

These gloves are another top pick for those who paramotor. They provide lots of dexterity and warmth during most of the year.

If you enjoy paramotoring during the colder months of the year then I wouldn’t recommend these gloves to you because they were not designed to help with too low of temperatures.

The Best Types of Gloves for Paramotoring

Photography Gloves

Vallerrett is a company that makes gloves that are specialized for photographers. Professional photographers need gloves to keep their hands warm when its cold outside so that they can spend their time focusing on getting the perfect shot instead of treating their hands.

For a photographer, gloves must be able to keep their hands warm but they can’t limit the dexterity in their hands or fingers. Gloves that are too tight or fluffy can really get in the way of their work.

That is what makes these types of gloves perfect for paramotoring. A lot of the work done while soaring through the air in a paramotor is done with the operator’s hands.

Vallerett gloves make it so the operator of a paramotor’s hands can stay warm but while not getting in the way of their performance.

This makes Vallerrett a great company to purchase gloves from by those who love paramotoring. There are dozens of different types of Vallerrett gloves that are perfect for paramotoring.

These types of gloves are great for paramotoring during most of the year, but might not provide the best warmth during the coldest months.

Heated gloves

Heated gloves can provide instant warmth for the wearer whenever they need it, making them very useful to people who love paramotoring. These gloves are high tech and come in handy for those who like to be out and about when it’s cold.

They can feel bulky and heavy to some but recently they have been made to be much thinner and lighter than before. When the gloves are turned on within minutes they can become toasty warm.

This is a huge advantage because for normal types of gloves it often takes a lot of time for the heat from the hands inside the gloves to make an impact. With heated gloves, it doesn’t matter how cold one’s hand might be, in minutes they will be feeling great.

A huge advantage to these gloves is that they will warm up and keep warm one’s hands better than just about anything else. A disadvantage is that with these gloves the wearer loses some dexterity and won’t have as much control that they will with other types of gloves.

The nice part about using heated gloves for paramotoring is that if it happens to not be that cold out the wearer doesn’t have to turn the heat on.

Due to this, they can be used throughout the year and only be turned on when the wear starts to feel cold. Some types of heated gloves might restrict the hand movement for a paramotor flyer so that is something to keep in mind.

Why Gloves are Necessary for Paramotoring

Maybe you are asking yourself if gloves are even necessary for paramotoring. Throughout all the research I have done on the necessary gear for paramotoring, I would say that gloves are always important to have.

Despite what the season may be gloves are always helpful, but are essential for paramotoring in the winter. When flying in high altitudes they make it so flyers don’t feel the cold effects of the wind. They protect the paramotor’s hand from the harsh and cold climates.

Even when the weather isn’t too bad, paramotor flyers find that the grip that comes with gloves is helpful.

Related Questions:

How much do gloves for paramotoring cost?The price for gloves that are good for paramotoring ranges. You can get cheaper ones that are only $20.00. The higher quality gloves that are heated with good dexterity are usually between $75.00-$125.00.

Where can I buy gloves for paramotoring? You can go to your local Cabelas or any store that is similar and pick up a good pair of gloves for paramotoring. I would recommend going online to Amazon to purchase your gloves because you will better be able to compare specs and see user reviews.

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