Best Boots for Ice Fishing to Keep You Dry and Warm

To have a successful ice fishing trip, you need to keep warm, which can be difficult in subzero temperatures. The key is to dress warmly, but one aspect of clothing that people sometimes forget about is what you put on your feet. Warm boots are essential for keeping warm and dry. To make your life easier, here’s a list of some of the best boots you can find.

Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot

These leather boots will keep your feet room in temperatures down to negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit thanks to 400 grams of insulation. You won’t even have to think about your feet being cold with protection as impressive as that.

These Sorel boots are also waterproof. When you step through snow or even a bit of water, you won’t have to worry about your feet getting wet. This feature is extremely important because if you get wet, you’re not going to be warm.

You can also tighten the area at the top of each boot so that it hugs your leg tight. That way, even if you trudge through deep snow, none of it will get inside your boot and drive you crazy.

There is also a removable footbed which should add comfort as well as additional thermal protection.

These boots are warm, and you should be quite comfortable in them too. You can get the Sorel Conquest boots on Amazon for a price that’s lower than I expected.

Muck Boots Woody Arctic Ice

While these boots are clearly designed for hunting, don’t worry: they will be very helpful to you when ice fishing too.

They are estimated to keep you comfortable in temperatures as low as negative 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Now that’s some seriously cold weather. If the temperature is warmer than 30 degrees Fahrenheit, on the other hand, you will actually start to get too warm.

Naturally, such warmth is achieved by a soft fleece lining and 2-millimeter thermal foam located under the footbed. These features will aid in keeping your feet comfortable, too.

These boots are designed to be totally waterproof, too. There’s no need to worry when you see snow. Walk right on through.

Plus, due to the boots being exceptionally tall, it will be very difficult for any snow to get inside, so you will stay totally dry as long as you don’t end up in anything too deep.

The special kind of rubber which these boots are made of should adjust to the shape of your foot over time, which will make them highly comfortable.

The boots are also shock-absorbent, which will make a difference in your comfort over a long period of time. That’s because if the boots are absorbing some of the energy from your steps, that’s less force being exerted on your feet. So, in the end, your feet will end up less tired.

These boots are extremely warm, and you will find them very comfortable too. They retain heat to a marvelous degree and no water can penetrate them. If you’re looking forward to a long day of ice fishing, these boots have you covered. On Amazon, the Muck Boots are available for a great price.

Bogs Men’s Classic Ultra

This pair of boots from Bogs is made of rubber. It’s particularly well-suited to bad weather. Sometimes, you want to go ice fishing, but it’s snowing or even raining like crazy. Provided you have gear for the rest of your body, these boots are perfect for a day like that.

That’s because each one of these boots has a strong waterproof shell. No matter what kind of crazy weather you encounter, you can feel comfortable when you have these boots.

The rubber of each boot will stretch, so even if it doesn’t feel all that comfortable at first, the shape will adjust and start to match the shape of your feet.

When it comes to warmth, these are comfort-rated for temperatures as low as negative 35 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s very rare to find temperatures colder than that in most places, so when it comes to your feet, you should never have to worry about temperature when you have these boots. However, there are other boots that offer considerably more warmth, so if you do find you need more, you should look elsewhere.

These boots are not actually the best at walking through deep snow because there is a chance that some snow could slip inside. If you stay away from such snow as best as you can, though, you should be fine. As I said earlier, when it comes to snow coming down, these boots offer fantastic protection.

You will find these boots very durable since they are designed with workers in mind. If you only plan to use them for ice fishing, they will likely last for many years, which will save you a bit of money in the long run.

These are high-quality boots that will keep your feet dry and warm. They are not the best suited to walking around in deep snow, of course. However, as long as there isn’t too much buildup, you will not have any problems, even if it’s raining.

The Bogs Classic boots can be found on Amazon, where you can see tons of positive customer reviews.

Bates Men’s GX-8 GORE-TEX

The waterproof ability of these leather boots is superb. While the boots perfectly keep out water and snow, they are also designed to be breathable. This means that the vapor from your sweat will be able to escape. This will keep your feet drier, and that means they’ll be warmer and more comfortable.

Each of these boots has a side zipper, which simply makes it a bit easier to take on and off.

The sole is slip-resistant, which increases your comfort and safety. With slip-resistant soles, your feet won’t slide around within the boots, so there won’t be any uncomfortable friction and you won’t lose your balance. That’s useful because, with boots, you want them to be a bit bigger than your normal shoes for maximum warmth and comfort.

These boots sport 200 grams of insulation. The exact comfort-rating is not known. But, based on that number, it’s safe to say that these boots are not meant for as extremely cold weather as some others I’ve looked at. For most winter days in most places, these boots will be absolutely fine. But if you’re out in negative temperatures, your feet might actually start to get cold.

So, these boots are great for winter days that are cold but not extremely cold. This is especially true because they deal with your sweat much better than most other boots do, and that should keep your feet super comfortable. On Amazon, the Bates GX-8 boots are available at an excellent value.

Guide Gear Giant Timber II

Here’s another pair of winter hunting boots that will work wonderfully for ice fishing. Whether you’re hunting or ice fishing, the point is that you’ll be outside in freezing cold weather for a long period of time, so boots that do the job for one activity will do it for another.

If you don’t like the camouflage look, of course, that is unfortunate, but these are still great boots, so you might consider getting them anyway.

These boots are the warmest I have seen so far. They are comfort-rated at negative 58 degrees Fahrenheit. Even if I had these boots, I don’t think I’d go outside if the temperature was that low. But I am happy to know that if I were to venture out, my feet would be OK!

These boots achieve such protection through a whopping 1,400 grams of insulation. That’s a lot of insulation.

An excellent waterproof membrane keeps your feet totally dry when walking through snow. The boots are pretty tall, too, so even deep snow won’t be a problem unless we’re talking several-feet-deep snow.

These boots are also designed for good breathability, so when your feet start sweating, they reduce the amount of moisture inside. This could potentially make a big difference in your comfort.

This is one impressive pair of boots. Incredibly warm and waterproof. They’re everything you need when ice fishing and probably more. At Amazon, the Guide Gear Giant Timber boots are for sale at a low price that honestly surprised me.

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