Average RV Campground Rates: How Much to Expect Per Night 

Most RVers will want to sleep over at campgrounds for at least some of their stay, which means budgeting for the rates. Depending on how much you’ll spend, you might choose to scale back on the campgrounds and sleep out for free in a Walmart parking lot or a church lot. How much does an RV campground stay cost on average?

The average cost of staying overnight at an RV campground is $25. Some campgrounds offer cheaper rates, like $20 and under, and others are luxury campgrounds that are costlier, sometimes up to $70 or $120 a night.

Of course, factors such as where in the country you’re traveling also influence what you’ll spend on a campground.Another factor that will contribute to the rate is the type of campsite. For example, a site with full hook-ups or ocean/lake front is going to cost more than a site with no hookups or view..

In today’s article, we’ll go through every state we could find rates for and highlight several campgrounds in each state (and their prices) so you can get a better feel for how much money to budget!

Tips Before Making Reservations

Before we get into each state, let’s quickly touch on a few important factors to consider before making your RV camping reservations. It’s always a good idea to thoroughly go through the campground’s website or call them to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Some questions you’ll want to get answered before you book.

  1. Does the campsite allow for pets?
  2. Do they have any group discounts or off-season discounts available?
  3. How many campers are allowed per site?
  4. Are there any other expenses associated with the reservation?
  5. Is there a limit to the length of the RV? Check out “Choosing the Ideal RV Length for Fitting into Campgrounds.”
  6. Are there full-time campers living on the premises?

RV Campground Rates by State


With its mild temperatures in the usually colder half of the year, Alabama is a beloved destination for RVers who never want the camping season to end. In the summer, it can get quite balmy and humid, so you’ll want to camp with hookups.

Here’s what it costs to do it.

  • Logan Landing RV & Cabin Resort in Alpine – $55 daily, $295 weekly, $550 monthly + a $200 electric deposit
  • Eagle’s Landing RV Park in Auburn – $35 to $50 daily, $185 to $220 weekly, $460 to $525 monthly, and $3,750 to $4,450 annually
  • Sun Outdoors Orange Beach Resort – $64 a night


If you want to see stunning wildlife up close and personal, then there may be no better state for RVing than Alaska. With more than 3,000 lakes, eight national parks, and two national forests, you can get lost here for weeks!

Let’s look at what you’ll pay to stay.

  • Reel ‘Em Inn in Ninilchik – $115 for a trailer or cabin with two people, $39 for three people in an RV with hookups, $216 for RVs to stay for the week, and $750 for the month


Most people who roll through Arizona in their RVs are there to check out Saguaro National Park, Petrified Forest National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, or perhaps all three. You can also witness national recreation areas, historic sites, and monuments.

Let’s look at the cost of Arizona RV lodging.

  • De Anza RV Resort in Amado – $45 to $58 daily, $270 to $350 weekly, and $700 to $925 monthly plus electric
  • Golden Valley RV Park in Golden Valley – $30 a night (with free cable TV and Wi-Fi), $175 a week for two (cable and Wi-Fi), and $300 a month for two (with sewer, water, electricity, and free cable and Wi-Fi)


The Golden State of California is a must-see destination for many an RVer since it contains six state parks and more than 15 national forests. You can see Yosemite National Park and Kings Canyon National Park with your own two eyes, which is absolutely a treat.

Let’s take a closer look at California RV campground rates. 

  • Bella Vista by the Sea in Cayucos – $59 to $90 per day and $354 to $468 per week
  • North Shore Campground in Chester – $50 to $60 for up to six people
  • Carpinteria State Beach Campground – $60 for no hookups and $70 a night for partial/full hookups


The breathtaking beauty of Colorado with its assortment of rivers, mountains, plains, and canyons is enough to entice anyone to stop for a while and spend some time here. 

Make some time to see the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, oh, and Rocky Mountain National Park Too.

Here’s what you’ll pay for parking your RV. 

  • Indian Springs Ranch in Penrose – $50 per night
  • Diamond Campground & RV Park in Woodland Park – $48 to $56 per night 


When summer ends, Connecticut comes alive with rich, autumnal colors that must be seen to be believed. You can also find oceanic bodies and stunning landscapes. 

Let’s discuss what you might spend on RV lodging. 

  • Aces High RV Park in East Lyme – $85 to $95 a night on weekends and $15 per extra night


Do you like trails? There are plenty of them in Delaware, including the Delaware Geocaching Trail, the Delaware History Trail, and the Delaware Wine and Ale Trail (yes, that last one is really a thing!).

Between that and the 17 state parks, you’ll love Delaware. You might love the campground prices too. 

  • Big Oaks Family Campground in Rehoboth Beach – $50 a night and $340 a week
  • Lost Lands RV Park in Fenwick Island – $4,100 for a season (April 29th through October 2nd)


Down the coast where summer never ends, Florida has its fair share of campgrounds that welcome RVers all year long. Besides the gorgeous beaches, you can also drink in the sights at three national parks. 

Here’s how much an RV campground stay costs in Florida. 

  • Hart Springs RV Park and Campground in Bell – $35 a day, $180 to $210 a week, and $400 to $475 a month
  • Florilow Oaks in Bushnell – $26.75 per day with electric, water, and Wi-Fi or $34.34 per day with a full hookup
  • Santa Rosa RV Resort (privately owned)- $130 a night, includes full ups, pool, laundry facility, dog park, kids playground. Located on the gulf.


Another state with very mild winters is Georgia, so feel free to take a getaway in your RV when you’re tired of the cold. In the summer, temps are hot and humid, which makes it perfect beach weather!

Let’s take a look at what you might pay to stay. 

  • Heritage Mobile Home & RV Park in Augusta – $50 to $60 per day, $300 per week, and $525 to $650 a month


Yellowstone National Park bleeds into Idaho, which is one reason to put this humble state on your must-see list immediately. You can also visit more than 20 state parks, so be sure to fill up your itinerary with sights!

Let’s review what the campground rates are for RVs. 

  • Village of Trees RV Resort in Declo – $32 a night and $440 a month
  • Bear Den RV Resort in Grangeville – $43 to $46 a night and $500 a month plus electric


If you’ve never had the pleasure of witnessing Lake Michigan for yourself, change that by routing your RV for a few days in Illinois.  You can also check out historical sights and plenty of natural beauty during your trip.

Here’s what you may pay for campground lodging. 

  • Troll Hollow Campground in Marseilles – $40 per day, $240 per week, and $780 per month


In Indiana, you’ll find the Patoka River National Wildlife Refuge, the Muscatatuck National Wildlife Refuge, and the Big Oaks National Wildlife Refuge. More so than that, you can also enjoy scenic byways and many stunning lakes.

The cost of lodging is as follows. 

  • Blue Lake Resort in Churubusco – $25 to $49 per night
  • Wolfe’s Leisure Time Campground in Lafayette – $25 to $42 a night and $135 to $250 a week


History lovers won’t want to miss the chance to drive through Iowa and see museums and historic sites aplenty. Vinos should make it a point to check out the 70+ wineries scattered throughout the state.

RV campground lodging prices vary, as seen below. 

  • 3 Fingers Campground & RV Resort in Forest City – $1,700 to $2,100 for the season
  • On-Ur-Wa RV Park in Onawa – $38 to $41 a night


Kansas is home to the Prairie Spirit Trail, which is more than 51 miles and is designed for hikers and bikers alike. Also featured in this state are the Comanche National Grasslands, the San Isabel National Forests Cimarron, and the Cimarron National Grasslands.

Here are your lodging options for parking your RV. 

  • Lakeside Recreational Park in Abilene – $40 a night
  • Cottonwood Grove RV Campground in Hesston – $35 a night, $175 a week with utilities, and $450 a month with utilities 


Mammoth Cave National Park is among one of Kentucky’s biggest attractions. At the very least, you’ll appreciate the temperate weather this state is known for. You and the family are sure to have a great time!

Here is what you could pay to stay at a Kentucky campground in your RV.

  • Westgate RV Campground in London – $37.45 a night


Boasting more than 20 state parks, Louisiana is a southern state with a lot of charm. The Kisatchie National Forest is most people’s favorite, but you should try to visit as many of the state parks as time allows to choose your own favorite!

Try resting your head for the night here. 

  • Maxie’s Campground in Broussard – $35 to $39 a night, $175 to $185 a week, and $425 to $475 a month 


Known also as Vacationland, you can kick back and relax when you plan a few days of your RV stay in Maine. From national parks to museums, state parks, and beaches, you might not want to leave!

Maine offers the following RV campground options. 

  • Cupsuptic Campground in Adamstown – $30 to $55
  • Paul Bunyon Campground in Bangor – $29 to $49 a night and $174 to $294 a week


Maryland offers such a rich variety of sights for RVers. You can visit the Appalachian Trail, the Assateague Island National Seashore, the Monocacy National Battlefield, the Antietam National Battlefield, or any of the state parks here. 

Paying to stay at a campground in Maryland should slot nicely into your budget. 

  • Cherry Hill RV Park in College Park – $70 a day


If you love beaches, then Massachusetts has got to be on your travel itinerary. You can visit Cape Cod, South Shore, or North Shore. Plus, the forests here are dazzling, especially when the foliage changes in the fall.

Here are the lodging costs of staying at a campground in your RV. 

  • Laurel Ridge Camping Area in Blandford – $42 a night, $252 a week, and $752 a month
  • Ellis Haven Campground in Plymouth – $62 to $75


With three national forests, eight national wildlife refuges, and Great Lakes on nearly every side, Michigan calls out to nature lovers. You’re close to Lake Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Huron, and Lake Erie!

Plan your trip to Michigan in an RV with the following campground prices. 

  • Way-Back-In Campground in Jonesville – $27 to $55 a night


The famed Chippewa National Forest is Minnesota’s claim to fame for RVers, but with more than 50 state parks throughout, you’re free to explore any and every other one you wish. The lakes here are also extremely plentiful.

Minnesota RV campground rates are as follows. 

  • Prairie Lake Campground and RV Park in Grand Rapids – $37 to $43 a night


The great state of Mississippi in the south has more than 20 state parks and lots of beaches, including the Gulf Islands National Seashore. You should certainly plan to spend a couple of days in this state as you travel in your RV!

Here’s how much you’ll spend staying at a campground. 

  • Cajun RV Park in Biloxi – $55 per day, $320 per week, and $750 per month
  • Benchmark RV Park in Meridian – $32 per night 


The Ozark Mountains in Missouri are such a cool sight, and you can get some good fishing done in the many lakes this state is known for. Plus, you’ll finally get to witness the famous St. Louis Arch firsthand!

Let’s look at the prices for lodging here.  

  • Osage Prairie RV Park in Nevada – $38 to $44 per night and $228 to $264 per week 


A mountainous and beautiful state, Montana features the Little Bighorn National Monument, Yellowstone, and Glacier National Park. If that’s not enough reason to plan a trip, then we don’t know what is!

Montana has many campgrounds. Here are the rates for some.  

  • Fairmont RV Resort in Anaconda – $56 to $66 per night
  • Osens Park and Campground in Livingston – $52 to $64 per night, $314 to $406 per week 


From the Southeast Nebraska Winery Trail and the Heart of Nebraska Wine Trail to the scenic byways, 40 state parks, national historic trails, and two national forests, you will not run out of things to do if you visit Nebraska.

Here’s what you could pay for lodging. 

  • Prairie Oasis RV Park in Henderson – $43 to $47 per night 

New Hampshire

New Hampshire is also home to plenty of natural wonders, including the White Mountains, the Lakes Region, and beaches. No matter the time of year you’re coming through in your RV, you’ll want to put New Hampshire at the top of your must-see list!

Let’s look at what campground prices are in this state. 

  • Newfound RV Park in Bridgewater – $45 to $70 per night
  • Lake Forest RV Resort in East Wakefield – $63 per night, $425 per week, and $1,600 to $1,700 per month 

New Jersey

New Jersey might be densely populated, but there is still plenty of room for 50 state parks, the New Jersey Pinelands National Reserve, and the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. 

If you’re planning to stay at a campground in your RV, be prepared for these prices. 

  • Pomona RV Park & Campground in Pomona – $4,300 for the season

New Mexico

Experiencing Roswell for yourself is something that you have to do if you’re close to New Mexico on your RV adventures. You can also visit Carlsbad Caverns National Park as well as the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum while you’re there!

Your lodging fees may be as follows when you park your RV in New Mexico. 

  • Rusty’s RV Ranch in Rodeo – $32 per night, $165 per week, and $346 per month 

New York

Most people only think of New York as New York City, but this east-coast state has so much more to offer. You can also witness Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Niagara Falls, and the much-beloved Lake George during your trip to New York.

Here is what you might spend on a campground here.

  • Saratoga RV Park in Gansevoort – $625 to $925 per month
  • Arrowhead Marina & RV Park in Glenville – $55 per month, $270 per week, and $850 per month

North Carolina

From the Outer Banks to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park (which North Carolina shares with Tennessee), North Carolina is a state that brings in its fair share of tourists each and every year. With so many great sights and destinations, it’s easy to see why!

If you’re staying at a North Carolina RV campground, you might pay the following rates. 

  • Hominy Valley RV Park in Candler – $40 per night 

North Dakota

North Dakota has more than 20 state parks as well as many preserves and recreation areas. You can also check out Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and we recommend it!

Here’s what you’ll pay to stay in North Dakota in your RV. 

  • Sheyenne Oaks Horse Camp and RV Park in Leonard – $25 per night


With more than 50 state parks, a huge chunk of Lake Erie within its borders (312 miles of it), the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and the Ohio River, the great state of Ohio is a wonderful spot to visit in your RV.

You’ll pay the following rates to camp out. 

  • Berlin RV Park and Campground in Berlin – $48 per night 
  • River Trail Crossing Campground in Butler – $28 to $45 per night 


Here are some fun facts about Oklahoma. You can find more than 50 state parks, four scenic byways, and nine national wildlife refuges. The state also features the Tallgrass Prairie Reserve and the Ouachita National Forest. 

Lodging in Oklahoma in your RV? Here’s what you’ll pay. 

  • Cedar’s Edge RV Resort in Andmore – $45 per night
  • Onapa RV Park in Checotah – $30 per night and $150 per week 


The Cascade Mountains is the biggest attraction in Oregon but it’s far from the only one. You and your family or friends can also visit Crater Lake National Park and 11 national forests. You won’t be bored!

The average RV campground rates in Oregon are as follows. 

  • Holiday Farm RV Resort in Blue River – $45 per night


Far removed from the city life of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania also has cozy natural nooks such as part of the Appalachian Trail and the Allegheny National Forest. Plus, you can check out dozens of state parks and stay at many campgrounds.

Here’s what you’ll pay to do that. 

  • Tri-State RV Park in Matamoras – $49 per night with Wi-Fi, sewer, electric, and water
  • Western Village RV Park in Carlisle – $50 to $60 per night 

South Carolina

Boasting nearly 50 state parks, about 400 golf courses, and cities that attract millions, if you haven’t seen South Carolina yet, what are you waiting for? Get in your RV, pack up your stuff, and get moving. 

Here’s what awaits you when you get there. 

  • Lake Aire RV Park & Campground in Hollywood – $50 to $58 per night
  • Pirateland Family Camping Resort at Myrtle Beach – $95 per night

South Dakota

Don’t just look at photos of Mount Rushmore when you can see it for yourself when RVing in South Dakota. This state also features the Wind Cave National Park as well as the Badlands National Park. 

Campground costs in South Dakota are as follows. 

  • Whistler Gulch RV Park and Campground in Deadwood – $55 per night


Besides its half of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee also features the Cherokee National Forest, a good chunk of the Appalachian Trail (that’s 287.9 miles in all), and plenty of national parks.

Here’s what you’ll pay to stay at a campground here. 

  • Mountain Glen RV Park in Pikeville – $39 per night, $230 per week, and $450 per month
  • Cove Creek RV Resort in Sevierville – $30 per night 
  • Henry Horton State Park – $40 per night


Everything is bigger in Texas, so see it for yourself in your RV! You can visit historic sights, forests, parks, museums, and plenty more. We hope you have room in your itinerary.

If you’re thinking of camping out in Texas, you’ll pay the following costs for a campground stay. 

  • Colorado Landing RV Park in La Grange – $50 per night, $250 per week, and $450 per month plus electric
  • Barefoot Camp and RV Park in Bend – $25 per night, $160 per week, and $600 per month 


Utah has plenty of state parks and national parks, with more than 50 totally private campgrounds. You’ll be living in the lap of luxury for the duration of your stay here.

Let’s look at the costs for these campground amenities. 

  • Zion West RV Park in Leeds – $45 per night, $290 per week, and $610 per month 


With 100 private campgrounds (and counting) as well as the Chesapeake Bay and Newport Beach, is it any wonder why so many people visit Virginia each year? You should plan a trip there yourself in your RV and stay at a campground.

Here’s what it would cost you. 

  • Ponderosa RV Park in Richmond – $200 per week and $600 per month 


You’ll have plenty to do when you drive through Washington in your RV, as this state features national wildlife refuges, protected wildernesses, 50 federally protected national forests, and three national parks. 

Planning to stay for a while? Here are some campground costs. 

  • Bellingham RV Park in Bellingham – $53 per night
  • North Whidbey RV Park in Oak Harbor – $50 to $60 per night 


Wisconsin offers plenty, including four rivers, the Wisconsin Dells, the Apostle Islands National Lake Shore, the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest, and eight national wildlife refuges. Whew! You can do a lot more than eat cheese here.

Staying at a Wisconsin campground in your RV costs the following. 

  • Stoney Creek RV Resort in Osseo – $25 per night 


Finally, there’s Wyoming, which boasts nearly 30 state parks with hatcheries, wildlife refuges, national parkways, historic trails, national recreation areas, and more. You can take in nature like never before.

Let’s look at the costs of RV campgrounds in this state. 

  • Philips RV Park in Evanston – $34 to $39 per night

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Final Thoughts

There you have it, the average RV campground rates for nearly every state across the country. Now you can plan your travel itinerary and your budget with confidence! 

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