21 Essential Accessories to Buy for a Brand New Bass Boat

Bass Boats are the ultimate fishing boat for weekend and tournament anglers alike. The boat’s design and durability make for a great fishing trip every time, but you can get more out of your bass boat, believe it or not. There are many accessories that can heighten the anglers experience. These accessories are not only luxurious but essential.

After searching far and wide, these 21 accessories have deemed to be the 21 most essential accessories one can have for their brand new bass boat. The following accessories help to improve many things, whether that may be allowing you to be on the water for longer, be quieter on the water, or make your boat last longer, these accessories will improve your life as an angler.

  1. Key Floats
  2. Gator Guards Keel Protector
  3. Boat Cover
  4. Spare Marine Battery
  5. Stohlquist Fisherman PFD Life Jacket
  6. Yeti Tundra Cooler Box
  7. Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag
  8. Driftmaster T-250-H T-Bar System Rod Holders
  9. MinnKota Edge bow-mount trolling motor with foot control
  10. Hummingbird HELIX 7 Chirp SI/GPS G2 Combo
  11. Stayput Shallow Water Anchor
  12. GoFree Hooked App
  13. Power-Pole Hydraulic Anchors
  14. Rejuvenate Marine Heavy Duty Soap
  15. T-H Marine Universal Hot Foot Throttle System
  16. Minn Kota Digital Linear Onboard Battery Charger
  17. Boss Audio Systems
  18. Worth Original Anchormate
  19. TH-Marine Pedestal Base Plug
  20. TH-Marine LED Trolling Motor Light
  21. Engler Cooler Backpack

Each of these accessories allows finding the biggest catch of the day the only worry on your mind. The rest drifts away as these accessories help the angler get back to the pure joy of reeling in a large catch. And each accessory brings something different to the table.

1. Key Floats

Koala Lifestyle Chums$14.99

If you’re like me, you’re always losing track of your keys. But, when it comes to being out on the water on a bass boat, it is certainly not the time to lose the thing that will bring you home again. For this reason, it is a good idea to get key floats. This accessory keeps your keys attached to your belt. And if they do somehow end up in the water, they don’t automatically sink, never be found again. Instead, they stay on top, easily to be scooped up again.

These key floats can actually be used for any water sport, which makes it a very practical and essential buy for any who get out into the open water often, or even every once in a while.

There are many options for key floats. Many just use a buoyant key-chains while others buy specific key floats for boat keys. Either way, whatever gets the job done. But, the Koala Lifestyle Chums brand is a great deal. It comes with two floating key chains and a safety lanyard for only $14.99. With all of these precautions, it’s almost a sure thing that your keys will never be lost in the water out on a day of boating again.

2. Gator Guards Keel Protector

Gator Guards Keel Protector$99.25 – $357.48

New and old bass boat owners alike take extreme pride in their boats, and for good reason! These powerful beasts must be taken care of. Especially with a brand new bass boat. Those things are not cheap. So, it is better to spend an extra bit of money to protect the longevity of your boat.

One part of the boat that is extremely susceptible to damage and scuffs is the keel of the boat. As it tears through waves, hits rocks and gets pulled in and out of shore almost constantly, it makes sense that this is a susceptible spot.

The Gator Guards Keel Protector is one brand of keel protector that seems to be a favorite one by anglers. This kit comes ready to install and is promised to last the entire lifetime of the boat. Even better, you don’t have to worry about if it will work with your boat. It works with fiberglass and aluminum. With this keel protector, your keel will be fresh and well!

3. Boat Cover

Boat covers are a pretty obvious, but completely crucial accessory. This allows for boats to be protected and shielded from weather and other damages while in storage. There are two kinds of boat covers, three if counting the motor cover. One is a travel cover which is tighter and can withstand the strong winds that come with carrying it on the back of a trailer for however long. The other is a storage cover.

There are many different brands and types of bass boat covers. Each boat will need a cover that fits correctly and snugly. Many sites allow you to order custom covers. Also, many brand new boats often come with a cover under the price of the boat. This is usually the best way to do it because then it is sure to be the right measurements. Even when buying a boat cover, the motor cover often comes with that!

Following is a small collection of different covers from different places for different prices to give you an idea of the diversity this accessory provides.

Classic Accessories Lunex RS-1 Boat CoverAmazon$60-$80
Tournament Bass Boat Cover OB Hot ShotWest Marine$279.99
Bass Pro Shops WeatherSafe Storage Tite Bass Pro Shops$83.99

Then there are several websites, such as Empire Covers that allows you to find the exact cover you need. You put in the make, year and size and it finds a cover for you. Unfortunately, these options often tend to be quite a bit more spendy.

4. Spare Marine Battery

Many professional anglers suggest that a spare 12-volt deep cycle marine battery is kept on board. Although with a brand new boat, it is highly likely you won’t have to use it for a while, it is better to be safe. Plus, especially out on the water, no one ever knows what will happen or when. It is good to be prepared for the worst.

VMAX$89.99 – $399.99
Bass Pro Shops XPS$194.99 – $219.99

There are many marine batteries out there. but VMAX is said to have some of the most reliable and performance achieving batteries available on the web today. Be sure to find the right battery for you, your boat and your motor when ordering a spare though! It would be a travesty to be out on see needing a battery, and having the wrong one.

Another brand that is known for batteries that have an excellent charge is the Bass Pro Shops. Their XPS 12-Volt Deep Cycle Marine battery has a charge that lasts up to 8 hours. This battery usually varies in price anywhere from $139.99 – $214.99.

5. Stohlquist Fisherman PFD Life Jacket

Stohlquist Fisherman PFD Life Jacket$109.95 – $129.99

A life jacket, of course, is not only an accessory. It is crucial to have on the water. But, this life jacket makes the mundane magical. The Stohlquist Fisherman PFD Life Jacket has many different compartments and pockets. During fishing, this is a much-appreciated feature of a life jacket, as there is a lot to manage and hold all at once. Also, the sides are completely open which allows for good ventilation.

6. YETI Tundra Cooler Box

YETI Tundra 45 Cooler$435.65 – $615.72

YETI was actually founded and started by two brothers, Ron and Ryan Seider, who loved the outdoors. They loved fishing, hunting, and traveling. They needed a cooler that was would stand up to the test of time and heat. All of the coolers they used would usually need to be replaced every year, and the lack of the cooler’s ability to keep things cool for a long period of time inspired them to create their own brand of gear that would last.

That being said, these guys are the pros of equipment that shines when put to the test. The YETI Tundra 45 Cooler is available in six beautiful colors and has a sleek easy design. But, besides the looks of the thing, this cooler will allow you to keep your bait, catch or a few cans cool throughout the time on the water.

The 45 cooler can hold up to 26 cans when following the suggested 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio. There are of course many different types of brands and prices. You are sure one to find that fits your needs.

7. Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag

Earth Pak Waterproof Dry Bag$18.99-$22.99

When out on the water, things tend to get pretty wet. While this is expected, there are some things that you just can’t afford to have wet and soggy. This completely waterproof bag allows you to store things such as electronics, food and a change of clothes completely clean and dry.

This amazing brand and product are not only completely useful and essential, but these bags come in seven clean and beautiful colors and two different sizes and with a waterproof phone case on Amazon. The 10L pack is $15-$20 and the 20L pack is $20-$25

This backpack is perfect for taking out on the water. Not only is it waterproof, but it has a compression feature that keeps everything packed tight inside. That means that even in the 10L pack, so much can be packed inside. This means that out on your bass boat, you have a place to put anything away safe and sound for it to not get wet.

8. Driftmaster T-250-H T-Bar System Rod Holders

Driftmaster Rod Holders$150-$160

Anglers in professional tournaments often use rod holders just like this, or even this exact rod holder. Driftmaster has made a very useful system that allows four rods to be held firmly and secured to your bass boat at a time. This specific rod holder is two-feet high. It is also strong and versatile which allows you to have the versatility of where you place and cast your rod. This system is available on Amazon for $150.52.

9. MinnKota Edge Bow-Mount Trolling Motor with Foot Control

MinnKota Trolling Motor with Foot Control$480-$500

This motor with foot control is very handy, especially when it comes to fishing. MinnKota is one of the quietest trolling motors on the market today. It is crucial to be quiet as possible so as to sneak up on the fish, and not scare them away.

Many suggest getting a foot control for your motor, no matter what the motor is. This allows it to be driven like a car. While driving the boat like a car with a foot pedal, it makes it easy because we’re so used to it that it’s often mindless work. The MinnKota Edge Motor has a speed control dial, plus a heel block and a momentary on and off button.

Because this is designed so well, and because it functions so quietly, the price is a little steep, but it is very much worth it. On Amazon, this effortless motor costs $480-$500

10. Hummingbird HELIX 7 Chirp SI/GPS G2 Combo

Hummingbird HELIX Combo$600-$610

This quality pack includes a high-quality fish finder and a GPS. On Pontoonopedia, Bill Lewandowski writes of this combo saying the following.

“[This combo is] lightweight, impact resistant, and has some of the best Amazon reviews I have ever seen on a fish-finder product… I rank it as one of the best bass boat accessories that money can buy.”

Bill Lewandowski

According to Bill Lewandowski, the following is included in this combo package.

  • 800H x 480V, 7″ 256 color display plus backlight
  • CHIRP side/down imaging and DualBeam PLUS sonar
  • 4000 watts PTP power output
  • Precision Internal GPS chart-plotting with built-in UniMap cartography
  • Micro SD card slot for optional maps or for saving way-points

This product makes it much easier to manage the water and fish as you’re out boating on the water. With high-tech GPS, you’ll never lose yourself on the water, and with the quality camera system, you’ll be able to keep a close eye on your possible catches.

11. Stayput Shallow Water Anchor

Anchor from the Bow$150.00- $259.99
Anchor from the Stern$150.00- $259.99

This is a great accessory for when going fishing out on shallow water. Again, when fishing, things to need to be quiet and calm. So wind or any disturbances can cause a disrupt in the fishing. So, when fishing you want your boat to be completely still. This accessory aids in helping you accomplish.

This Stayput Shallow Water Anchor allows you to effortlessly anchor your boat. All that it takes is a push of a button. Professional angler boats use these during tournaments because they are so efficient and useful.

“Two of these anchors will make your boat unmovable, so they’re definitely worth the investment.”


These great accessories are sold at Stayput’s website. They sell both bow/deck mounts and stern mounts. This allows you to possibly get an anchor on the front and back of your boat, rendering your boat immovable.

12. GoFree Hooked App

This app is a gem for both weekend and professional anglers. On the app, there are tools that allow anglers to track your position and record your catches. It lets you log states, photos, and even location markers. It also provides a competitive community for anglers and friends to get together, in a sense, and share their passion for fishing.

13. Power-Pole Hydraulic Anchors

The Power-Pole Hydraulic Anchors are very popular in the angler community. This anchoring system is above the rest. It is probably one of the most expensive accessories you can get for your bass boat, but it is also one of the most useful accessories. If you have a chunk of your budget money left, this is one accessory you’ll never regret getting.


  • ultra lightweight design
  • powder coated finish
  • down and away deployment
  • drive-off protection


  • 2-button Key Fob Remote
  • advanced dash switch
  • new hydraulic pump
  • heavy-duty hydraulic hose
  • Bluetooth

“The slightest sound can be the difference between catching that lunker and sending those fish scattering. When precision and stealth matter the Pro II delivers. Claim your spot at the top of the food chain while you’re prowling in fresh or saltwater with the swift, silent and secure anchoring of the Power-Pole Pro Series II. Designed for lasting performance with the seasoned angler in mind, the Pro II will take a beating and ask for seconds.”

4 ft.$1499.99
6 ft.$1599.99
8 ft.$1699.99

14. Rejuvenate Marine Heavy Duty Soap

As a boat owner, especially a bass boat owner, one knows that one of the most important things is to keep your boat clean and free from grime and infection. The Rejuvenate Marine Heavy Duty Soap is one accessory that is truly more of a necessity. This soap is not only safe to use on your boat, but it works like a charm every time.

Rejuvenate promises that their marine soap will wash away salt, dirt, bird droppings, and any other grime that gathers causing your boat to shine like the day you bought it. They have a whole collection of products that allow you to keep your boat shining from bow to stern. They all can be found and bought here!

Marine Bilge Cleaner and Degreaser32 oz$13.99
Marine Fabric Guard Spray-on Application24oz$25.99
Marine Boat Hull Cleaner32 oz$15.99
Marine Boat Vinyl Conditioner16 oz$19.99
Marine Concentrated Fish Box Deodorizer32 oz$14.99
Marine Boat Mildew Stain Remover24 oz$19.99

Bilge Cleaner and Degreaser

  • Cleans, degreases, removes sludge
  • uses nanotechnology
  • non-toxic
  • eliminates orders and leaves a clean scent
  • perfect for once a month bilge cleaning

Fabric Guard Spray-on Application

  • restores natural and synthetic fabrics ability to repel water
  • uses nanotechnology formula
  • sprays on for an easy application
  • prevents mold growth
  • safe for all fibers, natural and synthetic

Boat Hull Cleaner

  • uses nanotechnology formula
  • cleans fiberglass, metal and gel coat
  • removes algae, rust, fish blood, water scum lines and more
  • sprays on for an easy application
  • no heavy scrubbing needed or required
  • leaves smooth finish

Boat Vinyl Conditioner

  • moisturizes softens, and conditions leather and vinyl
  • restores boat seats
  • doesn’t leave an oily residue
  • spray-on for easy application
  • nanotechnology formula
  • can be used in automobile interiors as well

Concentrated Fish Box Deodorizer

  • instant elimination of all undesired or foul odors
  • uses nanotechnology formula
  • leaves behind a fresh and clean scent
  • no hard scrubbing required
  • cleans livewells, fish boxes, coolers, and deck boxes
  • deodorizes plastic, vinyl and fiberglass surfaces

Boat Mildew Stain Remover

  • removes mildew stains on contact on all surfaces
  • uses nanotechnology formula
  • spray on makes for easy application
  • cleans and protects all boat surfaces
  • safe to use on all natural and synthetic fabrics

15. T-H Marine Universal Hot Foot Throttle System

Universal Hot Foot Throttle System$159.99

Many boaters know and believe that a foot throttle is a safer and more manageable way to control a boat. This accessory transforms any outboard throttle system into a floor gas pedal, as well as even some inboard systems. Professionals use this type of accessory very often as it allows for a better boating experience.

This specific foot throttle system is sold at Cabela’s for $159.99. Many foot throttles are not universal and specific ones have to be found for specific boats, etc. But, this universal food throttle makes it easy to use no matter the needs or circumstances.

The product research specialist team at Cabela’s did some research on this product to study to see really how effective it is and what it’s all about. The reported the following.

  • Dimensions: 11″ long x 6″ wide x 9.313″ high
  • Foot pedal: 9″ high x 4″ wide
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs.
  • Made of anodized aluminum
  • Toe clip added for safety.
  • Fits most outboards HF-1
  • Hot Foot throttle requires a throttle cable 2 ft. longer than shift cable.

16. Minn Kota Digital Linear Onboard Battery Charger

MinnKota Digital Battery Charger$149.99

While we did discuss keeping an extra battery on board (which is still very important) it’s also a good idea to keep a battery charger on board as well. This can really be a lifesaver when things get tricky out on the water. Minn Kota makes a great battery charger.

The Minn Kota Digital Linear Onboard Battery Charger is known for bringing dead batteries back to life twice as fast as other digital chargers. You also never have to worry about over or under charging a battery, because when the battery is fully charged the charger shuts off.

This battery charger is sold on Bass Pro Shops for $149.99. It is 11.5″ x 7.5″ x 4″. It has 2 banks and 5 amps for ultimate usability. It is digitally controlled, waterproof, shock and vibration-resistant aluminum construction. It is fully saltwater-tested and corrosion-resistant.

17. Boss Audio Systems

Boss Audio System$80-$95

When fishing out on the water, especially bass fishing, it is crucial to be absolutely stealthy and silent. But, when you’re out relaxing in the sun on the water, or going from one fishing spot to the next, sometimes it’s nice to pull out some of your favorite tunes. This Boss Audio System has it all.

Although the boss audio system isn’t currently being sold online, it is normally sold on Bass Pro Shops. It is also sold on Amazon. This Bluetooth system is compatible with almost all smartphone or MP3 player. It can also play CDs, has a USB port and AUX cable. It’s detachable, has two speakers, and remote control.

This system allows you to blast whatever music you want, however, you want. This accessory allows you to really make your boat personal to you.

18. Worth Original Anchormate

Worth Original Anchormate$79.99

This accessory helps anglers to pull up an anchor. This anchormate has a reel that retrieves the anchor without a lot of heaving and sweating. It mounts onto the bow. This mount locks the anchor into place when it’s not in use. The Worth Original anchormate can hold anchors that are up to 12 pounds. So while this may not be suited for all bass boats, it is perfect for smaller bass boats.

This accessory is sold for $79.99 on Bass Pro Shops. It is easy to use as it is simply a reel that pulls the anchor in. It fits flat and curved hulls. The surface it takes when mounted is 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 5.5″.

19. TH-Marine Pedestal Base Plug

Marine Pedestal Base Plug$10-$15

Although it’s a minor inconvenience, it is annoying when water collects in the seat base when the seat is not set up in your bass boat. If not watched and taken care of, damage can be done to these seat bases. But, TH has solved this problem with this smart invention. This base plug is molded and solves any threat of rusting or corrosion.

This base plug is sold on Amazon for a great deal. It is sold for $10$15. This plug allows everything to keep clean and as good as brand new.

20. TH-Marine LED Trolling Motor Light

This accessory is great for early takeoffs, late-night trailer loading, and navigating your way through the water at dawn or dusk. TH marine makes a low-key and inexpensive way to enhance low light situations. This is a super important and essential as it can allow you to take your adventures into the morning and the night. It allows you to navigate the water safely no matter the lighting conditions.

21. Engler Cooler Backpack

Engler Cooler Backpack$155-160

The Engler Cooler Backpack is a great thing to bring along on your boat too. This accessory will allow for your adventures to last as long as you want. This backpack/bag can keep ice cold for up to a mind-blowing three days. It uses an advanced liner in the bag that is puncture-resistant and has microbial protection. This backpack is great for holding up to 24 cans of your favorite beverage at once. With up to 24 cans of beverages that can stay cold for up to three days, the party never has to end.

These backpacks are sold for $155-$160 on Amazon. It comes in several colors and holds up to 23-quart capacity. This allows for plenty of room for fresh snacks to enjoy while out on the water. The shoulder straps for when wearing it as a backpack are padded and very breathable. Best of all, the lining is removable which makes clean up incredibly easy.

These twenty-one accessories will allow you to make your adventures last longer, your adventures will be more beneficial and overall your whole boating experience will be improved.

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