7 Nice-Looking Fly Fishing Jackets (That Won’t Break The Bank)

I recently started preparing for a fly fishing trip. It’s been cold recently so I needed a fly fishing jacket but I needed one that wasn’t too expensive. Here are seven jackets that won’t break your bank and will get the job done.

So what are the seven best fly fishing jackets that won’t break the bank?

  1. Frogg Toggs Tekk Toad Breathable Rain/Wading
  2. Compass 360 Sport Tek50 Waterproof Wading Jacket
  3. Caddis Men’s Green Natural Breathable Wader Jacket
  4. Navis Marine Guide Jacket for Wading Men’s Fly Fishing Rain Gear 3 Layer Waterproof Breathable
  5. Caddis Deluxe Convertible Breathable Wader Jacket
  6. Froggs Toggs Java Hellbender Fly & Wading Jacket
  7. Compass Point Guide Waterproof Wading Jacket

All of the jackets I list I have found on Amazon for great prices. I give full detail about them and their prices on Amazon.

Frogg Toggs Tekk Toad Breathable Rain/Wading Jacket

The Frogg’s Toggs Tekk Toad Breathable Rain/Wadding Jacket comes in sizes all across the board, ranging from small to extra-extra large.

Frogg Toggs uses Dripore breathable technology. This makes it so your jacket is wearable in the worst of weather and currents. It also is 100% breathable and waterproof with its completely sealed seams.

Starting at the top of the jacket and moving down to the waist I’ll name some of the neatest features.

It has an attached and adjustable storm hood. You can adjust your hood to fit more securely so as to keep water from seeping in.

Near the left shoulder, there is a rod loop holder just in case you need a free hand.

Just below the rod loop, there is another accessory loop for any other thing you may need to clip up to free your hands for a second. Just under that, you have highwater hand warmer pockets.

There are two zipper pockets included on the front of the jacket chest. There are also two expandable fly box chest pockets placed directly next to the normal usage pockets.

The cuffs are neoprene and have adjustable loop holders for fit to size. The jacket also has handwarmer pockets on the lower part of the jacket. As well as an open waist design with adjustable shock cord.

It goes for $40-50 dollars on Amazon.

“This is a great jacket. I just used it for a week of fly fishing in Montana. Fished in conditions from thunderstorms and heavy rain to blowing snow and freezing temperatures.”

Compass 360 Sport Tek Waterproof Wading Jacket

This jacket is extremely lightweight. Made with microporous technology makes it not only lite but easy to pack. It also has leak-free, adjustable neoprene cuffs. This will prevent any water seeping in.

The front of the jacket is zip up. This is covered by a five snap storm flap and rain gutter.

At the top of the chest, there are hand-warming pockets as well two as hand warming pockets that are dual zippered.

There are two box and tippet chest pockets. This will help keep all your belongings dry and easily accessible.

Near the shoulder of the left side of the jacket, there is a rod loop holder as well as a butt loop holder to create an opportunity to free your hands if needed.

This jacket runs from small to extra – extra large and is around $40-$45 bucks. You can check it out here on Amazon.com

Caddis Men’s Green Natural Breathable Wader Jacket

Made from the CaddisDry breathable technology and heavy-duty polyester to keep fully dry while you have a fun time! Also, there is a roll-up hood and fleece collar. Keeping your neck and head nice and warm as well.

The asking price for this jacket varies a little more depending on size. The jacket is sized from medium to extra-extra large. Here are the Amazon prices.

The cuffs are clip up. This is really nice when you need to be able to pin them up quickly and get your hands but not your jacket wet.

It has a front zipper covered by a storm flap. There are multiple zipper compartments that are waterproof and covered by extra flaps.

Navis Marine Guide Jacket for Wading Men’s Fly Fishing Rain Gear 3 Layer Waterproof Breathable

This jacket is made with three-layered hard shell fabric which is lightweight and breathable and 100% waterproof! It’s durable and will ensure you stay extremely dry.

It has a front zipper with a double flap that lays over it making it water resistant to ensure water is not just seeping into your jacket.

The cuffs are dual velcro adjustable. The hood is adjustable via the elastic cords. It is also able to be stowed into the neck area. On the front on the neck area, there is an under chin chafe guard to prevent any discomfort.

It comes with a dual drawcord adjustable hem so that you have the option to make it snugger. There is also a waterproof iPhone pocket.

This jacket is available in sizes small to extra-extra-large and the price varies from $55-$75 dollars. Check out this great jacket on Amazon!

Caddis Deluxe Convertible Breathable Wader Jacket

The outside of this jacket is made with 100% polyester with PU coating making it waterproof and breathable. The inside lining is 100% polyester mesh.

The elbow area is reinforced. And the jacket is two tone taupe colors.

The front of the jacket has two large bellows pockets and one inside zipper pocket for extra protection. The jacket secures itself with the full front zipper that has a snap rain closure to ensure rain does not seep through the zips.

The hood of this particular jacket folds into a collar. This is a nice add on so that you don’t take off the hood and misplace it, it is simply always there. And if it was a bother you can just fold it up and put it away.

The neatest part of this jacket in my opinion that it is convertible. It can be a long coat or be converted into a short wader jacket.

This jackets sizing goes from medium to extra-extra-extra-large. The cost varies with the size of the jacket. Follow this link to find it on Amazon.

Froggs Toggs Java Hellbender Fly & Wading Jacket

This jacket is made from DriPore 2 generation technology. It is made with a full cut casting design. This means that there is a lot of room while bending and overhead casting is happening.

The hood is full coverage and an extended bill and a tuck-away collar, as well as adjustable.

It is a front full zipper with a storm flap and rain gutter. There are expandable chest pockets with drain holes, 3 accessory D-rings for flotation, tools or back net is also included.

Also included is adjustable neoprene and lycra sleeve opening for watertight casting.

The Sizes range from small to extra-extra-extra-large. The prices range from $55-$75 big ones. Here is a link to the Amazon page.

Compass Point Guide Waterproof Wading Jacket

Made to be extremely tough and completely waterproof. It is made from HydroPore3.0 microporous breathable technology. The seams are sealed and it is submergable construction.

It is extremly breathabile and is considered to be unmatched in value. It also has fleece-lined high water hand-warming pockets.

It includes a water-resistant zipper for all compartments. It is a front zip up. The hood is fully adjustable and is also stowaway.

There are four laser but box and tippet chest pockets. The cuffs are internally adjustable neoprene. And there is also a rod holding stripe and a butt loop. There is also an adjustable shock cord waist so you can fit it too size.

It comes in sizes small to extra-extra-large. It is priced from $100-$120 dollars. Here’s the Amazon link!

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