Best Covers for Jet Skis Available on Amazon

Getting a jet ski cover is super important because it will save your jet ski from a lot of damage. Finding the right cover for your specific jet ski does not have to be hard to do. Below is a selection of the best covers available on Amazon.

1. Leader Accessories Contour Fit

This cover fits Sea-Doo jet skis and is highly breathable which keeps mildew from growing. It will not bleed or fade due to the 600D 7.5 oz heavy duty solution. It also comes with a storage bag and tie-down kit. You select which jet ski you have in the size column.

This is one of the nicer quality covers than the other universal covers. This cover will last you longer and will be more resistant to rain, dust, and sun. The price may be more than the universal cover, but if you are looking for a reliable cover, this one is up to par.

These are known for being great material at an awesome price.

It is around $100-$115

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2. iCover PWC5102

This is a cover that works great with jet skis and small boats. The roomy design ensures it covers all of your jet ski. It is waterproof, tear resistant, and all weather protection.

There is a heavy duty elastic cord sewn in the hem for a snug fit around your watercraft. It comes with a large storage bag and is very affordable. Another plus is it works with all brands of jet skis, look at the size chart and see where your jet ski lands.

This cover is great for sun protection and the elastic keeps the watercraft in place when stored in the water tied to the dock. If you live in a place where there is a lot of rain, I would be cautious in buying the iCover because it may be a strong cover, but it is not known for being 100% waterproof.

This cover fits jet skis up to 113″.

It is around $40-$45

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3. Seamander Oxford

There is a bungee cord closure which can be tightened or loosened easily. Thread is rot-proof. It is ideal for storage and hauling due to the integrated trailering system and adjusting straps.

It comes in black or camo and includes a bungee cord sewn at the bottom for a secure fit. It is also very cheap for nice materials. Here is their sizing chart:

  • S: 96″-105″
  • M: 106″-115″
  • L: 116″-135″
  • XL: 137″-145″

There are plenty of adjusting straps included which is very helpful for trailering to the lake or ocean. When tested in rain and hail storms, it held up well. This is a nice cover that will last you a long time and will protect your watercraft.

It is around $55-$75

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4. Classic Accessories Stellex

This cover includes a 4-year warranty and is made with tough polyester fabric making it weatherproof. There are zippered access doors on both sides and an elastic cord in the hem for a secure fit.

This works with all sizes of jet skis from a small all the way to an extra large. There are adjustable side straps and it has a very high rating. It is 100% waterproof and keeps water out of the footwells.

This is a cheap cover that is perfect for storage but will not last more than 2 years if using it to trailer or cover outside. The good news about this cover is the 4-year warranty which gives you a plan B when something goes wrong.

This fits sizes from 133″ all the way up to 140″ long.

It is around $65-$150 depending on size

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5. MSC Trailerable PWC

This cover is made with marine grade polyester canvas with double PU coating and is all-weather proof. There is a 1-year warranty and is designed for long-term storage and traveling.

One very efficient detail on the cover is the quick-release buckle straps that make removal and attachment super easy and fast.

One thing to keep in mind is that it is made for more narrow models, so make sure to check the exact dimensions of your jet ski when comparing to this cover. Most buyers say to get one size bigger since it is a smaller fit.

Just like with all covers, trailering is not the best thing to do with a cover on because it may fly off. I would still recommend buying some ratchet straps to fasten the cover down.

It is around $60-$70

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6. Budge Blue

This is a bulkier cover, but it ensures 100% weather protection. Even on the hottest days, the sun will not shine through to your jet ski.

It fits most watercraft sizes and will for sure protect your jet ski from bird poop, sap, dirt, etc. It is thicker than most covers to ensure protection.

This is a great cover for the quality and when comparing the price of shrink wrapping your jet ski every year to a using a cover, it is much cheaper. It is trailerable because of the all-around elastic keeping it tight even in highway speed. This cover will last you a few years and is a great choice for your jet ski.

It comes in 4 sizes:

  • 106″-115″ -2 stroke
  • 109″-120″ -4 stroke
  • 116″-135″ -2 stroke
  • 121″-135″ -4 stroke

It is around $65-$80

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7. Leader Accessories Polyester

The cover is coated with a MoorGuard urethane to ensure it is sealed. There is an air vent system included, along with a free mash storage bag. It is water repellent and has resistance to mildew as well.

There are no raw edges (all edges are finished) but the fabric is overall pretty thin. It is a good price and is cheaper than most of the other covers. One thing to keep in mind about this specific cover is that it is lighter and thinner than the other covers.

It is not the best for a long term solution because when in the sun for many hours it will rip. I would not trust this cover if your jet ski is in the sun a lot because of all of the reviews that say it ripped after a few months.

It is around $32-$60 depending on size

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8. Classic Accessories Lunex RS-1

This cover comes with a 1-year warranty and is made with Lunex RS ripstop that uses a grid system to make the fabric stronger and tear resistant. This cover is not the best for sunlight protection, but it does have air vents to reduce the moisture.

Because the material is thinner than most, it does not hold up as well and is not as weatherproof as others. If you need a cover that needs to hold up in the snow, rain, sun, and wind, I would not recommend this cover because it will tear in tougher weather conditions.

There aren’t as good reviews on this cover as the others, but if you are just looking for a simple cover to protect your jet ski inside during offseason, this is a great and inexpensive option.

It is around $37-$56 depending on size

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9. Weatherproof jet ski covers

This is a cover that works for Sea-Doo models from 1994-1997. It is heavy duty made from ultra thick marine grade poly material. It is trailerable and has straps included.

It has air vents to have a breathable experience. There is an elastic hem around the bottom which keeps it on in all weather conditions. Again, this works with most Sea-Doo models.

This is around $130-$140

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10. Universal PWC Cover

Made of 2400 woven polyester material with PU coating. It is all weather-proof and has a strong elastic bottom hem and 3 sets of tightening belts for wind.

It is called Universal PWC because it fits Sea-Doo, Polaris, Yamaha, and Kawasaki jet skis.

Around $35-$40

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11. North East Harbor

This cover is made for a large range of jet skis and is trailerable. The fabric is made of 600 Denter polyester making is waterproof. It is known for lasting years even in the worst weather conditions. It is also a good fit and is cheap compared to other covers with the same materials.

Fits lengths of 136″-145″.

Around $48-$55

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