17 Perfect Gift Ideas for Dirt Bikers (Some Under $20!)

dirt biker gifts
Christmas gifts for dirt bike riders

Picking out a present for a loved one can be difficult sometimes. My brother is a dirt biking enthusiast. I looked everywhere to find him a present he would love, and I thought I would share some of the ideas I found.

Here are 17 Perfect Gift Ideas for Dirt Bikers:

Gift IdeasPrice Range
1. Grips
$9 – $15
2. Gloves$20- $60
3. Boot Wash Stand$30 – $40
4. Magazine Subscription$20 – $25
5. Dirt Bike Graphic Tee$10 – $20
6. Dirt Bike Car Accessories$4 – $20
7. Fork Support Brace$13 – $20
8. Dirt Bike Goggles$20 – $40
9. Hydration Backpack$20 – $50
10. Tickets to a Supercross Event$40 – $60
11. Foot Pegs$80 – $300
12. Gear Bag$60 – $100
13. Truck Ramp$100 – $160
14. Gear Combo$100 – $150
15. Action Cameras$150 – $500
16. Bike Boots$140 – $500
17. Dirt Bike Helmet$60 – $300

Dirt Bike Rider Gifts Under $20

Getting someone a good present doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank. There are a lot of great ideas out there for dirt bike lovers that are very friendly on your wallet.

Not only are they fun but they are also practical. Check out the list below for great ideas that are under $20!

1. Dirt Bike Grips

Getting new grips for your dirt biker is almost always a great idea. Grips on bikes can get worn out fast, especially if the rider goes out often.

You don’t always have to get a brand name set of grips either. What you should really look at are the size and the reviews. You want to make sure you get good quality grips so you can get your money’s worth out of them.

Black grips is always a safe bet because they’ll go with anything!

You’ll probably want to pay attention to the colors, too. If your husband has a green dirt bike, you probably want to stick with the same color scheme or go with black.

Here are some grips that are under $20:

2. Dirt Biker Gloves

gifts for dirt bike riders
dirt bike gloves

Gloves are similar to grips in the way that they wear out, and getting a new pair will always be appreciated.

Wearing a good pair of gloves while dirt biking can help protect hands from blisters, and any abrasions. They can also protect hands from sunburns on long, sunny rides. Gloves are mostly for grip, and on long rides and while doing tricks, they are super helpful.

If you are someone who worries about your dirt biker while they’re out riding, gloves are a nice, inexpensive way to make sure they’ll have a little bit more safety.

The expense of buying new gloves can vary. Some brands will cost more than others, especially if they are well known.

It’s probably a good idea to make sure what color of riding gear your dirt bike enthusiast has before purchasing a pair. Or go with a neutral color to be safe.

Here are a couple of different options of gloves:

There are also some really expensive, really nice gloves out there on the market. You could definitely splurge on a pair, but it’s not necessary. Often, you’re just paying more for the brand.

However, you might have a slightly picky person to get a gift for, so I’ll give you a couple of links for the expensive, high-end dirt bike gloves. These have a bit more padding and are for more professional-level dirt bikers.

Click here to view the KLIM Inversion Pro Glove priced around $90

Click here to see the awesome Joe Rocket Rocket Burner Gloves for about $150

3. Boot Wash Stand

If the person you are trying to buy a gift for is someone that you live with, consider getting a boot washstand. A stand like this will make it easier for everyone to clean those dirty boots at the end of a long day.

The boot wash stand is designed to hold the boots bottoms-up, so you can power wash the sole of the boot without getting the inside wet.

You can let them dry, and even store them on the stand if you don’t have a place to put the boots after riding. Some of the dirt trapped inside will come out, too, since it is held upside down.

This will definitely alleviate some of the problems of getting the house messy with footprints and dirt after riding, and it will also help the boots to stay dry and not get soggy and mildewy.

Check out this boot wash stand. It’s good quality for its price. It is currently selling for about $35.00 and this website price matches if you can find a better deal.

You can also build your own boot wash stand out of PVC pipe and PVC cement.

Watch this video to get an idea of how it works:

If you are not a DIY type of person, it might just be best to go with ordering a pre-made, true and tested boot wash stand.

4. Magazine Subscription

If your loved one is an avid reader and likes to learn all about dirt bikes, riding, new products, and current events in the dirt biking world, this will be a perfect present.

Something great about getting a subscription is that it’s like getting a whole series of gifts. Your rider will remember the present that you got him or her every month.

A great place to get a magazine subscription is Amazon. Amazon is amazing because it lets you make a one time purchase but it won’t automatically renew or anything, so you won’t have to worry about that unless you want another year.

Here are a couple of great dirt bike magazine yearly subscriptions available on Amazon, under $25:

5. Dirt Bike Graphic Tee

gift for dirt bike rider
dirt bike rider shirts

A lot of Supercross fans would like to express their love with a t-shirt, whether that be a shirt with a funny and clever saying or a favorite brand. I have a good buddy of mine that wears Fox and Thor shirts every time I see him.

So, if you’re looking for funny shifts, you can check out the Amazon. They have a ton of options for both men and women. They are also very cheaply priced.

I picked out a couple of shirts that are clever, so you can just go straight to them.

Maybe you know that your biker won’t want a funny t-shirt. There are still a lot of options.

A good resource is to go to his or her favorite brand’s website. Thor, Fox, O’Neal, Yamaha, Honda are some of the most popular brands.

You can also check out these shirts; they are more “serious” shirts.

6. Dirt Bike Car Accessories

A lot of lovers of dirt bikes want to show their enthusiasm in other ways, too. Adding something to a car, like a sticker with the name of his or her favorite brand, can make an amazing gift, and something they can see often.

It could be more than just a sticker, something a little less permanent for someone who likes to change things up. There are literally thousands of options.

Here are a couple of ideas that are affordable and fun:

Really, there are a ton of items that are dirt bike themed, a great resource to buy these products is Cafe Press. They have lots of things and it’s easy to filter out for a gift that your dirt biker will love.

7. Fork Support Brace

This is one practical and inexpensive gift. If you are unfamiliar with what a fork support brace is, it’s basically a gizmo invented to help a dirt bike while it’s being transported.

A fork support brace is placed in between the front tire and front fender. It allows the bike to be strapped down without messing with the forks and suspension. It’s a gift that not everyone will think of it and it really is very useful.

This is an awesome gift that not everyone will think of.

This article is super helpful if you are still a little unclear on what the brace does and if you need it.

There a couple of options out there if you are searching for a Fork Support Brace. A great option is the Pit Posse PP106 Motocross Brace. It’s Amazon’s choice with 4-star ratings. It’s only $12.95 and has free shipping available.

The SRT Fork Saver Support comes in a bright blue color. It’s got 5-star ratings, so it is the top item on this list. It is also the most expensive at $15.40.

Check out this fork support brace. It’s super affordable and has 4-stars. It’s bright orange but it’s not on the bike all the time, so it should not be a problem. It’s priced at $13.99 currently.

Dirt Bike Lover Gifts Under $100

These items are a bit pricier but are definitely worth it. If you can spend the money on any of these items, your dirt bike rider will surely love it. At under $100, these gift ideas would make awesome birthday or anniversary presents.

8. Dirt Bike Goggles

dirt bike goggles

Dirt bike goggles are a great present that looks pretty expensive but really is not. A lot of them fall in the $15 – $30 range which is not bad at all.

Goggles are something that can get worn out over time and they get beat up on hard trails. Plus the band and foam can get pretty gross after a while.

So here are some great dirt bike goggles on the market that your rider is sure to love:

9. Hydration Backpack for Dirt Bike Riders

dirt bike rider gifts

If your dirt bike fan does not already have a hydration pack or has a really old one, a hydration pack is not only great but necessary as well. Dirt biking in the sun all day in long sleeves and heavy boots will definitely make you hot and thirsty.

Instead of having to figure out where to stick a water bottle, or having to constantly stop for water breaks, get a hydration backpack. That way there is no searching for water or any added bulkiness.

Hydration packs are not cumbersome and they have clasps to stay put, no matter how fast you are going.

Most people think of hydration backpacks when they are going on long hikes, but this item is actually used frequently by dirt bikers.

Here are some of the best hydration packs on the market:

As you can tell, it won’t break the bank and it’ll make sure that your rider is staying healthy out there.

10. Tickets to a Supercross Event

This is my personal favorite gift idea on this list. To me, experiencing a live event is an amazing present. Bonus points if it’s one as intense as Supercross!

This is actually something I did for my brother. Plus, you can always get another ticket and tag along.

All sorts of cool things happen at MX and Supercross events, tricks, racing. It’s really a fun environment to be in.

Another option is to go see NitroCircus if they are in your area. NitroCircus is a group of insanely talented individuals that do dirt bike tricks, car tricks, skateboard, you name it.

Don’t believe me? Check out their tour trailer from 2017. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7jBa56IA-80

These tickets will average at $50-60. Buying in advance will help with the expense.

Click here to see a list of Supercross events happening in 2023-2024.

11. Foot Pegs for Dirt Bikes

dirt bike gift
dirt bike rider Christmas gifts

Footpegs can be for accessorizing. Maybe you have heard your biker say they’d like some new ones, and you have the money to spend on that.

Another reason someone might need new foot pegs is that they get worn out. Boot bottoms can definitely do some damage after repeatedly hitting the pegs. Especially if you are doing tricks and things, having good pegs that really catch your feet is important.

This great present helps with safety.

So, if your biker does some tricks out in the dunes or trails, maybe get some new foot pegs. It’s a great present, and it helps with safety.

Check out these JFG Racing Footpegs. They are currently priced under $80. This is actually a very good price. Some foot pegs can be as much as $300.

These IMS Super Stock Pegs are under $75. You definitely have some cost-friendly options. You’ll have to check compatibility before you purchase, just to make sure your gift will actually work for your rider.

12. Gear Bag for Dirt Bike Riders

Gear bags are so nice to help a dirt biker stay organized. It’s also a great way to make sure that something like gloves to get left behind. I have done that before.

A gear bag is a good place to have everything a rider needs for dirt biking so he or she could just grab the bag after loading the bike and go.

So when you are picking a gear bag, make sure it’s got plenty of space for everything. It’s also a good idea to get one that has different pockets, so small things don’t get lost in the depths of the bag.

This Factory FMX Motorcross Gear Bag is just under $90. The bag comes in blue, red, and yellow. Factory Racing is a well-known brand and their stuff is pretty heavy duty. This is definitely a great option.

Here are a couple of other bags that are still friendly on your wallet:

13. Truck Ramp for Dirt Bikes

Ramps are so nice to have for riders. It makes it a million times easier to load a dirt bike into a truck or a trailer if there is a ramp.

If your rider has a truck and does not have a ramp, consider this gift. They really aren’t that expensive, and most of them fold up so they don’t take up a ton of room.

Just make sure you know the approximate weight of the bike so you get a ramp that is built to hold up that much weight.

Here are my top 3 ramps with current prices:

Dirt Bike Rider Gifts over $100

These items are definitely what dirt bikers dreams are made of. They come with a bigger price tag but they are so worth it.

14. Gear Combo

dirt bike rider gifts
Christmas gift for dirt bike riders

Getting a good gear combo will melt your riders heart. Plus, there are a ton of options out there, with colors and brands, that it’s easy to find a combo that your rider doesn’t have already.

Gear combos include pants and long-sleeve jersey, and some include gloves if you’re lucky.

Old outfits can get sweaty and gross over time, so if it’s been a while since you bought the old one, this would be a great present idea.

Here are a couple of well-loved dirt bike gear combos:

15. Action Cameras

This is one of the best gifts that you can get your dirt bike if you have the money. Action cameras are a great way for riders to relive their time out on the bike. My buddy loves to create montage videos after every summer of riding with his.

So, if your dirt bike riding friend does not have an action camera already, this is the best gift that you can get.

Here is some video footage that was taken with the GoPro HERO7 – it’s pretty awesome.

Even if you get an off-brand camera, your rider will be in Heaven. These cameras are so fun and durable. They are a bit more expensive but you get a great pay-off.

16. Dirt Bike Boots

dirt bike boots
gifts for dirt bike lovers

If you are going to get some new dirt bike boots, you need to get some high-quality boots. These boots have to go through a lot, and if they are not high-quality, they won’t hold up for a long time.

If your rider is super into dirt biking, this is a big thing. If not, it’s okay to buy a $120 pair.

It’s a lot easier to buy a pair of boots because as long as you know the right shoe size, you’re in the clear. There isn’t a lot of preference that goes into this decision.

Here are my recommendations for top-tier dirt biking boots:

If you wanted a recommendation for a less expensive pair of boots, check out these Answer 2021 AR1 Boots for about $120.

17. Dirt Bike Helmet

dirt bike helmet
gift for dirt bike riders

Helmets make really good presents because helmets get smelly, gross and banged up. It also can give you comfort if your husband or child is wearing a really nice helmet that is dent free.

These can vary in prices by quite a lot. Top brands have helmets over $100 which is why it lands on this section of the list.

However, there really are some cheap options, they just aren’t by big brands, so I will include some suggestions for both kinds.

Here are my choices for the top 3 high-end Dirt Bike helmets:

Here are some more affordable options that are still highly recommended:

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve found that perfect gift for the dirt bike rider in your life!

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