7 Places to Zipline in Southern California

Are you passing through SoCal and in need of an afternoon activity that’s not a tourist trap? Perhaps you’ve lived in the area all your life, but you want to change things up. In both scenarios, ziplining is the perfect activity. Where in SoCal can you go ziplining?

Here are our favorite 7 ziplining locations across Southern California:

  • Ziplines at Pacific Crest
  • La Jolla Zip Zoom
  • Skull Canyon Ziplines
  • Action Tours
  • Margarita Adventures
  • Catalina Island Company 
  • Vista Lago Adventure Park

Keep reading for more information on each of these incredible ziplining locales throughout Southern California. You’ll learn about zipline course lengths, pricing, and what your day will entail.

Let’s get started! 

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7 Great Places Throughout SoCal for a Day of Ziplining

Ziplines at Pacific Crest

Starting our list is Ziplines at Pacific Crest in the underrated community of Wrightwood. This part of SoCal is surrounded by mountains, and drinking them in from the top of a zipline course is one of the best ways to see the area!

You can select from four zipline tours, the Zipline Canopy Tour, the Zipline Mountain View Tour, the Ultimate All-Day Zipline Tour, and the Zipline Quest Tour.

The Zipline Canopy Tour offers nine zip lining courses that are 300 feet tall minimum. One course is 1,500 feet long for a very fun and satisfying ride! 

You’ll achieve speeds of up to 55 miles per hour on these courses as the sights of Buford Canyon blur around you. The weekday prices are $129 each and the weekend prices are $139 each.

The Zipline Mountain View Tour features six unique ziplining courses, one of which expands 1,100 feet long! These are taller courses with a base height of 150 feet. You’ll still travel at 55 MPH. The weekday prices are $119 each and the weekend costs are $129 per person.

If you’re interested in the Ultimate All-Day Zipline Tour, that’s only available on weekends for $239 per person. You gain access to the Mountain View Zipline tour with three hikes, two free-fall rappels, and six zip lines. 

Since you surely worked up an appetite, the first round of ziplining is followed up by a picnic lunch amongst the trees. Finish your day doing the Canopy Tour with three hikes, a sky stair, two rappels, two bridges, and nine zip lines! 

The last course is the Zipline Quest Tour, which is the lowest-priced. Weekdays and weekends cost only $94 per person. You can ride on four zipline courses at speeds of 55 MPH! 

Each of the above tours offers more than ziplining, by the way. Ziplines at Pacific Crest boasts rappelling, hiking, climbing, and controlled free-falling too! 

6014 Park Drive, Wrightwood, CA 92397 | 760-705-1003 | [email protected]

La Jolla Zip Zoom

Next is Pauma Valley’s own La Jolla Zip Zoom, which offers zip-lining experiences that last an hour and a half to two hours. Calling itself “the longest zipline of its kind in Southern California,” La Jolla Zip Zoom certainly has some big shoes to fill!

The courses are as short as 300 feet and as long as 2,700 feet, so whether you’re a beginner or a more seasoned zipline rider, there’s something for you here. All along, you won’t go faster than 55 MPH, which is just exciting enough but not scary.

The entirety of your tour is not spent riding, of course. You’ll receive an orientation where you’ll be filled in on safety rules and more. 

Take your time as you stroll up the zipline course and then ride down, as you can enjoy the sights such as the La Jolla Indian Reservation, the Pauma Valley, and the Palomar Mountain.

La Jolla Zip Zoom is open all year on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. Riders must be 48 inches or taller and weigh 65 to 250 pounds. Closed-toe shoes are required, and if your hair is long, you must tie it back. Riders who are under the age of 18 must have a guardian or parent accompany them.

What about pricing? La Jolla Zip Zoom charges $106.75 per rider before taxes. If you’re in a bigger group, they offer discounts, so bring a few family members or friends and then call today! 

22000 California 76, Pauma Valley, CA 92061 | 760-742-8754 | info@lajollazipzoom.com

Skull Canyon Ziplines

Are you visiting the Corona area? Then don’t miss Skull Canyon Ziplines, a great opportunity to take in sky-high views of the Cleveland National Forest or Corona Lake!

You have your pick of four zipline courses: the Original Zipline Course, the Extreme Zipline Course, the Monster Zipline Course, and the Speed Run Zipline Course.

The Original Zipline Course is a two-hour excursion for riders weighing 60 to 250 pounds. You’ll hike 10 minutes to the six zipline courses, which include more than 2,800 feet of cable in all. Each zipline is more than 80 feet over the ground. Prices start at $85 per person.

For the thrill-seekers, the Extreme Zipline Course is a 2.5-hour adventure that lives up to its name! 

After a 25-minute hike, you’ll reach the five zipline courses. Each course is suspended more than 200 feet over the ground, with 6,100 feet of ridable cable in all. You can even do a side-by-side speed run! The costs are $115 per guest.

The Monster Course is another great pick for those who live a good thrill. 

You’ll hike for nearly an hour as part of this three-hour adventure. Then you’re free to ride the seven unique zipline courses that are more than 300 feet from ground level. You can do a side-by-side speed run if you’d like. The overall amount of cable is more than 9,100 feet. The Monster Course costs $160 each.

Then there’s the Speed Run Zipline Course, which is a short 30-minute trek full of excitement from start to finish. You’ll ride 1,700 feet of cable with another person for only $40!

When you’re done ziplining, Skull Canyon Ziplines has a sky gym too.

13540 Temescal Canyon Road, Corona, CA 92883 | 951-471-0999 | [email protected]

Action Tours

Big Bear Lake’s Action Tours is the home of the appropriately named Big Bear Lake Tours. While on your tour, you can engage in countless fun outdoor activities such as Segway riding, snowshoeing, and ziplining.

We’ll focus on the zipline component of Action Tours’ services, although you should check out those other tours too if they interest you!

The zipline tour lasts three hours in all. Riders ages eight and up can participate, but they must weigh 65 to 250 pounds. 

The zipline tour at Action Tours includes a single suspension bridge and nine different zipline courses. The top speed of the courses is 35 MPH, so this Action Tours is a great family-friendly spot in SoCal. 

The prices for the tour are $139 each, but in a group of 10 to 18 people, the costs are $125.10 per rider. 

Action Tours offers two add-on packages. The Zip & Sip package for riders 21 and older transports you to local Barrel 33 after your zipline ride concludes. There, you can enjoy six wine tastings from a variety of SoCal wineries. If you’re more of a beer person, you can try four pours of Cali craft beer. This add-on costs $23.

The GoPro Rental Package for $39.99 makes it easy to take lasting photos and videos of your zipline adventure from a one-of-a-kind vantage point! 

40957 Big Bear Boulevard, Big Bear Lake, CA 92315 | 909-866-0390 | [email protected]

Margarita Adventures

You’ll see SoCal in a whole new way when you book a day at Margarita Adventures. Their zipline adventures promise breathtaking views of mountains, valleys, and vineyards as you ride across six courses.

You’ll start with the Double Barrel, which is a side-by-side zipline on a 2,800-foot cable. Then you’ll hit the Renegade, a 1,200-foot ride across the Santa Lucia Mountains.

The third zipline course is the Woodlander, a treetop zipline adventure that suspends you 600 feet over the forest floor. That’s followed by the Hilltopper, a 430-foot, high-speed zipline ride surrounded by SoCal vineyards.

Follow that with a trip down the Archway, a zipline course that’s 800 feet up in the air. Your zipline adventure wraps up with the Pinot Express, which is a course with an 1,800-foot drop that lands you at the P.W. Murphy Mining Company. 

Young’uns can zipline for $79 and adults $109 on weekdays. On weekends, it’s $89 each for the kids and $119 for adults. 

22719 El Camino Real, Santa Margarita, CA 93453 | 805-438-3120

Catalina Adventure Company

The Catalina Adventure Company features a hotel, dining, island spa, and other services. Tucked amongst all that luxury is their Zip Line Eco Tour, a two-hour zipline adventure.

You’ll begin your day with a safety session. Then you’ll be equipped with all your gear and transported via shuttle to the zipline, which is near Descanso Beach Club. You’ll ascend 600 feet on the zipline course.

On your ride down, you’ll appreciate the picturesque canyon and ocean views, including eucalyptus trees. You can select from five zipline courses as part of the tour, each of which achieves speeds of 35 MPH. 

The ziplining at Catalina Adventure Company is available year-round, but riders must weigh no more than 240 pounds. The zipline adventure costs $119 per rider during weekdays and $129 on weekends.  

4 Park Plaza Suite 470, Irvine, CA 92614

Vista Lago Adventure Park

The last SoCal ziplining location we want to talk about is the Vista Lago Adventure Park in Arroyo Grande near Lopez Lake. 

Far from only offering ziplining, Vista Lago Adventure Park features a free-fall jump that’s 45 feet!

You can ride on five zipline courses. Two are very fast and launch from Vista Lago Point, and the other three ascend more than 1,800 feet but at a slower pace. All promise memories that last a lifetime.  

Lopez Drive, Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 | 805-710-7970 | info@vistalagoadventurepark.com

Final Thoughts

Southern California is rife with great ziplining spots if you only know where to look. Both residents and travelers should take the time to explore all seven of the zip lining locations we discussed today, as they’re in for oodles of fun! 

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