Best (and Coolest Looking) Life Jackets for Riding Jet Skis

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best life jackets for jet skis
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Life jackets are to be worn by everyone who is on board a jet ski. Since it is the law, you will need to have the best (and coolest) life jackets for your whole family.

If you take a fall, you will want to know that your life jacket will protect you and keep you afloat. A life jacket that is too loose will not do its job, so you want to get one that fits the way it should. It can be hard to know which life jackets are the best for jet skiing, so here is a guide to the best ones.

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Best Jet Ski Life Jackets for Adults

If you have to do something, you better do it with style, right?

Wearing life jackets are the easiest way to safe while out there on the water. Not only are the following life jackets certifiably safe, but they will keep you looking fly while you glide out on the water.

Here is our list of the best and coolest looking life jackets to wear while you are out on the water.

Onyx Universal Adult Boating Vest

This is a very cheap life jacket that should only be used when going on a vacation. It should not be your life jacket that you use every time you go out on the water. It has adjustable belts and a chest strap to keep the vest in place.

In my opinion, this should be a life vest that you keep on board just in case an extra guest comes along. It will do its job, but it is not very comfortable and will not be best on jet skis.

You can purchase this online at Amazon for around $20. See here for more details.

Stearns Adult Classic Series Vest

This life vest is unisex and is a one size fits all. It is Coast Guard approved and will work on most people. This is a vest for beginners or someone who is just starting to jet ski.

If you are larger or are very slim, it may not fit you correctly because it is a one size fits all and is an average size. It is designed for adults that weigh more than 90 pounds, so it will not be a fit for children. It is a 3 buckle design with a strap across the chest.

It sells on Amazon for around $25 which is a fair price. You can view more details here.

O’Neill Women’s SuperLite Life Vest

O’Neill is one of the top brands out there for life jackets. This specific life vest is designed for women. It is highly-rated because it is not bulky, allowing for a better mobility range than the average PFD (personal flotation device). The United States Coast Guard has approved this vest, which can give jet skiers peace-of-mind.

The life vest comes with 4 adjustable straps and comes in sizes small to x-large. Some reviews say that it runs a little small, so it is a good idea to size up. It comes in multiple designs, all of which are pretty dang cool.

Depending on the design, this life jacket is anywhere from $33 – $60. To learn more or to purchase, you can click here. It is most easily purchased from Amazon.

Body Glove Method Life Jacket

This comes in many different sizes from small to 4XL. This is a comfortable life vest that you will be able to move in and you will not feel it due to the oversized armholes.

It also comes with quick-release buckles for easy operation. It is not Coast Guard approved but is a good vest for the occasional rider who usually keeps close to the shore.

It is made of cotton and will fit snug against you, so you may want to wear something underneath the vest for comfort. This vest is more expensive than the ones listed above, but it is a good choice and comes in many sizes.

You can view it here on Amazon for around $60.

O’Neill Wake Waterski Men’s Vest

These vests will fit tighter than most, but it comes in many sizes from small all the way to 3XL, so you can get a size bigger. This life vest has a front zip opening and minimal bulk.

This vest is Coast Guard approved and it retains heat very well. Although the sizes run small, this is a very popular vest because it is made with nicer material and is very stylish, but is still not too expensive.

Anyone can afford this, and you can purchase it on Amazon. View here for more details.

O’Brien Traditional Neo Life Vest

This vest is very popular for jet skiing because it has a neoprene outer layer for comfort. It has a zip closure and 2 belts for simple use. It is coast guard approved, and a very great price for the nice material.

It is very soft and will fit your body so that you can move around easily. This vest is great for jet skis because you can move in any direction you want.

This is a very nice vest and it comes in sizes XS to 3X large, so there is one for everyone. It sells on Amazon for around $55 and you can view more details of it here.

O’Brien Women’s Impulse

This is a highly rated life vest that comes in sizes small to X-Large which means there is one for every woman out there. It is made of neoprene for a comfortable fit and comes with a heavy-duty zipper and two buckles for a snug fit.

It will keep you afloat in the water and since it is Coast Guard approved you can trust it will do its job. It is made in a bright purple color and is very stylish. It is perfect for jet skiing because you can move around very easily and still be protected.

It sells for around $60 on Amazon and you can view more information on it here.

O’Neill Reactor 3 Vest

One great thing about this life vest is it allows plenty of mobility due to the fact it does not have a bunch of straps. It is not bulky and is very flexible.

You put this on using a heavy-duty zipper rather than a bunch of straps that are difficult to use. There are two buckles that cross the torso to ensure a nice tug fit.

This vest is Coast Guard approved and is rated very highly on Amazon. You can purchase it for a fair price and view more details here.

Best Jet Ski Life Jackets for Children

O’Brien Youth Neo Life Vest

This is a life vest for the youth that weighs 50 to 90 pounds. You can take your child out on the water and know that they will be safe. It is Coast Guard approved and is very easy to use.

It comes with one zipper and two buckles to make sure that it is fastened properly. It is comfortable so that kids will not want to take it off and is made with breathable material so that they will not feel claustrophobic.

It is around $50 on Amazon and it comes in bright colors so that you can always see them in the water. Click here for more details.

Mustang Survival Lil’ Legends 100 Foam Life Jacket

This is a great life jacket for your children because it comes with great head support. It not only comes with a zipper but also a secure strap that will keep your child snug inside.

Another great thing about this vest is it comes in fluorescent yellow and green to make sure you can see them at all times. It is more expensive than other vests, but it is a great material for children and comes in sizes for infants, children, and even youth. It sells for around $60 on Leisure Pro. Click here for more information.

Stearns Child’s Classic Series Life Jacket

This vest is designed to fit children who weigh 30 to 50 pounds. It will work for every water activity and is Coast Guard approved. It does not come with a neck pillow but does have three adjustable straps.

It is much more affordable than some other children life vests. It sells for around $20 on Leisure Pro. You can view more information on this life vest here.

Hyperlite Toddler Indy Life Jacket

This life vest is one of the most popular ones out there for your children because it comes with a comfy head pillow and a strap connected to the back so you can easily hold on to your child while they swim.

It is great for taking them to the swimming pool, or even taking them out on a boat. They will be safe and you put it on by zipping up the front zipper all the way and then buckling up the strap that goes across their chest.

Another great feature this has is an adjustable crotch strap to keep them connected at all times. This life vest is made for infants who are under 30 pounds and sells for around $30 on Leisure Pro. You can learn more about it here.

Airhead Gnar Neolite Flex Life Vest

With a high-rating and an awesome design, this life jacket is impossible to keep off the list. This vest, in particular, comes in infant, youth and children’s sizes.

It will cost anywhere from $40 – $50 for one, depending on the side. This life jacket is one of my personal favorites. It works well, giving kids the confidence they need to feel comfortable out on the jet ski. The jacket fits all the requirements set by the US Coast Guard. It has a zipper and multiple straps.

To get a better look or to purchase this Airhead life jacket on Amazon, click here.

best life jackets for jet ski
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