Best 6-Seat Ranger Crew Side-by-Sides

I have loved using side-by-sides my whole life. The bigger our family has gotten, the harder it is to pile everyone into one for a fun time! So, I looked into side-by-sides that can fit six people in them, in hopes that my family can be a little closer and have a blast doing what we love.

What are the best 6-seat side-by-sides on the market? Ranger is the best brand producer of side-by sides. The following are their best products:

  • Ranger Crew 570-6
  • Ranger Crew XP 900
  • Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPS
  • Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPS NorthStar Edition
  • Ranger Crew 1000 EPS High Lifter Edition

There is a lot to know about these fun family toys. Just to name a few things to look into, price range, special features, weather abilities and usage are a couple.

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Ranger Crew 570-6

In an extremely basic sense this side-by-side comes with:

  • stamped steel wheels
  • 25″ 489 tires
  • 44 HP
  • 60″ width
  • 567cc ProStar 570 Engine

This specific side-by-side 6-seater comes in one color, sage green. This is a nice aesthetic touch, whether you are trying to fly under the radar on your property or just like your toys blend well with the scenery this color will meet your natural looking needs and not stick out like a sore thumb.

The Ranger Crew 570-6 can hold a whopping 1,500 LBS. That’s quite a hull. So whether you are loading it up with random chores, or a plethora of people you love, the 570 can handle it.

As for the tires, they are each, front and rear 25″ 489. The wheels are made from aluminum balck xcelerator. This gives them a sleek and fresh look while also ensuring they can hold up against ruff runs.

The ground clearance is 10.5″ so you most likely won’t have a hard time getting by anything. With levels this high, you will avoid getting stuck, damaging your 6-seat side-by-side and any other issues low riding vehicles may give you.

Not only will you have a smooth experience because of the incredible ground clearance. The 570 has an adjustable tilt steering wheel so there is no overreaching and struggling while navigating your adventure.

There is MacPherson Strut 9″ front suspension travel as well as Dual A-Arm IRS 10″ rear suspension travel. This is a nice duo with the awesome ground clearance.

This is an extremely basic build. Often times we will find side-by-sides are less expensive when they come with the ability to add accessories and do not just have all the bells and whistles to begin with.

The Ranger Crew 570-6 starts at $12,199. That number rises to a pretty steep fee as you keep adding things. But if we are looking at it from an “expensive” point of view, this may honestly be the least expensive option for this type of toy. Most of the other side-by-sides on the list cost significantly more than this. So, if cost is your concern, seriously consider this option.

There are some really practical add-ons and some that are just fun to have. For the roof, you can add a crew sports roof. It is polyethylene and is easy to put on. It offers shade, and protections from all the elements.

You can add the windshield with one of two options. There is the poly windsheild option and the hard coat poly windshield. For the rear panel you can add a poly rear panel. And as for cab accessories, you can add of a reverse view camera mirror.

best 6 seater ranger crew side by side
best 6 seat UTV

Ranger Crew XP 900

This was rated the best in class six seater side-by-side for performance. It is made to perform in hard circumstances and also offer nothing but a smooth ride while in use. It is a best seller.

To hit on some of the most basic parts of this side-by-side:

  • color: sage green
  • 68 HP
  • 875cc ProStar Engine
  • 26″ PXT tires
  • 11.3″ Ground Clearance

This side-by-side is built to withstand and hold up. It was made with reliable power in mind. This was done with 875cc ProStar 4-stroke twin cylinder engine, this offers up smooth 68 HP. This is combined with electronic fuel injection. With this combination, you will be able to do whatever it is you need or want to regardless of the weather or terrain.

This side-by-side is also capable of carrying and hauling a whole lot! If you need to, feel free to attach your trailer to the standard 2″ receiver hitch and you can tow up to 2000 LBS!

This is nice because if you are using your Ranger Crew XP 900 for work and play you have the ability to get more done with it quickly so you can get back to being with your loved ones outside.

This is an extremely comfortable ride! Because of the versatility of the job, on your property doing housework, or spending time with your family having fun, it can not be worn down.

The Ranger Crew XP 900 has 10″ up front, independent rear suspension and it has 11.3″ of ground clearaence. This is super helpful when you are off roading for any reason at all.

There is all kinds of storage on the Ranger Crew XP 900. Along with six seats there is six storage compartments underneath your seating area. These are split up into six little sections. One open area under each seat. Pop whatevedr you need to under the seats as you are loading up and rest easy knowing that your belongings are extremly safe whether your side-by-side is in movement or parked.

The steering wheel has an adjustable tilt. There is a ride centric in-cab storage. This is 9.8 gal and is used to store small objects that just couldn’t be left at home.

As for reviews it received an overall 4.5 out of 5. A 4.7 out of 5 for power. A 4.6 out of 5 for ride and handling, a 4.6 out of 5 for reliability and a 4.5 out of 5 for features and technology.

The Ranger Crew XP 900 can be purchased at a starting price of $14,099. This is an incredible starting price. It leaves levels of room for you to add extras that will help make the Ranger Crew XP 900 feel more like yours in ways you didnt even expect.

Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPS

This specific make is known to be more refined and more rugged. It has been designed to assist in those working to improve their own land as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A quick overview of the Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPS includes:

  • Color: sage green
  • Unbeatable comfort
  • Electric power steering
  • Standard 1-year factory warranty
  • With industry leading 1,750 lbs. payload
  • 62.5″ width
  • 82 HP
  • 12.5″ clearance

It is the 20th anniversary of the Ranger side-by-side brand. Because of this, the Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPS is the 20th-anniversary limited edition.

This means the seats have the exclusive 20th anniversary stitched seats. It also comes in two-tone automotive style paint, this is only offered for a limited time.

This Ranger has loads of durability improvements. Included in this is improved durable 6 ply-tires and sealed

suspensions bushing, a chassis that is one piece and a strong PVT clutch system. Along with all of this a year warranty. So if you do not feel like it turns out to be all its chalked up to be, trade it back.

Not only can the Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPS fit six people but all of their belongings for the trip. This is because of the 19 gallons of wonderfully designed storage that is offered.

Exceeding everything else in the industry at a whopping 1750 lbs. of payload capacity. It also has 25% more plush seating, so when you are out hauling for the whole day you are as comfortable as possible.

It is considered to be one of the industry’s most able six-person side-by-side. It is very strong and aggressively built on the outside and if you assumed it was built the same on the inside, you were right.

It comes with 82 horsepower from its ProStar engine. This will ensure you get to all of the places you need to be! Next, it has the capability to tow 2500 lbs. as well as successfully move across rough and uneven terrain. It does this all with its 13″ ground clearance and the incredible 11″ suspension travel.

This particular Ranger Crew, the XP 1000 EPS starts at $16999. This may sound like a lot of money but it could be an incredible investment. Whether your intentions involve family time, fun with friends or a serious amount of hard work on your own land or on the job elsewhere.

Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPS NorthStar Edition

The name of this side-by-side may sound extremely similar to the previous one mentioned but it has incredible attributes that are not found in its extremely less expensive counterparts.

The Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPS NorthStar Edition starting price runs at a $27,299. This is dramatically more expensive than the previously listed side-by-side.

The basic things you need to know about the Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPs NorthStar Edition is:

  • 65″ width
  • 82 HP
  • 13″ clearance
  • Electric color matched painted door accent panels power steering
  • Large sealing surfaces and gaskets
  • Premium manual crank window doors
  • Lock and tide glass windshield with wiper/washer system
  • Lock and ride glass rear panel
  • Sport roof with premium liner and dome light
  • Premium ranger pro shield cab system
  • Industry exclusive heating and air conditioning

This is one fancy side-by-side. You can ride in comfort year round in the Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPS NorthStar Edition with it’s HVAC. With the nice HVAC air trapped in by your heavy-duty doors, your temperature will stay comfortably regulated.

It has premium Pro Shield Cab System as well as heating and air conditioning that is not only circulating in the front but has rear ventilation as well, so that the whole side-by-side stays comfortable.

The outside of the Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPS NorthStar Edition is tuff. It is covered all the way around in black and red heavy duty metal and plastics to keep any and everything out.

The inside of this coveted side-by-side is exciting as well. It has an 82 horsepower ProStar engine and can tow up to a whole 2500 lbs.

It can also successfully tread of any terrain with 13″ over clearance. All of this combined up into one machine leaves it at the top of the best-in-class list by far.

The XP 1000 EPS NorthStar Edition has become ever more durable and even more reliable than it was before.

It comes with a serious PVT clutch system and extremely durable 6-ply tires as well as sealed suspension bushines. It also comes with a new and improved overall durability and one piece chassis.

All of that new goodness is packed up into a one year warranty, just incanse anything does happen.

best 6 seater ranger crew side by side
best 6 seat UTV

Ranger Crew 1000 EPS High Lifter Edition

The High Lifter is another awesome option. With incredible outdoor traits and quailty pricing, you learn, you truly get what you pay for. In this case that is:

  • 65″ width
  • 82 HP
  • 13.5″ clearance
  • 28″ outlaw 2 tires
  • Arches a-arms
  • Premium half doors with 1″ water drains
  • Mud specific front and rear bumpers
  • Higher mounted air intakes
  • Polaris pro 4500 LB HD Winch with Synthetic Rope Larger Rear View Mirror

The updated, new and improved Ranger Crew XP 1000 EPS High Lifter Edition is incredible because the updates made were based off of suggestions from current and previous owners. Over 100 of them!

It has also added “mud specific features” and improvements working towards the ability to have extreme mud performance.

Mud really is this side-by-sides forte. It was especially designed to withstand and overcome all forms of mud. It has the ability to do this with its 28″ outlaw 2 tires. Along with its arched a-arms and bummers built with serious purpose.

There are a number of fun accessories that come along with this awesome option.

Roofs: There is a list of wonderful roofing options. Some more expensive then others. I will list them all here. Sport Roof, Sport Roof – Poly 2 – Seat Black, Sport Roof Poly, Sport Rood Crew Poly Black, Premium Roof Crew Poly Polaris Pursuit Camo, Premium Roof Black, Premium Roof Liner Crew, Premium Roof Camo, Bimini Soft Top, Crew Bimini Soft Top and Rear Panel, Canvas Roof and Rear Panel, Lightweight Roof Canvas, Crew Canvas Roof, Steel Roof, Crew Sport Roof, Sport Roof Poly 2 Seat Camo,and the HD Rood Crew Steel.

It has off road grade audio. This can be enhanced in a number of ways. With a Bluetooth apple control stereo and speakers, waterproof Bluetooth speaker, 2-way door speakers, max boost 10″250-watt subwoofer, Bluetooth appel control visor stereo, rear overhead speakers, Polaris pulse wiring harness crew extension, Polaris pulse roof 6 busbar, and 300 watt overhead audio visor speakers by MB Quart.

To ensure you can use your Ranger in ever situation you want or need to there is a plethora of lighting options.

Rigid SR-Series 10″ Flood, Spot and Combo LED Light, Rigid D Series Spot, Flood and Driving LED Light, work beacon LED Light, Pro Armor 30 Dual Row, Spot, Single row, Flood LED Light Bar, Pro Armor Combo LED Light Bar, Pro Armor cube LED Flood or Spot Light, Remote operated Swivel Light, Accent Light Kit Blue or Red, Series 10/11 Strobe Light.

Lastly, there are a number of really awesome coolers you may want to bring along with you on your may outings.

You can pick a cooler 15 QT all the way to 105 QT. Depending on how much you want to bring along you should seriously consider each individual option.

There is also the cooler on wheels option, 60 QT. A cooler with a seat cushion, 30 QT, and a cooler with a bottle opener option.

The coolers also come in two colors, graphite and desert. So, if you are trying to blend or stand out you can make a WOW choice.

Related Questions

Is it best to buy a new or used 6-seat side-by-side or a used one? This seems to be a personal choice. There are ups and downs to both. If you buy a used 6-seat- side-by-side it will be vastly less expensive. This is a huge plus because these things are all a pretty penny. But on the flip side they will most likely not come with a warranty, may be worn past what you desire and cannot be personally accessorized.

Are 6-seat side-by-sides for fun or for work? The answer is simple, it’s for both! There are a lot of upsides to using s 6-seat side-by-side for work. They generally can lift and load more weight and crew than a two or four-seaters. They can handle a number of terrains and weather conditions to ensure the job gets done regardless as well. As for fun, it is nice because you can pile all the little ones or big ones into the same side-by-side for closer quarters and more of that kind of time together having a blast.

Is a side-by-side considered an ATV? Side-by-sides are known as side-by-sides or UTV. UTV stands for Utility Vehicle. It is an of road ride that two, and sometimes more, people can get in and go off-roading. UTV’s or side-by-side’s are generally larger then ATV’s. A side-by-side will also generally cost you more then your average ATV will. ATV’s also are not shaped as much like a car as a UTV might be. ATV’s are more likel to be recognized to resemeble something such as a fourwheeler.

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