7 Best Gas-Powered Ice Fishing Augers (And Which One I’d Pick!)

If you’re looking to quickly cut holes for ice fishing, a gas-powered auger (also called a power auger) is a great way to do it. With their engines, these augers have the power to drill through the ice with a speed that manual augers can’t match, saving you a lot of effort in your hunt for fish.

To help you find a good gas-powered auger, I’ve listed seven of the best products you can find online, along with which one I would choose.

Eskimo HC40 Propane Auger

This auger from Eskimo, a company that specializes in ice fishing equipment, is propane-powered.

Propane engines have plenty of benefits over gasoline ones. There’s no need to mix gasoline and oil. There is no risk of spilling anything like there is with gas, which means you don’t have to worry about things like spilling fuel on your car’s carpet when transporting it.

Propane engines also give off fewer exhaust fumes than gas ones do. Fueling up with gasoline means pouring it in, but it’s even easier with propane.

To fuel this auger’s engine, just place a 1-pound cylinder of propane in the holder designed for that very purpose and clamp it down. It’s a well-designed system that’s easy to use.

Starting the engine is easy, too. Simply flip the switch to the ‘on’ position and pull the handle. That’s all there is to it.

The handle is also made bigger than most handles are because it’s made to be easy to use even if you’re wearing mittens. So you shouldn’t have to ever take your gloves off when operating this auger.

You can choose when ordering between 8-inch or 10-inch models. Which you choose depends on how big you want your holes to be. Whichever diameter you choose, the augers are 42 inches long.

This auger uses a 40cc 4-cycle engine. This gives you plenty of power to dig through thick ice with ease.

One thing I really like about this auger is that it comes with a 5-year warranty. Hopefully, you won’t encounter any problems with it, but it is nice to know that the company is willing to help out if so. Warranties like this usually don’t extend to cases where you damaged the product yourself, so you do need to exercise proper care.

By the way, this auger comes with a blade protector, which is definitely important to have and use.

This power auger is available on Amazon, so it’s easy to get your hands on it quickly. This is a solid product that will let you cut holes in the ice with ease while benefitting from a propane-based engine.

Check out the Eskimo HC40 Propane Auger, available at a discounted price.

Jiffy Model 30 XT

Jiffy is a brand that specializes in making ice drills. They’re part of a fairly small company and have been in business for over 65 years. You can bet that they offer some quality options for ice augers.

The Model 30 XT is a gasoline-powered auger. You can choose the diameter of the drill you want when ordering, with sizes ranging from 6 to 10 inches. That choice simply depends on how big you want your holes to be.

This auger sports a 52cc 2-cycle engine. The engine is definitely capable of driving the drill through thick ice quickly and problem-free.

To help even more with that, the engine also has a “High Torque Transmission,” a specially-designed transmission built to, as the name implies, give more torque. The steel gears of this transmission are heat-treated to make sure they last a very long time.

Starting this engine is pretty standard for gas engines: prime it, hold the throttle half-open and pull the cord. The cord’s handle is nice and big, making it easy to grab even if you’re wearing thick gloves. The engine is designed to start in very cold weather, so whenever and wherever you go, you should be able to get it going.

The handles of the Model 30 are big and wide, allowing you to take a nice sturdy pose when you’re using it, thus ensuring that no weird accidents happen due to poor grip.

The serrated blade is high-quality and ready to take on any ice you throw at it. And a blade protector is included, which is important.

This product is quite durable, but in case you get a rare defective one, there is a 2-year limited warranty included. 2 years is pretty generous, so I’d say Jiffy is quite confident in this product holding together.

Note that as this product has an engine, you will need to do maintenance on it regularly to keep it in working order. The manual that comes with it should help you know what exactly you need to do.

This is a great gas-powered auger that should last a long time. I’d feel very comfortable using it to cut a bunch of holes in seriously thick ice. Check it out at Jiffy’s website.

Trophy Strike 106475 Ice Auger

The Trophy Strike uses a 52cc 2-cycle engine, making it powerful enough to easily cut through thick ice.

With this engine, you’ll need to use a mix of gasoline and 2-cycle oil with a ratio of 25:1.

The engine uses a direct drive transmission to make for better gear-shifting and performance.

Naturally, since this is a gas-powered engine, you will need to do regular maintenance on it, or it’ll have troubles running later on.

Something that sets this auger apart from others is the 12-inch extension it comes with. Attach it, and you’ll be able to cut through super-thick ice–naturally, you can cut 12 inches deeper into the ice than you would be able to without it. Or you can leave the extension off if you don’t need it, so that way you don’t have to carry as much weight.

The handlebars of this auger feature the Throttle ‘On/Off’ as well as “idle lock.” Placing these controls on the handlebars was a good choice that makes them easy to access. Additionally, the throttle is easy to use while wearing gloves, which means your hands won’t have to freeze while you drill your holes.

There is not a range of diameters to choose from when ordering this auger. Instead, your only option is an 8-inch diameter drill. This is definitely a good size that sits in a nice middle point between smaller and larger sizes. Still, it is always preferable to be able to choose a specific size.

Surprisingly, this drill does not come with a blade cover. For the purposes of safety and protecting the blade, covers are important, so it’s quite alarming that one is not included with this product.

It does, however, come with a toolkit to help you assemble the product and pour fuel into it. This is a thoughtful addition and might save you the time of having to find those necessary tools for yourself. Still, the lack of a blade cover is puzzling.

The durability of this product is a bit questionable compared to some others. If there is a warranty, information about it is not easy to find. When all is said and done, the product will most likely perform well enough and last a few years if maintained, but there are better options out there.

What the Trophy Strike auger has going for it is its low price. It’s available on Amazon for a much lower price than most other gas-powered augers. While there may be better augers out there, this one can get the job done.

See the great deal on the Trophy Strike 106475 Ice Auger.

Eskimo F1 Rocket Ice Auger

Here is another auger from Eskimo, a company that makes various ice fishing products. This one is gasoline-powered.

It’s a powerful, durable product, yet it weighs only 24 pounds. Most gas augers weigh at least 30, so it’s impressive that Eskimo was able to get this one so light. If you’re going to drill a ton of holes on the ice, you will be happy they did manage to shed those extra pounds.

However, it uses a 33cc 2-cycle engine, which makes it a bit less powerful than many other augers’ engines. The difference in the drill’s ability, though, will not be very noticeable. You will still be able to cut through the ice in seconds, but it just might take a few extra seconds than more powerful drills if it’s thick ice you’re dealing with. Not a big deal, really.

The transmission is all-metal, making it durable. It also increases spinning speed by 45% compared to similar-sized augers, according to Eskimo.

The engine has been tested in cold weather, so you should be able to use it in the middle of winter just fine.

A few small design choices make using this auger particularly convenient. The fuel tank is see-through, so you can see, just by looking, how much gas you have left. That way you won’t be surprised if you run out. There’s also a muffler guard to protect you from areas that will get hot as the engine runs, which is a lovely safety feature.

The throttle sits by one side of the handlebars and offers good control of engine output. It was designed with glove-wearing users in mind, as was the handle used to start the engine. It’s always good to have tools designed for people who don’t want their hands to freeze solid.

The handlebars also are padded with foam grips intended to absorb vibration. Handlebars like these vibrate a lot when the engine they are attached to is running, and this vibration can be irritating to your hands, so this is a great little addition that will increase comfort.

This model offers 8-inch and 10-inch versions, so if you want to cut a wider hole, you will obviously want to go for the 10-inch version.

A blade cover is included. Use it, and your blade will last longer.

A 5-year warranty is offered by the manufacturer. The materials this product is made from are quite durable, but if they mess up in manufacturing it, they will send you a replacement. Five years is a very long time, and I honestly wouldn’t expect this warranty to be useful after two or three years, but you never know.

Do remember that the engine needs to be maintained. If it breaks down due to negligence, the manufacturers are unlikely to honor your warranty.

Overall, this is a really solid ice auger, with the only real downside being that it’s slightly less powerful than many others. It’s available for a great discounted price on Amazon.

See the excellent deal on the great Eskimo F1 Rocket Ice Auger.

Jiffy 46X-Treme Ice Auger

This is a propane-powered engine from Jiffy, a company that specializes in making ice augers.

While propane may not be as easy to find as gasoline, it is still pretty easy to find, being sold in stores everywhere. There are many advantages to propane, such as fewer emissions, less mess, and less maintenance.

There is no need for a choke. There’s no priming or flooding. And you don’t have to mix fuel. Starting this engine is as easy as pulling the cord. It will usually start with one or two pulls.

And of course, all controls are nice and large so that they can be easily used when you’re wearing gloves.

The handlebars are quite wide, so you can use a very wide stance when operating this auger, making for especially stable operation. Granted, this probably doesn’t, in reality, make that big of a difference. Still, any attempt to be extra-safe is not a bad thing.

The 49cc 4-stroke engine has an aluminum transmission. The engine is both powerful and reliable. As you’d expect, you’ll be able to cut through ice very quickly.

The serrated blade is impressive. The manufacturer claims it lasts twice as long as other blades and cuts 25% faster.

When it comes to the auger’s size, you can find it in different sizes ranging from 6 to 10 inches. Having the choice is definitely nice if you know exactly how big you want your holes to be. Cutting bigger holes does take a bit more work, but the advantage of a power auger is that the machine makes it easy.

A blade cover is included, so you will definitely want to use that to get the most out of your blade.

Jiffy also includes a 2-year limited warranty with your product, so on the slim chance that there’s a problem, you can get it replaced.

This is a powerful drill that will easily cut through ice and last for years, and it has the great advantages that come with using a propane engine. It’s definitely one of the best you can buy, and it’s available on Amazon.

See the great Jiffy X=Treme propane auger for yourself.

ThunderBay 33cc 8″ Power Ice Auger

This auger is powered by a 33cc 2-cycle engine. While you can find more powerful engines for augers, this one is still very powerful and will easily cut through ice. The difference is probably only noticeable in extremely thick ice.

The engine is also designed to deliver extra torque, so that gives it additional strength to handle thick ice.

It’s also designed to start in freezing weather, which is really essential for an ice auger.

Of course, it runs on a gasoline-oil mix, as you might expect. Use a 40:1 ratio for this. Make sure the oil is for 2-cycle engines.

Note also that you need to do maintenance on the engine regularly to keep it in good shape.

The actual auger portion (the drill, not the engine that spins it) is high-quality. There are some augers that are a bit longer than this one, but most of them aren’t. This length should be fine for almost any situation.

As for diameter, this auger cuts 8-inch holes. This is a good size that offers plenty of room for you to pull fish out of the water but won’t make drilling through thick ice extra-difficult by being overly large.

The product weighs 32 pounds, which is about standard among power augers. An average person won’t have any trouble carrying it around and using it.

Good news: there is a blade cover included.

There really isn’t much special or unique about this power auger, but it is durable and powerful. Customers who left reviews for it online have been very happy with it. I think some other options may give you more for your money, but this is definitely a product that will get the job done and not cause you any headaches. It’s available on Amazon.

Check out the ThunderBay Auger and see customers’ glowing reviews.

Jiffy 44PRO

Here we have another propane-fueled engine. Specifically, it’s a 38cc, 4-stroke engine.

It is made by Jiffy, a brand specializing in ice augers. You can expect a quality product from this company.

This auger is essentially a less-powerful version of the Jiffy 46 X-Treme. The X-Treme is more powerful, but if you want to spend less, this product is compelling.

As I said, it uses a propane-fueled engine, and once again, there are many benefits to propane. It’s cleaner for the environment than gasoline. It’s also impossible to spill it (due to it becoming a gas, not a liquid, at normal temperatures), making it cleaner for the things you own, too–as in, no stains on your carpet. While some maintenance is required, it’s less extensive than gasoline engines. And there’s no need to mix fuel types.

To fuel the engine, just attach a small propane cylinder. Propane is not as easy to find as gasoline, but it’s not difficult to find, either. Many stores sell them. If you’re looking at a department store, try looking in the camping equipment section. They are also usually available at convenience stores.

With this engine, getting it started is easier than it is for many gasoline-based engines, as there is no need for choking, priming, or flooding. If you don’t even know what those things are, then that’s a strong argument in favor of buying this auger over ones with gasoline-based engines.

To come back to discussing the engine power, 38cc is plenty powerful for the purpose of cutting ice. You shouldn’t have any trouble digging through thick ice, and it will only take seconds to do so. There are slightly beefier engines available which might make things slightly quicker, but I’d say that’s not necessarily worth the extra bucks.

Jiffy does not use any plastic gears in its drills, using only hardened steel gears, so they’re not trying to rip you off but instead are making durable products, this one included.

The engine’s transmission is aluminum, which is dependable and light. The tank holder, which is where you put the propane, is also aluminum.

Speaking of lightness, this product is a bit lighter than most power augers, weighing in at just 26 pounds. It’s just a bit less than average, but that could make a difference in your overall fatigue if you use this auger all day.

This particular model cuts holes with a 10-inch diameter. That will give quite a bit of room for you to haul up large fish. Cutting a hole that big does take more work, but with an engine this powerful, that won’t make too much of a difference.

The highly-important blade cover is included, as it is with all drills from Jiffy and most power augers in general. It really is essential to use this so that the blade lasts as long as it can, and so nobody accidentally gets hurt.

You will find the controls easy to use. As with many other ice augers, the pull handle and throttle were made so that users can operate them successfully while still wearing gloves. A product that fails to do this certainly wasn’t designed with the comfort of ice fishermen in mind, but not to worry, Jiffy has done it here.

This is an excellent power auger that benefits greatly from having a propane engine. You’ll be able to use it to drill hole after hole at great speed, and because it’s so durable, you can expect to take it on ice fishing trips for years to come. It’s available on Amazon.

Check out the excellent Jiffy 44PRO.

Which One I’d Pick

Long story short: The one I would buy is the Eskimo HC40.

Choosing between these quality augers became somewhat of a tight contest between the HC40 and the Jiffy 44PRO. The deciding factor was ultimately the fact that between the two, the HC40 is cheaper on Amazon right now.

However, if prices were different, it could go either way. The two augers are similar in engine power, though the HC40 is barely more powerful. They are both durable products from reputable manufacturers. The HC40 has sold a bit better on Amazon so far, so more people have left reviews, which does make me feel more confident in buying it than the Jiffy one.

The Jiffy 44PRO is significantly lighter than the HC40, so if weight is a concern, then you should get the Jiffy.

They are both propane-based. I think propane is really a good choice for a power auger. Propane is not hard to find, and it has some great benefits over using the mixture of gasoline and oil that these other engines use.

The reason I wouldn’t get the Jiffy 46 X-Treme is that it costs more while offering few additional benefits to me. Yes, it is more powerful, but that won’t make a big enough difference for me to go for it unless I was in some sort of intense competition where every last second spent drilling a hole counted. I’m sure I’d be burning fuel faster with it than with the PRO, though.

So, among the propane engines, the Eskimo HC40 is my pick, and it’s my pick out of all of the augers here.

Now obviously the other ones didn’t get picked because I was factoring in the benefits of propane. However, if we look past that, how do they compare?

The TrophyStrike auger is strange because it’s the only one here that doesn’t come with a blade cover. The company strikes me as less reputable than the others here. The auger is powerful and should get the job done, but I have concerns about durability, and I’m not sure that I want to put my trust in this company’s customer service. If I were to rank these augers, I’d put this one last.

The Jiffy Model 30 XT is one that really has no big drawbacks. Among the gasoline-fueled augers here, it’s the one I’d pick. Overall though, I’d still put down the extra money for a propane one.

The Eskimo F1 is a solid choice as well, and it’s one of the least expensive models here. In the same exact league as it is the ThunderBay auger. They even both have 33cc engines. If this was a battle between just these two, it would be difficult to choose. I did not choose either of them, though, again because the propane-fueled ones are what I prefer.

Whichever auger you choose from this list, you’ll be getting a good product. But my personal pick is the Eskimo HC40.

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