Recommended Backpacking Gear

My friends and I took a recent trip to the Sierra Nevadas for a 4 day fishing trip. We visited the Virginia Lakes as well as the Twin Lakes and fished our brains out.

Before the trip, I started looking for all of the back pack gear I would need to stay light and comfortable. This is all of the gear I could find which would fit together nicely without breaking the bank. Everything on this list fits nicely in the Teton Scout Pack. Look for the video coming soon.

Teton Scout Pack 3400

This pack has an internal frame and is a 55L pack. I can fit everything on this list, inside this pack with plenty of room for food and snacks along the way. I even managed to bring along my fishing pole and tackle without any issues.

Bisina 2 Person Tent

So most backpackers won’t want the extra weight of a 2 person tent. I on the other hand like the extra space this tent provides. It weighs 4.72 pounds and doesn’t break the bank.

INNO 30* Mummy Bag

Weighing in at 2.86 pounds with a cheap price tag, this sleeping bag is a great. It comes with an attached hood for those extra cold nights. Can you get a lighter bag, yes, but you can’t beat the price tag of this one

ALPS Foam Mat

Foam mats are wonderful at adding a bit more comfort and insulation when you’re sleeping on the cold ground. It also does a great job of lining your pack, adding a layer of protection to any gear in the middle of your pack.

KOR Sleep Mattress

If you’re looking for ultra light weight and compact look no further. This little guy fits with my tent in my pack with room to spare. It also comes with a pillow attached making it the perfect little sleep mattress.

Dry Bags 3 Pack

Dry bags are wonderful for backpacking. It keeps anything you need dry as well as makes it easy to organize loose items. Smash them down and the air tight seal keeps them that way.

Emergency Poncho Pack of 5

Have you ever been caught in the middle of no-where in the rain? Thats what emergency ponchos are for. Grab one at Walmart for $1.00, or get a 10 pack from amazon with the link above.

OFF! Bug Spray

Great way to keep the mosquitoes away! Alternatively you can pick up some OFF! wipes that are a bit more weight friendly. For me, it was easier to grab a can instead.

Sawyer Mini Filter

This little filter does exactly what you would expect, filter water. But I love it because it’s light weight and fits on to Smart Water bottles perfectly making it an ideal choice for your backpacking adventures.

Comfort Items

The below list are the add-ons I carry with me when I go backpacking or tent camping. The Jet Boil is by far my favorite because I love to brew a nice cup of hot coffee every morning when the sun comes up.

Jet Boil at Bass Pro

This has been and always been my favorite stove. I’ve had it for over 5 years and love the accessories you can get for it. The coffee press for example is by far the best thing about it. It heats super quick and you can even toss a pan on the burner with the additional stove top.

Jet Boil Fuel 4 Pack

There are many companies who sell fuel for camping burners. I like to stick with Jet Boil Fuel directly from They make a great product and I like to continue to support. I have found ordering direct is much cheaper than other options.

Thermacell Repellant

This is a product that many will find unnecessary. But if you hate bugs, and end up fishing a lake like I do, then this is a must buy, seriously! It uses the same fuel as your jet boil and does an excellent job at keeping the bugs away. Worth the extra weight and the price is very reasonable.

Mophie 6,000mAh Battery

I’ve used Mophie products for years now and I have never been disappointed. I love this because it comes with charging ports already attached. There is no need to bring any extra cables.

InstaFire Fire Starter

I like to tuck one of these packs away when I leave to the outdoors. It’s super cheap and starts up to 4 fires with one pack.

Dude Face and Body Wipes

Great for those sweaty moments when you want to wipe off. Basically a baby wipe but branded for adults. I like the small package and they are fairly priced at Wamlmart.

Backpacking Foods

Normally when I camp, I bring a travel trailer with food that the rest of my family will surely eat. With no kids or wife, I wanted to try a variety of backpacking foods to see what all the fuss was about. Below are the foods I have tried with 3 of my buddies during our last adventure.

Beef Jerky

Need I say more?

Mountain House Meal Bucket

I find the best way to stock up on these meals is to grab a bucket of them. You get an assortment of 24 meals in total which are light weight and great for camping.

Freeze Dried Strawberries

I bought these to try on my last camping trip in the Sierra Nevadas. They are a great snack for anyone on the go. My girls really like them, so they are a must bring item for us.

Ready Wise Food Storage 72 Hour Kit $60.35

Another Great Option is for freeze dried food is from Ready Wise. When you’re looking for some different flavors this is a great place to start. You can get a 72 hour kit or stock up on a bucket.

DJI Osmo Mobil 4 $149

Before this version came out, I almost bought the Mobile 3. I’m so happy I waited as long as I did because this thing is amazing! The magnetic phone holder is a huge improvement from the other clamp model. It works well when hiking, running or standing on the ground. It provides a super stable picture and packs away nicely in my Teaton Pack. When you want to upgrade your video capability, pick yourself up one of these for sure!

Tascam DR-10L Mic $199

The stand-out feature of this little lav mic is that it’s not wireless–it’s the recorder itself!  So you put the box in your pocket and press record, run the wire under your shirt to clip the mic on your collar, and you’re ready to go!  One additional killer feature is that it records two tracks simultaneously at two different gain settings, so if you yell or laugh loudly, you never have audio peaking issues.  It’s really innovative.

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