Average Cost of Getting a Bass Boat Shrink Wrapped for the Winter

You have probably heard that you need to shrink wrap your boat for the winter. This is very true, as it will prolong the life of your boat. But, you also may be wondering how exactly this process will cost you. Here I will break down what exactly getting your bass boat shrink wrapped will cost you.

The range you can expect the price to land in or around is $10-$30 dollars per square foot. It’s hard to find a clear average cost for getting a boat shrink wrapped because of the many circumstances that affect the price, such as the location and size of the boat.

So what exactly are some of those circumstances that can affect the price you have to pay so greatly? I have broken down that and several other questions about this shrink wrapping deal. If you’re curious about what exactly your bass boat will cost you, then read on!

Pricing Examples

There are many options for getting a boat shrink wrapped. There are many different companies and options, which can be a bit overwhelming. Here I have collected a selection and variety of different examples of these options to help you narrow down your search.

For example, some of the options there are for shrink wrapping a boat are as follows.

  • Boatyard
  • Small businesses
  • Mobile shrink wrappers
  • DIY

Because there are so many options though, that means there are also more scams. It is crucial when looking for who to go with for shrink wrapping that you check their credentials and insurance. If a quack is wrapping your boat there are a lot of things that could go wrong, especially when they’re using such a hot gun.

For one example of the pricing that a mobile shrink wrapper charges we can take a look at Dyck’s Mobile Shrink Wrap. This is a great small business that has a fair price. They offer both wrappings on dry land when the boat is already out of the water, but they also offer to lift the boat out of the water if you don’t have a way to, but this of course adds a hefty price.

Boat Wrap under 27ft$14/ft
Boat Wrap over 27ft$16/ft

These prices are for boats that are on dry land. For boats anywhere from 18 to 27 ft, there is an additional charge of $120 dollars to pull the boat out. As for boats larger than 27 ft the additional cost is $140.

With shrink wrapping, there is a chance that moisture can be trapped inside the shrink wrap, so people are encouraged to insert vents of such into the shrink wrap. Dyck’s Mobile Shrink Wrap costs extra for these added features to the shrink wrap, as most do.

Zipper Door$40.00
Solar Powered Vent$30.00
Wind-Powered Vent$10.00
Boat Unwrap$2/linear ft
Mold Protection Spray Down (under 27 ft.)$50.00

While one mobile shrink wrapper stated that they charge people the cost of traveling to their location. If you can find one that is close around you, their prices are decent and you avoid the travel cost.

Another mobile company that shrink-wraps boats is the Mobile Marine Service. They give you the different prices right there on their website, which really helps when trying to compare different companies while trying to find the right one for you.

boats under 20 ft$10/ft + travel time
boats 20 ft to 26 ft$11-$12 depending on framing and supports
+ Travel time
boats over 26 fttime and materials + travel time (they will beat
any lower price)
wrap removal and
recycle up to 30 ft
$60 + travel time

Things That Will Affect Price

As previously stated, there are a couple of things that can greatly affect the price you end up paying on getting a boat shrink wrapped. Surprisingly those things can seem as small and meaningless as it comes, but each shrink wrapping professional has a specific was of doing things so that they’re done the way he wants. One company charges $5 extra if the hull is painted. You wouldn’t think that that is a concern, but when shrink wrapping, everything becomes a concern.

Scott’s Boat Service also states that they will not shrink wrap boats that might have some extra problems. Their site states the following.

“Scott’s Boat Service Does not shrink wrap boats stored in the water or sailboats with stepped masts.”

There also many normal everyday things that can affect the price. One of those is the location of both you and the person willing to shrink wrap your boat. Some people even fly or drive out a car for the person and their shrink wrap material. This, of course, can add a lot to the price.

As you saw earlier in the post, there are many different companies and businesses that shrink wrap. For each of these companies, there will be a different base price as well as different extra fees and costs. While this is annoying, as it requires a lot of research to find the best deal, it makes sense because there are so many different calculations and circumstances that have to be taken into the equation.

Also, as seen earlier, different sized boats have different prices. Larger boats are often a bit more expensive just because it’s hard to maneuver around the boat. It’s also more expensive because more material is required and the work is harder for a bigger boat. The pivot size though isn’t always 27 feet as it was with Dyck’s Mobile Shrink Wrap.

Different boats come in different shapes and sizes. Each of these center consoles or sails or what-be-it can affect the price as well. Luckily with bass boats, there aren’t many protruding pieces of the ship, such as beams or t-tops, to make the job of shrink wrapping harder. The only part that could cause a problem is the boat’s outboard, but the professionals cover it.

Professional or DIY?

There are many options for shrink wrapping a boat but the two main options are professional or DIY. Surprisingly it is quite a controversial topic.

When going the professional route, it is crucial that there extensive research and price comparing is going on before one is chosen. And while it can be expensive to look at the pricing that these companies charge can be stressful, it is better to do what is better for the boat. With such a hot gun that seals the wrap on and the countless other potentially dangerous tools, it is better to get the professionals on the job.

Shrink wrapping your boat on your own can be extremely difficult just because of how much effort, time, hands, and money that it requires. Many suggest to leave it to the pros, but others claim that DIY is the way to go. But unless you’re going to have a bunch of time on your free hands and dedicate it all to shrink-wrapping your boat it will be a bit of drag, as well as a financial earthquake.

What You Will Need to DIY

  • heat shrink gun
  • shrink wrap (Dr. Shrink has a great variety and range of prices)
  • vents
  • zipper door
  • strapping
  • vertical supports
  • shrink-wrap knife
  • tape
  • adhesive spray
  • protective gloves

The heat shrink guns can become astronomically expensive, so costing a good $400 to $800. Then add on the amount of shrink wrap you’ll need that that could possibly double the price already. Not to mention the many other supplies needed. While you can rent a heat shrink gun from certain companies, the price of everything else adds up, and it just doesn’t make sense to take the more expensive option.

Looking past the financial problem with DIY, there are safety issues as well. It can be dangerous for an amateur to wield the heat shrink gun as it gets so hot. This can potentially cause damage to the boat, to the user or other people around.

DIY is usually only a good option if there are many shareholders of the boat willing to go in on the price and actually help with the act of shrink wrapping, it is better to pay someone else to do it.

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