Bass Boat Gas Tank Size (With 21 Examples of Different Models)

One of the most important things to know about is a boat is the size of the gas tank. As for bass boats, it is especially important as on a bass boat you will most likely be obtained high speeds. You need a gas tank that will allow for that. Of course, gas tank sizes can differ between brand and model.

On average, a bass boat gas tank will hold between 25 to 50 gallons of gas. Those are the most commonly found sizes. There are some small fluctuations though, as some only hold 18 gallons while others hold 60 gallons. This all depends on which model or size of bass boat you get.

So, what exactly determines the size of a gas tank? Which models have the best mileage? Which ones have the biggest tanks? We will explore all of that in this article. Each angler is going to have their own preferences and desires for their bass boat. So let’s get into it. Listed here, we have some of the best bass boat models on the market, so let’s see how they compare when stacked up.

Bass Boat ModelFuel Capacity
BassCat Puma FTD52 gallons
Crestliner 1750 Bass Hawk29 gallons
Nitro Z2155 gallons
Tracker Pro Team 190 TX21 gallons
Triton 21 TRX46 gallons
Ranger Z518C39 gallons
Ranger Z520CI
45 gallons
Skeeter FX21 LE48 gallons
Xpress X19 Pro30 gallons
Skeeter ZX20036 gallons
Skeeter SL21036 gallons
BassCat Jaguar55 gallons
BassCat Lynx60 gallons
Lund 2075 Pro-V Bass 49 gallons
Xpress X21 Pro 45 gallons
Xpress XP200 18 gallons
Nitro Z17 24 gallons
Nitro Z21 Elite 55 gallons
Sea Ark BC 190 26 gallons
Sea Ark Stealth 190 25 gallons
Sea Ark Stealth 210 25 gallons

1. BassCat Puma FTD

BassCat is one of the most popular brands of bass boats in the game. Because they’re so focused on bass boats, their bass boats turn out pretty amazing. Among all of the great options and variety of boats that BassCat makes, the Puma FTD is one of the most spectacular ones.

It sits at a length of 20-feet allowing it to have a large amount of power and stability while still fitting into those tight spots that tend to be some of the greatest places to find the fish. This boat has a 94″ beam which is another feature that assures stability and security even on the choppiest of waves.

At the base of this power and craftsmanship are two 26-gallon fuel tanks that allow for easy, stress-free adventure on the water with a total of 52-gallon fuel capacity. The maximum horsepower (max HP) of this fishing machine is 250 HP. This means that with this fuel capacity and horsepower capacity, you’ll have the ability to zoom across the water at over 70 mph.

2. Crestliner 1750 Bass Hawk

In a review of some of the best bass boats on the market, Lenny Rudow from wrote some really significant things about this bass boat model. He comments on the “heavy-duty build” of the boat. This allows them to glide through rough waves a breeze, and running the ship in general “far more comfortable than usual”.

Crestliner is known for the versatility of their boats, so they’ve never been prominent in the world of bass fishing. But, with this boat they took a bass boat and crossed it with their Hawk lines of boats, creating a beautiful versatile bass boat. This machine has a fuel capacity of 29 gallons.

3. Nitro Z21

In the words of Rudow, “the Nitro Z21 is a bass fishing machine, pure and simple”. This boat sits at 21-feet, can hold up to 4 people and has a fuel capacity of 55 gallons.

4. Tracker Pro Team 190 TX

This powerful machine of a bass boat is labeled as a “Pro” which is usually code for “very expensive”. But, this boat breaks the stereotypes. It is powerful and sleek, all the while still being cheap enough for the average angler to purchase. While the fuel capacity is only 21 gallons, the price and performance make up for that.

5. Triton 21 TRX

The TRX is focused and oriented all around bass fishing, so if you want a machine that will give you exactly what you’re looking for, and a bass boat is what you’re looking for, look no further. With a fuel capacity of 46 gallons, 44 gallons of livewell capacity and the ability to go 70+ mph, this boat will take you on endless adventures.

6. Ranger Z518C

While small, sitting at only 18’8″, this boat still has all the storage and power an angler could need. The fuel capacity of this small but impressive boat is 39 gallons, which is one of the reasons that this boat is so impressive.

7. Ranger Z520CI

This bass boat is a bass boat in and out, but it has something very unique about it that makes it notable. It has no carpet and instead has nonskid fiberglass as the flooring and stainless-steel everything-else. These small changes allow this bass boat to have saltwater capabilities, which changes the game altogether. This trendsetter has a fuel capacity of 45 gallons.

8. Skeeter FX21 LE 

Skeeter is one of the oldest brands of bass boats so they know what they’re doing when it comes to the designs of these boats. They know how to make a beautiful boat, but more importantly, they know how to follow through on performance as well as style.

The FX21 LE specifically comes in many colors and designs, but more importantly, it is one of the best-rated bass boats of today. The boat sits at 20’11” with a 95″ beam. It has a maximum weight of 1530 pounds and a maximum fuel capacity of 48 gallons.

Lenny Rudow from talks about this boat a bit and points out some very pertinent information.

“[The FX21 LE] hits an eye-watering 70.3 MPH. Even at that outrageous speed, the boat gets better than three miles to the gallon. Much of the credit for the impressive performance goes to hull design, which is based on a 20-degree deep V deadrise with concave primary reversed chines, secondary reversed chines, a pad, and a setback that feeds clean water to the prop.

Lenny Rudow

These points prove that the FX21 LE really is as good a boat as its looks claim to be.

9. Xpress X19 Pro

This boat is built for the adventurer in all of us. Built for speed and performance, this boat exceeds expectations. Xpress has been building aluminum boats since the 60’s so they know what they’re doing. This incredible boat has a fuel capacity of 30 gallons.

10. Skeeter ZX200

The Skeeter ZX200 does not let down the Skeeter name. This boat sits at 19’6″ with a beam that is 95″ wide. This medium sized bass boat allows for the boat to remain safe while still getting up to great speeds, as the max HP is 200 HP.

The maximum weight this boat can handle is 1500 pounds and it has a fuel capacity of 36 gallons. For a boat this size, 36 gallons is a perfect amount. It will get you where you need to go and allow you to explore the waters.

11. Skeeter SL210

The Skeeter SL210 is a versatile bass boat that has great performance and effectiveness. It’s a perfect boat for someone who wants a bass boat with a couple of more options.

This fish and ski boat sits at 20-feet with a beam of 94″. This powerful machine of a boat can reach a maximum of 200 HP. It can hold a maximum of 1550 pounds and has a fuel capacity of 36 gallons.

This boat has two fishing decks with beautiful chairs, a central control area with a windshield and plenty of power. Skeeter Boats perfectly sums it up.

“The SL210 is perfect for your do-it-all family.”

Skeeter Boats

12. BassCat Jaguar

The BassCat Jaguar sits at 21 feet and has an iconic deep bow rise. This deep bow rise allows this boat to glide through any kind of water that you desire. This boat was created to exceed performance-wise.

Part of this is the fact that the boat’s 55-gallon fuel capacity is divided between three different fuel tanks. This allows for there to be fuel constantly running through the boat evenly. This allows for the performance of the Jag to be completely optimized depending on the conditions.

Along with this, there are several mounting options on the Jag and an impressive amount of storage. The Jag’s storage system can hold up to 16 tackle boxes and some of the extra trays allow for another 10-12 boxes to be safely secured on the ship.

13. BassCat Lynx

The BassCat Lynx sits at 20’8″ with a beam of 96″. The Lynx was designed by BassCat for a specific reason after the Jaguar and Caracal were released. They wanted something new and fresh as they are “never one for copy-catting or building cookie cutters”.

“The Lynx incorporates what we learned about wide body hulls while tooling the Jaguar and Caracal into one of the most efficient, performance oriented, wide body hulls we have ever built. We wanted the Lynx to have the maximum amount of storage and deck space on both ends of the boat.”


Another great thing about the Lynx is that the max HP range is between 250-300 HP. With all of the storage and performance possibility, BassCat needed to think big, and that they did. They provided the Lynx with a massive 60-gallon fuel tank capacity.

14. Lund 2075 Pro-V Bass

The Pro-V Bass boat is one of the newest ones that Lund has added to their collection of creations. It is made for the professionals to use at tournaments, which means that its performance is top-notch. There are two massive casting decks and a central seating area, which means this boat is perfectly designed for the purpose of fishing.

This powerhouse of a bass boat sits at 20’10”, can seat up to four people, and has a fuel tank capacity of 49 gallons. It also features rod storage that can hold rods up to 9-feet.

15. Xpress X21 Pro

The Xpress X21 Pro is a part of the Xclusive Pro series. Xpress boats pride this series of boats being one of the best around.

“Xclusive says it all, the best of the best! Looks, fishability, storage, comfort and… performance.”

Xpress Boats

The X21 Pro sits at 21-feet, has a max HP of 150 and comes with the Yamaha VF175LA outboard motor. The fuel tank matches it’s the length and holds 45-gallons.

16. Xpress XP200

The Xpress XP200 is a part of the Xplorer series which is designed to perform and impress structurally and well as versatility, as this is a great boat for any application.

This boat sits at 20-feet, has a max HP of 115 HP, and a fuel tank capacity of only 18 gallons. While definitely one of the more sleek designs, this boat doesn’t hold the power that it’s size might portray.

17. Nitro Z17

The Nitro Z17 is a boat that fits many’s needs. This boat is easy for many people to use no matter how much experience is under their belt.

“[The] Nitro Z17 is a fiberglass bass boat that’s… just right for anyone from the casual angler to the amateur tournament competitor.”


The Z17 is a smaller boat sitting at only 17-feet, but still holds all of the great qualities that some of the bigger boats do. Its maximum horsepower (max HP) sits at 115 HP. A maximum of three people can be in the boat at the same time, which is the perfect amount for a small group of pals to go out and have an adventure.

Because of the small size of the boat and the lower max HP, the fuel capacity of the boat doesn’t need to be large at all. The Z17 sits at 24 gallons.

18. Nitro Z21 Elite

On the other end of the Nitro, spectrum sits the Z21 Elite. This extreme beauty of a boat sits at 21-feet, has a max. It the capacity of 4 people, and an amazing 300 max HP. There are many features and benefits of a boat of this capacity, except, of course, the price tag. Despite that, it is interesting to look at some of the top models on the market and see how they compare to the rest of the market.

The livewell system alone is one to marvel at. It is installed with a T-H Marine G-Force Conservation livewell culling system. This involves 2 19-gallon insulated livewells with digital timers. These timers cut off a lot of stress from you, as it will do your job of keeping the fish alive for you. It also involves a re-circulation/pump-out system as well as an aerator/fill pump. The livewells also feature rounded corners and remote drain controls.

With all of this power, you’d better bet that Nitro pulls through with a powerful fuel source. The fuel capacity on one of these boats is a whopping 55 gallons.

19. Sea Ark BC 190

Sea Ark is a great company and is known well in the boating community. They hold their boats to a high standard, and it is obvious in their boats. Their boats are wood free, purely made out of aluminum. This promises that the ride will be smoother and the boat will last longer!

The BC 190 model is sleek and efficient with a unique hull design that reduces drag. This allows for better speed and performance from this powerful boat.

It is 19 feet long, weighs 1490 pounds, has a maximum horsepower of 175. This boat is unique in that rather than one fuel tank it has two 13 gallon fuel tanks, totaling in 26 gallons for the boat to pull from.

This model’s main goal in mind is on the fishing. It has a 35-gallon livewell with a livewell re-circulation and pump-out system.

20. Sea Ark Stealth 190

The Stealth series is a series of high-class boats without the high-class price tag. With all-aluminum hulls, floors, and decks, this boat is made to travel far and wide without any problems.

The Stealth 190 is an 18-foot boat with a maximum horsepower of 140 and a 25-gallon built-in fuel tank. The boat can fit a maximum of 5 people in it at one time. It also comes with three bow stainless steel base plates. There is a 14-gallon bow livewell and a 28-gallon rear deck livewell. This is a great situation for a long day of fishing as there will be plenty of room to store all of the fish you catch. Not only this, but it has a 7-foot lighted lockable rod box, which keeps your fishing gear safe 100% of the time.

21. Sea Ark Stealth 210

The Stealth 210 is a 20-foot boat with a maximum horsepower of 175. It comes equipped with a 14-gallon bow livewell and a 28-gallon rear deck livewell. This means that there is a total of 42 gallons to store your fish. Along with all of these great features, the Stealth 210 has a 25-gallon built-in fuel tank.

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