9 Perfect Sledding Spots In And Around Queens

It is no secret that New York City has some of the most beautiful public parks in the world. These parks become perfect places to sled once the snow falls!

There are 7 parks within Queens and 2 parks outside of the Queens area that offer some of the best sledding in NYC. These perfect sledding spots are sure to allow you to unwind from the hustle and bustle of city life and they are guaranteed to make memories for you and your kids that will last a lifetime. So get out there are try several of these sledding hills in your area!

1. Kissena Park


Kissena Blvd and, Booth Memorial Ave, Fresh Meadows, NY 11365

Kissena Park is located in the East Flushing/Fresh Meadows area of Queens. The park is located in the cross-streets of Booth Memorial Ave., Kissena Blvd., and 164th St.


Open daily from 6 am to 9 pm.

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When a good snowstorm blows in, this is the location to check out for great sledding. Kissena Park offers an awesome sledding hill that is located just east of the main lake in the park.

The hill is big enough to for you and your kids to have an enjoyable and thrilling ride.

One of the perks of going to this park is that it is usually not as crowded as the other ones in Queens. It makes for a great alternative to the other sledding hills that don’t offer a lot of space or seclusion. In addition to that, this park also offers year-round access to a bathroom near the sledding hill.

You can rest assured that you won’t have to panic when your kiddos inevitably end up having to go to the bathroom. The bathroom is located on the northeast edge of the park, near Oak Avenue.

Additional Things to Know

Kissena Park also offers many other amenities that are perfect for when the snow isn’t falling. The park has a public golf course, playgrounds, baseball diamonds, tennis courts, handball courts, fishing areas, and much more.

So, get out there and try and this sledding hill and if there is no snow to sled on, try one of these many other activities that the park offers.

2. Astoria Park


19 19th St, Queens, NY 11105

Astoria Park is almost located right in the heart of Queens. You can find the park between Shore Boulevard off Ditmars Boulevard.


Everyday for 6 am to 9 pm.

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This park can definitely be considered a local favorite, especially because it is convenient and has good sledding. Astoria Park is quite large (60-acres) and offers a number of hills that are absolutely worth trying out.

These hills are perfect for both kids and adults alike and provide a relaxing, yet enjoyable ride.

Astoria Park offers some insanely good views that you will enjoy as you are sledding. The park is located at the edge of East River and offers breathtaking shoreline views and immersive shoreline sounds. As you fly up and down the various hills, you will be amazed at how good of a view you have of the city.

Midtown Manhattan is fully visible along with the Hells Gate Channel. Be sure to bring a camera so that you can get some memorable shots of your kids sledding and of the scenic city backdrop.

“I love astoria park PERIOD. From a great jog down to scenic views of the triboro. Grew up in this neighborhood. It kept getting better and better”

Aijo Arai

Additional Things to Know

Due to this being such a popular area for sledding, it can get a little bit crowded. If you want a less crowded sledding experience, I suggest arriving early in the morning before the crowds move in.

Astoria Park is also known for its large pool. In the summertime, the pool is open for public use and is the oldest pool in the city. There are also bathrooms located near the playground at Shore Boulevard (opposite of 23rd Road).

The park also offers tennis courts, a track, stages, trails, a skate park, basketball courts, playgrounds, and various other amenities that are worth checking out.

3. Crocheron Park


214-41 34th Ave, Bayside, NY 11361

Crocheron Park is located in the Bayside/Little Neck area of Queens off of 35th Avenue and Cross Island Parkway. The best sledding hills are located near 35th Avenue near 216th Street.


Everyday from 6 am to 9 pm.

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This perfect sledding spot offers a variety of sledding hills to choose from. Some of the hills in the park are quite steep, whereas some are more leveled and suitable for kids.

Crocheron Park’s location makes it perfect for sight-seeing while sledding. You can glimpse great views of Little Neck Bay and there is a beautiful pond in the park that is worth checking out.

This park is dog-friendly, so be sure to bring your four-legged friends sledding as well.

After a long day of sledding, you can unwind by going out for some coffee and doughnuts at Dunkin’ Doughnuts. There is a location right up the road from Crocheron Park, off of Bell Boulevard and 35th Avenue.

Additional Things to Know

Crocheron Park also offers many areas for other activities besides sledding. There are basketball courts, a baseball diamond, tennis courts, a playground, and much more.

For additional information on what this park offers you can visit the NYC Government Park web page.

4. Bowne Park


29th Ave. & 157th St, Flushing, NY 11354

Bowne Park is located in the Flushing section of Queens in a square area between 28th Avenue, 159th Street, 32nd Avenue, and 155th Street. The main sledding hill is located on the 155th street and 32nd Avenue side of the park.


Open everyday from 6 am to 9 pm.

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This park may be smaller, but it offers some great sledding runs. There is a sledding hill that is sure to occupy your kids for hours as they bomb down it over and over.

One good thing about this sledding spot is that it offers year-round bathrooms right by the sledding hill.

In addition to this park being a stellar sledding area, it is also a great area for snow activities in general. You and your kids can relax on a snow day by building snowmen or even by having a good old-fashioned snowball fight. There are also various picnic areas that you can use to take a break and enjoy the scenery.

Bowne Park also offers a bocce court, playgrounds, basketball courts, and much more.

Additional Things to Know

Like most parks in New York City, there is a unique history behind Bowne Park. The park itself is named after Walter Bowne who served as a state senator and as the mayor in the 1800s. His summer residence was located on this property but was turned into a park in his honor after his death.

5. Forest Park


Myrtle Ave, Woodhaven, NY 11421

Forest Park is located in the Kew Gardens and Forest Hills area of Queens. It is easily accessible for those who live in the Glendale, Richmond Hill, and Woodhaven neighborhoods. The best sledding hills are found by the Mary Whelan Playground at 79th Street and Park Lane.


Daily from 6 am to 9 pm.

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Forest Park has plenty of sledding hills to choose from. It is the third largest park in Queens and is a great sled spot for kids. There are two main sledding areas, one is is by the Mary Whelan Playground and the other is in the Forest Park Golf Course.

Sledding in the golf course is technically not allowed, but many people do it anyway. The sledding hill at the golf course is much more thrilling for those that are older and seeking a more of an intense ride.

The hills are steeper and offer a fast slide to the bottom.

Both the Mary Whelan Playground and the golf course sledding spots are fairly popular and get crowded on a good snow day. This park is a must-try location for winter fun and is a wonderful spot to enjoy the snow in the city.

One of the main reasons why this park is so conducive for sledding is because of its long history. The hills in the park were created 20,000 years ago by a glacier that moved through the area. It’s pretty neat that you can literally say that you are sledding on hills that were carved out by a glacier!

Additional Things to Know

Forest Park offers some great amenities including BBQ areas, baseball fields, basketball courts, 7 bathrooms locations, trails, dog-friendly areas, horseback trails, volleyball courts, and much more. I would suggest reading more about this amazing park and its history so that you can plan for a day of fun in it.

6. Lower Highland Park


Jackie Robinson Pkwy, Brooklyn, NY 11208

This sledding spot is located in the Cypress Hills area and straddles both Brooklyn and Queens. You can find the park off of Jamaica Avenue and Elton Street.


Daily from 6 am to 9 pm.

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Lower Highland Park is an ideal sledding spot because it is located on a plateau. This means that there are great hills because of the geography of the land. There are various enjoyable hills to choose from that provide a perfect sledding experience.

This sledding spot is unique because every once in a while (usually dependent on snowfall) the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation will host a “Snow Day Sleigh-Riding Fest” at this park. This festival includes organized snow activities such as snowman building and snowball fights.

In addition to that, there is usually free music and hot chocolate. In order to find out if and when the “Snow Day” festival is being held, visit the NYC Parks and Recreation website.

Additional Things to Know

Highland Park also offers BBQ areas, fitness equipment, playgrounds, bathrooms, soccer fields, and much more. Additionally, there is a reservoir located in the park that is home to more than 151 species of birds, thus making this park a great area for birdwatchers (even in the winter months).

The park is pretty big and there is a lot of beautiful areas to explore.

7. Juniper Valley Park


80th St., Juniper Blvd. N, Juniper Blvd. S, Middle Village, NY 11379

This magnificent park is located in the Juniper Valley area of Queens. The best sledding hills are located near 78th Street and at 75th Street near the tennis building.


Daily form 6 am to 9 pm.

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Juniper Valley Park is one of Queens’ most popular parks. The sledding hills are likely to be teeming with people but are worth it when it comes to enjoying the snow. The wide hills at this park offer short, fast runs that are sure to put a smile on both you are your kid’s faces.

Another great thing about Juniper Valley Park is that its sledding hills are wide open. They are free from obstacles and hazards like trees, rocks, and cars.

This makes for a smooth and relaxing ride down the hill.

When you go, be sure to watch out for jumps. Lots of people like to carve out jumps in the hill so that they can get some air.

Additional Things to Know

This perfect sledding spot has two bathrooms that are open year-round for public use. One is located by the playground at 62nd Avenue and 80th Street. The other is in the park at by Lutheran Avenue.

8. Hillside Park (Brooklyn)


4 Vine St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Hillside Park is located in Brooklyn and is a 20-minute drive or an hour metro commute from Queens. The park is triangular and can be found between Vine Street, Columbia Heights, and the Brooklyn Queens Expressway.


Open daily from 6 am to 1 am.

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If you assumed that a park with the name “Hillside” in it would be a great place to sled, you assumed correctly. There are many respectable slopes to be found in this small park.

The sledding hills are wide-open and provide lots of room to fly slide down and have a good time. Also, you don’t have to worry about stopping at the bottom of the hill because there is a flat area that gives you ample space to slowly stop.

Additional Thing to Know

Not only is this park popular amongst sledders, but it is also a popular place for dog owners to bring their dogs. Hillside Park is technically a dog park, but it is often used as a regular park.

9. Crotona Park (Bronx)


1700 Crotona Ave, The Bronx, NY 10457

Crotona Park is located in The Bronx right across the river from Queens. It is about a 25 to 30-minute drive and takes about an hour to get there if you want to use the city subway and metro.

The best sledding slope is located behind baseball field #3 at Fulton Avenue and the Cross Bronx Expressway.


Daily from 7 am to 10 pm.

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Like many of the other parks mentioned, Crotona Park is perfect for sledder of all ages. Its hills offer fun-filled rides that both adults and children can enjoy.

In addition to that, Crotona Park is the official NYC Snow Day Destination. This means that you will find organized recreational activities such as snowman-building contests, snowball fights, complimentary hot chocolate, and even sleds that you can borrow.

It is suggested that you call 311 to find out when the program is in effect.

Additional Things to Know

This park tends to be a favorite among naturalists and is well-known for its variety of different tree species that grow there. In addition to that, there is a beautiful 3.3-acre lake that makes for great wildlife watching and picture taking.

Be Safe and Have Fun

Now that you have 9 different parks in or near Queens to choose from, your sledding season should be full of adventure. Always remember to dress warm, stay fully hydrated, and practice safe sledding. Most importantly get out there and have fun!

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