9 Best Paramotors for Beginners that are Inexpensive and Reliable

If you’re a beginner when it comes to paramotors, it’s understandable that you won’t know where to start when purchasing a paramotor. There are a lot of paramotors out there and most manufacturers will say they have the best.

Here are 9 paramotors which are great beginning motors:

  1. Nitro 200
  2. Miniplane Top 80
  3. Parajet Zenith
  4. The Maverick
  5. Volution 3
  6. The Falco
  7. Scout One
  8. Scout NXT Adventure
  9. Vittorazi Moster 185*

If you want a paramotor that is inexpensive and reliable, consult your trainer- if you have one. Most paramotor training academies want their students to be safe, so they’ll always suggest the best beginning motor.

They are also very experienced in choosing the best and most reliable motor for themselves. They know what they are talking about.

However, if you do not have a trainer, here are some of the most popularly used motors. There are different models and upgrades depending on what brand it is.

Now many people point at this list and raise an eyebrow at the fact that none of these are used. Paramotoring is an extreme sport that is also very pricey, and it really isn’t a good idea to get started on a budget. That being said, you can find plenty of used paramotors that are in great condition, but be really careful where you put your trust in. You might get some really old equipment that you are going to put your life on the line with.

Nitro 200

This is a great motor! Super reliable. This motor is very light. It’s about 55 lbs with fuel inside. (without fuel it’s about 42-45 lbs.)  Well-maintained, this motor can last about 175 hours without a hiccup. This does not guarantee that your motor will last that long, but it’s possible.

The Nitro 200 has a weight limit of about 230 lbs. Even though it could probably hold more than that, the quality of your flight will go down if you go any heavier.

This motor is a great starter because it’s not only lightweight, but it has good thrust as well; depending on the model, that is.

Note: Any new motor is going to cost around $7000-$9000. The wings cost around $3000-$4000 new.

Various Models of the Nitro 200

The New Nitro 200

  • Cost (New) : $6,795
  • Thrust: 165 lb
  • Engine weight: 25 lb
  • Total machine weight: 42 lb

Nitro 200 “Delta” Magnesium Chassis

The “Delta” has similar characteristics to the New Nitro with just a few adjustments and features. It is still lightweight, but the materials used to build it are just a bit different.

Something to remember is that the aircraft you purchase needs to be suited to your weight, height, and your level of strength. If you are a large man, you’ll need something with a bit more thrust.

If you are a smaller person, you’ll need something lighter with a gentle thrust. While these models are great models, it will all depend on what you are able to handle.

“This magnesium frame is stiffer and stronger than aircraft grade aluminum, while designed to meet the budget minded pilot who still enjoys a reliable and high power to weight ratio machine that is both aesthetic and ergonomic. “

  • Cost (New): $7150-$8050
  • Engine weight: 44-47 lbs
  • (Other measurements are about the same as the New Nitro)

Nitro 200 Titanium “Race V2” Chassis

This is going to look pretty similar to the “Delta”. There will be a few changes in weight and cost, but it’s relatively the same. It’s important to take into account the difference in engine weight.

Remember, weight is important because some people are stronger than others and more fit. The ratio for your weight and strength should be able to handle whatever paramotor you’re handling.

Upon landing it will be difficult to keep you’re footing if your motor is too heavy.

  • Cost (New): $7945-$8745
  • Engine weight: 42-45.5 lbs
  • (Other measurements are about the same as the New Nitro)

“…[has]…contoured motor mount bars for better comfort and less vibration transfer, better geometry, stronger and simpler mounting of the swingarm bars, and increased propeller safety margins.”


Miniplane Top 80

This motor is very lightweight which means it great for those who can’t carry as much. Walking around with it on your back is a breeze and makes taking off pretty easy.

Note: If a used motor is being sold for less than half the market price, you’re probably losing some quality. Don’t buy a wing for less than $1500 or a motor for less than $4000.

  • Cost (New): about $5200
  • Engine weight: 39.5 lbs
  • Thrust: 128 lbs

The Miniplane Top 80 is a pretty reliable model. It will last you a long time with the proper maintenance. It is a relatively popular model for its low vibration and fuel efficiency. Its parts are also easily accessible.

Parajet Zenith

The great thing about the Zenith is that it is very transportable. It is much lighter than the Volution 3 and features a full CNC machined frame.

There are no handmade parts on the Zenith. It is all done by a machine which is good because it ensures safety and precision.

  • Cost (New): $4,575.00 – $9,300.0
  • Fuel capacity: 12.5 L (3-3.5hrs)

You can dismantle it just enough to fit into your car, or you can dismantle it completely without the use of any tools.

The good thing about that is that when you travel you can distribute it within several suitcases to suit the airplane travel specifications. So, it’s great for travel.

An example of these great features is if you were to bend or break any pieces, (as long as you have a spare) you can easily replace them on the field because there is no need for any tools

The Maverick

The assembly for this paramotor is simple. The frame is very rigid and tough despite being a little thinner than you’ll usually see.

The frame is made out of titanium which looks really good. Take note that the manufacturer says that this model is for those at an intermediate level.

However, it’s here in this list because of how great of a model it is. You also have the choice of an engine which changes whether it’s intermediate or not.

  • Cost (New): $8,125
  • Fuel capacity: 10 L (2-2.5hrs)
  • Engine weight: 54 lbs

It’s important to take into account the many different makes and models of paramotors when making your choice. All of the paramotors which have been mentioned are not only sold by their manufacturers but are also sold second hand.

It’s good to consider buying secondhand as the paramotor has already been broken in and will be easier to learn on for a beginner. It’s only worth buying a new one if you are an experienced pilot.

Note: The Maverick is one of the highest quality paramotors you can purchase and it flies like a dream.

For current price of the Maverick Paramotor click here.

The Volution 3

This one is really strong, so keep that in mind when you are searching for a paramotor to purchase. It’s a great beginner because of this because it can handle a lot of big impacts.

  • Cost (New): $4,328
  • Fuel capacity: 14 L (3-3.5hrs)
  • Engine weight: 66 lbs

It’s not very light so that might be an issue. However, some say that it is good to start out with a motor which is heavier to gain strength in your legs. You’ll find that when you switch motors you are more capable of flying than before because the engine isn’t as heavy.

For current price and availability of the Volution 3 click here.

The Falco

The Falco is unique from the others because it has wheels. There is also an option for there to have two seats instead of one. The Falco is a trike, and although it is expensive, $3,150 it is worth purchasing.

You might find it harder to fly with two people rather than one, but this is a good option if you don’t mind flying with another person- or you would like to go up with someone.

It might be a good beginner’s option, especially for those who are nervous about flying for the first time in a paramotor. You may not want this model if you want that running experience, where your feet lift off gracefully from the ground.

The upside to this special model is that you do not have to run to take off. Some people prefer not to have something strapped onto their back while they run. The Falco is great for those individuals that want to ride into flight with no weight. It is more relaxing and a lot less stressful.

Plenty of people really love a trike, and I know I prefer it. It makes the transition from ground to sky a lot easier on your body.

For current price of the Parajet Falco click here.

Scout One

The scout one has great feedback from the glider, good ergonomics, a balanced design, and your flight progression is faster. It lasts a long time and you can also make upgrades later if you want to.

  • Cost: $3,750
  • Fuel capacity: 12-18 L

“I have to say, flying it was like a drug. I only flew it once but couldn’t stop thinking about it, and it just felt RIGHT.  It feels as close to free-flying as I would ever expect from a motor. Very very nice.”

Scout Customer

The Scout One has hybrid bars. Hybrid bars are great for freestyle, acro, and thermalling. Many say that the feeling of flying is as close to free-flying as you can get.

I have seen a guy go cross country in one of these and it ran great. He rode all day and only stopped for gas and food. He got pretty fatigued after hitting some turbulence, but some lesser paramotors wouldn’t have been able to handle such a journey. If you choose the scout for your first paramotor you will not be disappointed.

This model also has a large choice of motors that can be placed on it. These are your engine choices for this one:

  • Vittorazi Moster Plus (mentioned a bit earlier in more detail)
  • Atom 80
  • Polini 250
  • The Corsair Blackbull 235

For a closer look and to see current price of the Scout One Paramotor click here.

Scout NXT Adventure

This model is an upgrade to the Scout One. The frame is perfectly vertical so that you are comfortable before you take off. Once you take off, the frame stays at a reclined angle for comfort.

  • Cost: $4,850
  • Fuel capacity: 19 L

Choosing a beginning paramotor is all about your preferences. Most paramotors are very similar in how they function with slight changes for comfort, speed, weight, etc.

It’s all about what you can handle and what you are looking for.

This model is easy to get into and to get out of. The main strap of the seat board is sliding through a shackle allowing the seat to fold all the way down. The seat board will follow you as you lift your knees to get in and out.

The weight for this model has been moved to the waist rather than at shoulder level. This causes the backpack to feel lighter.

Because of the weight distribution, you are able to run faster. You can run faster and get up in the sky quicker.

You can find the Scout NXT Paramotor here.

Vittorazi Moster 185

This is an engine only, but many of the paramotors have the option of having this motor installed on it. I know that this one isn’t a paramotor that stands on its own, but since it is applied to a lot of models, I’ve taken a moment to explain it.

If you want to ride in style, this model is made to be more silent and crafted so that foreign objects can’t enter and ruin the engine. It is a safety feature for you and it is also a feature which will increase the longevity of your paramotor.

Note: When purchasing a used motor, you have to be careful about how low you will go to purchase. You don’t want to purchase a motor that has gone down more than half-price.

A unique feature to the Vittorazi is the construction of the propeller. Because of the way it is built, it spins much faster than your average propeller. The shape is what allows the propeller to move at a higher speed.

This model is smooth, pristine, and just all around fancy. It rides well and is a coveted choice for a motor.

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