7 of the Best Ice Fishing Tent Shelters on the Market

Ice fishing often means going out in some extremely cold weather. One of the best ways to deal with this is to get a tent shelter. Within the protection of your shelter, you can catch fish all day in comfort.

To help you find a great one that will give you warmth as well as however much space you need, here are 7 of the best ice fishing tent shelters available.

Goplus Portable Ice Shelter

This tent looks nice and sturdy all set-up. It’s made out of tough fabric that will both insulate you from the cold and stay durable for years.

This tent comes in two different sizes: a 2-person and a 3-person size. Either one is nice because you don’t have to worry about being lonely in there. Those numbers are accounting for the hole you will need to make to catch fish, by the way, so rest assured knowing that, with proper planning, no one will have to stay outside the tent in order to actually fish.

Of course, when using this tent you’ll be nice and warm, but in case it gets too warm inside, the tent has windows too. There is a layer of transparent PVC that you can attach when you want extra warmth, but if you want ventilation, you should remove this layer.

It’s great to have this option because, on many winter days, weather can start off extremely cold in the morning, but warm up by afternoon as the sun shines. When that happens, feel free to let in some fresh air by removing that PVC layer.

For some, the more important issue regarding windows is the light they let in. Don’t worry, the windows can be blocked completely, so if you need it darker inside, this tent can do that.

This tent shelter is waterproof, so if you encounter some extra bad weather, you should be covered (literally). It also boasts frost resistance to temperatures as cold as -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

When it comes to transportation, this tent comes in a bag that’s easy to carry, so you can take it wherever you want to go. Getting tents back into these kinds of bags can always be a little tricky, but that’s just inevitable when you want to keep them as compact as possible.

This is a good, roomy tent. It’s 67 inches (5 feet 7 inches) tall, so it’s not really made for tall people to stand in, but anyone should be perfectly comfortable when sitting, which is what you will probably be doing most of the time when ice fishing anyway.

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Eskimo Quickfish 6

If you’re looking for a huge and affordable tent that can fit the whole family or a bunch of friends, this is the one to get. The Quickfish 6 can house 6 people comfortably, with plenty of room for fishing in the middle. In fact, it offers 68 square feet of fishable area.

Note that there are other Quickfish tents available in smaller sizes, so most of what I say here applies to those as well.

According to the manufacturer, setting up and taking down this tent takes just 60 seconds. Considering that setting up a tent is far less fun and easy in cold weather than it is normally, this is definitely appealing.

This tent uses a 300 denier fabric. This means the fabric has a high thread count and is therefore good at protecting you from cold and wind.

Another feature that serves this same purpose is the tent’s extra long skirt. More coverage is always good, as long as it doesn’t make the tent too hard to set up or enter, which is not a problem here.

The durability of this tent is excellent. The zippers, even, are especially tough, which is nice, because I have experienced plenty of zippers getting broken, and I wouldn’t want it to happen to a tent when I’m out in freezing weather.

The tent has two doors. For such a large tent, it would be a huge miss if it didn’t, so it’s great that they included this. With two doors, there is no need to step through the middle area where all the fishing holes will be anytime you want to leave the tent.

Windows are included, but they can easily be covered up by the included panels if you don’t want to let the extra light in.

While this tent shelter is huge, it can still be folded up into a duffel bag, which is included. This bag is big but can still be carried on your back.

This tent stands at 80 inches (6ft 8 inches) tall, so most people won’t even have to crouch when inside. You are probably not going to be standing very often anyway, but it’s always nice to not have to lower your head at all when you do stand.

I think it would be a lot of fun to go on an ice fishing trip with 5 friends, so this shelter would be great for that. Even if the weather was extremely cold, we could have a good time inside this tent. If we wanted to be even warmer, we could bring a portable heater, too.

So for those who want to go ice fishing with a big group, this is a great shelter to get. Using it by yourself may sound lonely, but by doing that, you could dig a lot of holes, so feel free to get it for that reason too.

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Ice Cube Two Man Instant Shelter by ThunderBay

What I like about the Ice Cube is that it is actually shaped a lot like an ice cube. I do not know of any particular practical advantage to this shape here, but I do see how they got the name for this product.

One advantage of this tent is that it has what the manufacturer calls “blackout coating,” for the purpose of making it extra dark inside. Those who want to ice fish using spears need it dark, so this tent might be good for that.

Of course, you can uncover this tent’s windows and let light in if you want, too. If you were worried about not being able to see after reading that last paragraph, I hope that helps.

The Ice Cube tent is made of a durable 300 denier fabric. This should keep the wind out pretty well and keep you comfortable. The extra-wide skirting is designed to help keep out drafts as well.

As for height, this one is 67 inches tall (5 feet 7 inches), which means that many people will have to lower their heads a bit when standing, but that’s not a big problem at all.

Six ice anchors are included. You can probably figure out that the purpose of these is to secure the shelter by anchoring it to the ice. These anchors are designed to be easy to drive into the ice without you needing a hammer.

This product also comes with a bag to hold the shelter and its accessories.

This shelter is designed for just 2 people, so it’s not too big. That will make it easier to carry around, but once you set it up, don’t expect to be able to cram more than 2 people inside and have room for fishing.

This is a solid shelter that gives one or two people a comfortable amount of space for ice fishing, with 76 by 76-inch dimensions. It looks tough enough to serve you well for years to come.

Check out the Ice Cube shelter on Amazon.

Otter 201111 Xth Pro Lodge Thermal Hub

This one stands out visually because I like the blue color it uses. Also, the brand name is printed on it several times. Some might find this tacky, but I personally don’t mind.

More importantly, this shelter utilizes thermal insulation for especially strong protection against the cold. Specifically, it uses a “Patent Pending Otter THERMALTEC 600 Denier Fabric Layering System.” “Thermaltec” is the brand’s name for the technology they’ve come up with, but let me explain what it means.

The fact that it uses 600 denier fabric means it’s using double the thread count of many of the other shelters here. That’s very impressive, and it makes this shelter better than most others at keeping out cold.

And with its thermal insulation, it’s designed to keep warmth inside. All tents will provide some level of insulation, of course, but certain materials are far better at keeping warmth in than others. The inner shell of this tent is quilted with such a material.

Then there is an outer shell in place. This part of the shelter can block out light. A darker shelter is essential for those who are spearfishing, so this shelter could be just the thing for them.

Of course, the windows can be uncovered, allowing light to come in for those looking for a more relaxed type of ice fishing.

The outer shell is also designed to keep the wind out, as you’d expect a shelter to do.

Another measure designed to reduce the effects of wind is a 3-point anchoring system. This is more to account for how the wind can blow your shelter away if you’re not careful than it is to deal with how cold the wind can make you, but obviously they’re both important problems. This anchoring system is designed to keep your shelter securely on the ground.

There are some nice bells and whistles to this shelter. It comes with 2 overhead cargo storage nets, so you can keep your stuff off the ground where it takes up room which you could be using for fishing.

It also includes 2 propane hose ports. The reason you might want that is in the case you’re using a heater that hooks up to a big propane tank. You can keep the massive tank outside the tent because it would take up a lot of space inside while having it hooked up to a heater within. This way, you can keep warm all day.

The tent is fairly spacious with dimensions of 96 by 96 inches. You can easily fit 3 people inside with this size. Its height is 76 inches (6 feet 4 inches), which is comfortably tall.

All of the materials of this tent are of high quality. The anchors are designed to be easy to use to secure the tent to the ice. This tent definitely is one of the superior ones.

It comes with a carrying bag. The poly-lined material of the tent should make packing it easier, and it helps with durability, too.

If I wanted a durable, warm, and useful ice shelter that I could use to go ice fishing with a friend or two, I would definitely get this one. Heck, it even has a license holder. I don’t know if that’s going to be useful, but it’s thoughtful of them to include that.

Check out the Otter 201111 Xth Pro Lodge Thermal Hub on Amazon.

Elkton Outdoors Portable Insulated Ice Fishing Tent

This tent is both insulated and waterproof, so it’s ready for some really crazy weather.

Previously, I mentioned that the Eskimo Quickfish could be set up in just 60 seconds. Well, this manufacturer offers “30-second setup instructions.” Technically, I don’t think they’re guaranteeing that I’ll actually be able to do it in 30 seconds. Maybe I could with enough practice. Regardless, the point is that setting up and taking down this tent is quick and easy.

And quick setup is always good because setting up a tent in cold weather ought to be as quick and easy as possible. Otherwise, it’s going to be a frustrating start to an ice fishing trip.

The carrying bag of this shelter is actually extra wide. While this means it takes up a bit more space, this is something that I actually appreciate. Trying to cram a tent into a tiny bag can be quite difficult and requires you to fold carefully, but with a bigger bag, it’s easier to pack the tent. It doesn’t bother me at all if the bag takes up a bit more space.

That may sound like an insignificant issue, but often it is the little things that make a difference when it comes to choosing between products like these.

If you are trying to pack a bunch of things into a car, it’s true that every little bit does add up. So, maybe the size of the bag could be an issue there, but in general, I don’t think it will be.

This tent looks interesting because while most of these tents are a bit rectangular in their design, this one is especially rectangular. It’s 80 inches tall, making it comfortable to stand in for the vast majority of people.

It offers 34 square feet of internal room. It’s meant for 3 to 4 people to use at once. It’s a perfect shelter for a winter fishing trip with a couple of buddies.

As for the matter of insulation, the tent utilizes a 3-layer strategy to keep warmth inside. A water-tight seal should keep you dry, too.

Like other tents, this one has windows, which can be covered or uncovered. Additionally, there are vents at the top of this tent, which will be highly useful if it gets too warm. No matter how cold the day starts, sometimes warmth hits unexpectedly, so having some ventilation will keep you from sweating too much.

There are storage pockets and an overhead storage hammock, too, so you can keep your things off the floor, where they would take up valuable space. That way, you’ll be able to have everything you need nearby and keep your focus on the fishing.

The thread count of the fabric of this tent is unknown, unlike some of the other tents here, so it can’t be compared there. But overall, this is a solid tent.

Check this tent out on Amazon.

Eskimo Outbreak 450I Insulated Pop-Up Ice Shelter

The Outbreak offers a lot of room for fishing: over 75 square feet of fishable area. That is pretty massive. I haven’t seen another shelter that offers a similar amount of space. It makes this a perfect tent for serious ice fishermen who want to aggressively pursue fish while still enjoying the protection from the wind that a tent offers.

That large amount of space is also good if you want to bring a lot of people with you on your trip. Being able to sit and talk with friends or family while catching fish and keeping safe from the cold can make for a wonderful, fun time.

In terms of sheer protection, this shelter is nothing to scoff at. It’s made from 600 denier fabric, which is double that of many other tents.

With such thick fabric, you will be getting great protection against the wind. It would take an incredibly dangerous storm to interfere with your ice fishing plans when you have a tent this tough.

Of course, higher quality, in this case, comes with a higher price tag. But being able to go up against almost any weather justifies it.

Additionally, the fabric is insulated, which will help make interior temperatures significantly warmer than tents that lack insulation. It will reduce condensation, too. That means you’ll be warm and dry.

I’m not implying you will be wearing shorts inside your tent on a freezing winter day, but if you dress properly, you will definitely be able to stay comfortable in subzero temperatures and have great fishing success within the walls of this tent.

Speaking of the walls, an easy-to-miss benefit of the design of this tent is how the door is huge, and its zipper goes all the way to the ice.

This is a nice convenience because, with tent doors, there’s usually a part you have to step over to get inside. With those, I sometimes end up tripping over them when I’m in a hurry. It may not seem like a big deal, but I definitely am fond of the choice made here to design the door with the zipper going all the way down to the ice. I can say goodbye to tripping.

This is a standard feature that you are probably expecting by this point, but there are windows on this tent which can be covered or uncovered, depending on how much light you want to let in.

If you want to try spearfishing in the dark, this tent would be a good tool for that. It certainly is big enough for you to put a large hole in the ice for it.

There are storage pockets on the walls, so you won’t have to leave your gear outside the tent or take up valuable fishing space by putting it on the ground inside. You won’t be able to put anything too massive in them, but they should come in handy.

Another unique feature of the design is that it’s easier to anchor down thanks to the points in which you place the anchors (grommets) being built into the skirt of the tent. With other tents, you typically have to hold the skirt out of the way to anchor them down, so this is another tiny design choice that makes using this shelter as easy as can be.

The materials of this tent are high-quality, and it’s unlikely that any parts will be damaged as long as you use them properly. You should be able to use this tent for many years.

As usual, a bag is included to make transportation easy. This tent is certainly large, so expect the bag to be too.

The total weight of this product is 48 pounds, which makes sense considering how big the tent is and how many poles it uses to keep itself up. This shouldn’t be a problem for most people, but it’s something to be aware of.

With that weight, if you are going to walk a large distance with this tent, you should use a sled to carry it. That’s good advice for ice fishing equipment in general, of course, since there is plenty of gear to carry.

This is definitely one of the best ice fishing shelter tents available. It provides good protection from the cold and an amazing amount of fishing space. Whether you are fishing with many friends or just want to dig a lot of holes, this tent will keep you comfortable so you can enjoy your fishing.

See the Eskimo Outbreak on Amazon.

COCO Ice Shelter Fishing Tent

The COCO tent has an interesting design. It looks like a futuristic three-dimensional shape with a ton of sides. I like it.

This is not a big tent, allowing for just two people to fish at once. Despite that, it still has two doors. This is still a nice feature, even if it seems unnecessary. One person can enter from one side, while the other person can use the opposite side. It might make life easier.

The tent is made with 300 denier fabric, making it perfectly adequate for protecting you from most cold weather conditions.

It has an edge over tents with similar fabric, however, because it is fully insulated. It will keep heat inside while keeping out cold and moisture, so you’ll be warm and dry.

This is one of the shorter tents for ice fishing, measuring at just 65 inches or 5 feet 5 inches tall. Most people will not be able to stand up in this tent. That doesn’t make it bad for fishing, but a taller tent can simply make things a bit more comfortable at times. It is assumed that you’re using a chair, though, so again, this isn’t the end of the world.

The comparatively small size of this tent certainly gives it the advantage of being more portable. The tent weighs only 13 pounds. If I was going to walk a considerable distance before settling down to start fishing and didn’t have room for it on a sled for some reason, I would be grateful to have this on my back instead of a 50-pound tent.

And yes, once again, a duffel bag is included. (I wonder if anyone sells a tent without one. Always have to be on the lookout). Transporting this tent will be a cinch.

This product comes with “antifreeze nails” to use for anchoring it down. They are shaped like little drills, and you can easily stick them in the ice by turning their attached handles. It’s good to have the assurance that they won’t get frozen down there because that would make disassembling this shelter rather burdensome.

Assembling this tent is easy and can be done in as little as 60 seconds. This is definitely nice because, in cold weather, the last thing you want is to be spending ten minutes setting up a tent.

The tent also features small windows. As you might expect, they can be covered or uncovered. They can also be used for ventilation, in case the air gets a little too warm in there, which can definitely happen sometimes.

This tent does not offer much when it comes to storage space. Since this is a tent that offers a fairly small amount of fishing space, it would be nice if it had places to put equipment, but with its slightly low ceiling, there’s not much room to give to that purpose anywhere. There are some pockets on the wall you can use to store smaller objects, though.

My take on the COCO tent is that it doesn’t offer any particular big advantage over any other tent, except for that it is a bit less expensive than some other insulated tents. Even so, it is a fine tent that will help keep you warm when ice fishing. Plus, it looks cool.

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