Best Gloves for Ice Fishing to Keep you Dry and Warm

When you go ice fishing, it will probably be pretty cold outside, and likely you’ll be there for many hours, so it’s essential to keep your hands warm. To do that, you’ll want a good pair of gloves. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best gloves for ice fishing that will keep you both dry and warm.

Clam Outdoors IceArmor Dry Skinz Gloves

Available at Dick’s Sporting Goods website.

These gloves are advertised as being specifically made for ice fishing. Not only are they warm, but thanks to the material they’re made from, they’re flexible too. That’s very useful, because when ice fishing, you will like being able to use your fingers to do things such as unhooking fish, which would be hard to do with thicker gloves.

They are waterproof, so have no fear when reeling in a fish, digging through snow to reach the ice or anything else you want to do. Nothing is more uncomfortable–or in some cases, dangerous– in cold weather than being wet.

They also have a long cuff to keep snow from slipping under. I’m definitely a fan of that feature, having experienced melted snow under my gloves before.

Of course, these gloves are warm. They employ a thermal liner to keep in heat.

They also look great, if style matters to you, coming in a black color accented with blue.

Online reviews for this pair of gloves give high praise, with people loving its ability to keep hands dry and allow for flexibility in cold weather.

These gloves are available to order from Dick’s Sporting Goods at a price of $29.99. They aren’t the cheapest, but they are certainly high quality.

NorthFlex Cold Grip Winter Gloves

Order them on

The first aspect of these gloves that jumps out is their price: just $6.40. If you are looking to save money, these gloves may be for you.

They are waterproof, being coated in foam PVC. For such a low price, having this feature is wonderful. It’s always essential to stay dry when outdoors all day in low temperatures. I recommend not dunking your hands underwater, though, because the gloves will probably not be able to keep you dry there.

It should be noted also that the waterproof coating could wear off over time.

These gloves are designed for flexibility. This is great for ice fishing, as some tasks you will perform will require some dexterity. Usually, with these gloves, there will be no need to take the gloves off in those cases.

A small but nice aspect of these gloves is that they are washable. You can keep them in use for longer because of this.

These are not likely to be the warmest gloves on the list. But they are advertised as being effective in temperatures down to -15 degrees Fahrenheit. For most people, this is good enough.

They are not advertised as being for sport, but this should not matter, as they offer what ice fishermen need: warmth, dryness, and flexibility.

For such a cheap pair of gloves, they sure do offer a lot. Anyone ice fishing would probably be quite pleased to find this bargain.


Follow this link to see them at Amazon

These gloves are tough and durable. In fact, it is claimed that the material used for them is 8 times more durable than normal synthetic leather. With that kind of strength, you will be able to use these gloves for many years, for ice fishing and for plenty of other winter activities too.

A unique feature of these gloves is the reflective stripes they sport. They are there for nighttime: you will be a lot easier to spot in the dark if your clothes are reflective. And night is a great time for ice fishing. If you want to ensure your safety, these gloves will help.

These gloves also sport a water-repellent membrane. As with the other gloves, this is a fantastic feature for an activity that puts you on a frozen lake all day and has you pulling fish out of the water. Just don’t expect them to keep you dry if you submerge them completely underwater; water will get inside them if you do.

This pair of gloves is a contender for the warmest on the list partially because it is windproof. Wetness aside, there’s nothing that will make you feel colder than a strong wind. When wearing these gloves, your hands will be practically immune from the wind. This will increase your comfort level spectacularly.

The micro-fleece liner will help your hands stay warm and comfortable as well.

The gloves are flexible, designed to offer the kind of dexterity you will want when ice fishing.

And the exterior of the gloves is designed to protect your knuckles from impact and abrasion, meaning these gloves will help you perform all kinds of work in cold weather. So don’t feel limited to just using them for ice fishing.

One last cool feature: the cuffs have a little handle to pull so that you can get these gloves on faster than normal. This is a little thing that can save lots of time and annoyance, as putting on a glove can be surprisingly tricky.

Basically, these gloves are heavy-duty. However, they are a bit pricey, at about $26, with prices varying depending on the size. These gloves will undoubtedly keep your hands dry and warm all day when ice fishing, and you will probably want to use them for other things too.

MCTi Waterproof Mens Ski Gloves

See them on Amazon.

These gloves are popular on Amazon. They are very warm and comfortable.

The manufacturer is quite serious about the waterproof feature here, seeing as they posted a picture of water being dumped on these gloves. Once again, make sure that you don’t let water get inside them. Do that, and you’ll stay warm and dry ice fishing.

These gloves have the big downside of not being very flexible. They will certainly keep you warm, but if you want to do things like tie a fishing line, you will probably have to take the glove off. This is definitely a reason to consider other gloves, but not a complete deal-breaker for everyone.

One cool feature these gloves do have is a pocket on the outside of each one. This pocket can be used to store valuable things like credit cards that you might not have another good place for. Or, you could even put a small hand-warmer in there if you desire extra warmth.

The gloves are also windproof for extra comfort. This can make a big difference in your overall warmth.

The cuffs are also quite long, which should keep water from getting inside.

These gloves also have an adjustable buckle strap so that no matter the size of your hands, you can make them as tight as you want. You should definitely use this strap and make the gloves as tight as you can, so that heat is trapped inside as best as possible.

Overall, these wouldn’t be my first choice for ice fishing gloves, but they are solid and will keep you warm. With a price of $21.99, they are a pretty good value.

Carhartt Men’s Waterproof Insulated Glove

See them at

This is an excellent pair of gloves. It sports a durable outer shell, making it ready for any kind of winter activity, ice fishing included.

Like all others on this list, these gloves are waterproof. When you’re bringing fish you’ve hooked out of the water, you will be glad for this feature. Once again though, just don’t try to go swimming with these.

Compared to some others, these gloves are not the most flexible. Some of the trickier activities of ice fishing like tying a line may not be possible while wearing these. Having to take gloves off for a moment isn’t going to freeze your hands, but it is annoying, so you will have to decide if that’s a problem for you.

One clear advantage these gloves do have, though, is moisture-wicking material within the gloves. This means that the gloves are designed to prevent your sweat from accumulating. After all, with warm hands, you will likely sweat a bit. This can get uncomfortable. With these gloves, your comfort level should go up greatly.

However, some online reviewers said that this feature didn’t actually work very well, so know that there’s no guarantee that all moisture will be gone from your hands.

The gloves have fleece cuffs and an adjustable strap. Use this to keep the cuffs tight so that no snow gets underneath and annoys you.

Three different color choices are offered for these gloves, so that could make those who like a bit of style happy. There’s gray, black, or brown.

Online reviews for this pair of gloves are generally very positive. Customers praised the warmth of these gloves, as well as the waterproof feature. However, some customers were less happy and didn’t find them warm enough.

The gloves cost $23.99, which is quite affordable for what they offer.

Overall, these are not the warmest gloves, nor the easiest to use for fishing, but for the price, these gloves are good. They will serve you well for ice fishing, except you may have to take them off sometimes.

Sunshine Top Waterproof Winter Gloves

Go to the Amazon page for these gloves.

This pair of gloves is light but well-insulated. Sunshine Top claims that they will keep you warm at temperatures of -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

Impressively, they only cost about $15 on Amazon. These gloves look like an excellent bargain.

They are waterproof, like the others on this list. The manufacturer claims you can put your hand in the water and the inside will not get wet at all. I still would do this if you can, since there really isn’t a reason to when ice fishing, but that is definitely some impressive protection to help you stay dry.

They are quite flexible, so you will be able to perform the more dexterous tasks of ice fishing, like unhooking a fish.

A feature that many will appreciate is fingertips that can operate touchscreens. Since touchscreens are designed to be used by skin, normal gloves can’t use them. But these gloves use a material for the fingertips that your smartphone will read. So, if you feel like using a phone to read a book or communicate with others while you’re out on the lake, you can do that while still keeping your hands warm with this pair of gloves.

The gloves also are designed to give you a good grip on things, which you will appreciate when fishing since you don’t want to lose your grip on fishing rods or anything else. (Fish are slippery, of course, so I doubt that one glove has much advantage over another for holding them.)

These gloves also boast moisture-wicking technology, so when your hands get sweaty, the sweat should dry up quickly. This is very useful and provides maximum comfort, though you may still feel some sweat from time to time.

The only real disadvantage to these gloves is that if you want to use them for outdoor work in addition to ice fishing or other sporting activities, they are not as tough as some others.

But for ice fishing, these look like some of the best gloves you could ask for. Its reviews on Amazon are very positive so far, and at $14.98, the pair seems like a steal.

Youngstown Winter Plus Performance Glove

Order them on Amazon

Here is another pair of gloves designed for work in the winter. The material of the palm is exceptionally good for getting a strong grip on things, which you may find useful for ice fishing. When creating a hole in the ice or just holding on to your rod, these gloves will be very comfortable, and you certainly won’t lose your grip.

On the thumb is a different type of cloth great for wiping the sweat off your face, or for wiping your cold nose. This is a helpful and convenient feature.

Don’t worry, this pair of gloves is waterproof too. Ice and snow have no chance of getting to your hands, but once again, if you submerge your entire hand in the water, you’ll get wet. Just keep water away from the cuffs.

On the other hand, the cuff on these gloves is slightly shorter than some other ones and doesn’t have a strap to tighten it, so you will need to be careful to not let any snow get underneath.

When it comes to temperature, 0 degrees Fahrenheit is the lowest recommended temperature for using these gloves, so if you will be out in colder weather, look elsewhere. However, in most cases, these gloves will get the job done.

The manufacturer does note that as work gloves, they are intended for people who are moving and have active work temperatures, so with that in mind, if the temperature is below 20 degrees, you might want to choose different gloves. Ice fishing simply is not going to get your blood pumping most of the time since you’ll be waiting for fish to bite.

These gloves are dexterous, so you can most likely keep them on almost all the time when ice fishing (tying a knot could still be tough, though).

The price for these gloves is a bit higher than some other options. It sits around $30, varying a bit based on what size you choose. This price reflects how durable and tough these gloves are. They are built for serious outdoor winter work. So, if you buy them, you should definitely use them for many things and not just ice fishing.

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