11 Perfect Travel Trailers with Murphy Beds


Having some extra space while you are staying in your trailer is much needed. Feeling cramped is no fun, which is why murphy beds in your trailer are so useful. With a Murphy bed, there’s more room during the non-sleep hours. Here are our top 11 trailers that have Murphy beds.

Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer 238MBS44,474 lbs25 ft 5 inches
Forest River RV Salem Cruise Lite 171RBXL44,092 lbs23 ft
Grand Design Imagine XLS 19RLE44,210 lbs23 ft 5 inches
Jayco Jay Feather 23BHM64,980 lbs26 ft 3 inches
Keystone RV Passport 199ML Express43,904 lbs22.75 ft
Prime Time RV Tracer Breeze 22MDB74,213 lbs22 ft 11 inches
Venture RV Sonic SN200VML43,450 lbs23 ft 4 inches
Forest River RV Rockwood Ultra Lite 2304DS45,195 lbs25 ft 1 inch
Forest River RV Flagstaff MICRO LITE 21DS44,304 lbs22 ft 4 inches
Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB22,670 lbs19 ft 9 inches
Forest River RV Rockwood Geo PRO 19FD32,829 lbs20 ft

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating vs. Dry Weight?

Before we get into our top travel trailers with Murphy beds, let’s quickly touch on gross vehicle weight and dry weight. It important to understand both, so you are not looking to purchase an RV that your vehicle can’t handle.

GVWR stands for Gross Vehicle Weight Rating and refers to the maximum weight allowed of both your RV and cargo. Cargo needs to include the weight of your belonging, camping gear, passengers, and anything in your tanks (fresh water tank, grey tank, black tank). I always recommend traveling with near empty, if not empty, tanks.

Dry weight is also referred to as UVW, which refers to the weight of the trailer or RV alone. This does not include cargo, propane tanks, or another upgraded accessories.

12. Forest River RV XLR Micro Boost 29LRLE

This 34 foot travel trailer with toy hauler sleeps up to 4 people. Highlights of this trailer include a Murphy bed for both comfort and convenience, a 13 ft. separate garage (perfect for all your toys), duel entry, fireplace, and flip-up sofa.

Dry weight is 6,718 pounds and has a CCC of 4,822 pounds. Comes equipped with large tanks: 50 gallon fresh water tank, 38 gallon black water tank, and 76 gallon grey water tank.

Has a 20,000 btu furnace and 3 burner cooktop to boot.

11. Coachmen Apex Ultra-Lite Travel Trailer 238MBS 

The Apex is a good sized 25’ 6” trailer that is lightweight and tows well. This would be great for a couple considering its size. You could have the kids sleep on the couch or sofa but if you don’t have little ones running around then this will be perfect. The dry weight is 4,472 lbs and it can hold up to 50 gallons of freshwater and 35 gallons each of grey and black water.

One of the great features about this trailer is that the placement of the bed and the front door. If you are like me in any way at all, you don’t like the idea of getting dirt or anything not clean around your bed. Of course, it is not possible to keep everything away from the bed but if you can keep it clean, the better off you will be.

So the reason why the placement of the bed and the front door is genius is that the shower is right next to the front door. Open the door, walk-in, and then you’re at the shower.

Let’s say you have some young children who just got themselves super dirty and you tense up because you do not want them to get dirt all over your trailer. Well, since you’ve got the shower right there, you can tell them to go take off the dirty clothes or even shower.

It’s genius and it keeps dirt away from the sleeping area. I’m impressed by the layout of the Apex Ultra-Lite 238MBS. Also in the entryway is a closet where you can put all of the shoes and everything else you do not want further into the trailer. It keeps things cleaner for a little bit longer.

Let’s talk about the Murphy bed itself. It 60” by 80”. It can fit two adults. The great thing about the Apex Ultra-Lite is that underneath, holding up the bed is a sofa.

The bed has support holding it up and then during the day you can fold up the bed into the wall and have a nice sofa for you to sit on and watch a movie.

10. 2019 Forest River RV Salem Cruise Lite 171RBXL

This travel trailer is perfect for you and your significant other! This one is a little smaller at 22’ 5”. This is the perfect trailer to get away in and like all of the rest of these travel trailers, it has a Murphy bed.

It has a dry weight of 3,836 lbs making it a pretty lightweight model. It holds 38 gallons of freshwater and 30 gallons of both grey water and black water.

The Murphy bed is 60” by 74”. There is plenty of room for two. It folds up nicely and it is also like it is not there, which is the point of the Murphy bed. Like the previous travel trailer, there is a sofa underneath. The sofa is 56 inches.

One of the perks of the Forest River Salem Cruise is the storage space. Overall it has a smart layout of helpful things like end tables, closets, and the linen closet. There are two overhead cabinets as well.

I think that the end tables make a really great addition to the bed. What if you are watching something and you have a drink? Drinks always seem to spill on a soft surface that you are sitting on but if you have an end table, problem solve.

Plus, when you are sleeping and if you have glasses or even an alarm clock, it is useful to have an end table. It is not necessary but it is a nice addition to the whole travel trailer.

Another great feature that just puts the icing on the cake of this beautiful RV is the 10 ft power awning. It is placed right in the middle with the entry to the trailer off to the right side underneath it.

If it rains, it will keep the area walking into the trailer a little drier and if you want to be outside but not wet. Also, you can set down a mat to keep the dirt and grass out of your trailer. I would recommend a Camco Reversible Outdoor Patio Mat. It has a few different designs to choose from.

9. 2019 Grand Design Imagine XLS 19RLE

The Grand Design Imagine XLS is a luxury of a RV. It has so many little touches that I think are really cool that I will get into in a bit. The size of this thing is 23’ 6” and the dry weight 4,210 lbs. It will hold up to 43 gallons of freshwater, 39 gallons of gray water and 37 gallons of black water.

The Murphy bed is there right when you walk in. I am personally not a fan of having the bed in the front next to the door but it is not a huge deal. It is just a spacing thing for me. I think with the Murphy bed up and the sofa put into place will allow for more room. The bed is 60” by 80” which will fit pretty much all sheets.

Right next to the Murphy bed are cabinets on both sides and drawers right below them. There are also two drawers under the couch. There is also a TV on a swingarm that is mounted to the wall a couple of feet away from the couch.

In the back of the travel trailer, there is a nice u-shaped dinette with wrap around seating. You could fit a ton of people or other stuff back here.

The bathroom is really nice too. Basically there are fancy lights in different places like the bed which has a normal light and a blue light for nighttime.

There are speakers outside under the 16’ awning. It’s a really nice travel trailer. It has everything you need and then some. Here is a video of a fantastic Canadian guy giving you a tour of how great the Grand Design Imagine XLS 19RLE is:

Hopefully, this video helps you get a better idea.

8. Jayco Jay Feather 23BHM

The Jayco Jay Feather also has a Murphy Bed. This particular Jay Feather is pretty long. It’s actually just short of being 29 feet – 28 feet and 8 inches.

Since it is a bit longer, it will be a heavier trailer to pull. The dry weight is 5,076 lbs. You should probably add an extra 1,500 lbs with all your equipment and water on board. That being said, you will need a heavy-duty truck.

The overall floorplan for this trailer is quite spacious. The murphy bed comes down on top of the sofa in the trailer. This is great because it is out of the way and hardly noticeable, even when it is folded up to the wall.

When the bed is folded down, there is a privacy curtain as well so there are some ways to separate and a way to block out the noise. You can also see the TV from atop the Murphy bed which makes it nice for a family movie night or a way to pass the time if it’s raining outside.

This trailer is perfect for a bigger sized family, especially if you have kids. The Jayco Jay Feather sleeps 7 people. So not only does this trailer have a Murphy bed, but it also has a set of bunk beds.

The bunk beds are double size as well! You can either spread out or squish some munchkins into the beds to fit more people. Whatever works best for your family.

There is a bathroom in the back by the bunkbeds. It has a good-sized shower for a trailer.

The kitchen is also some good room in the kitchen area. Overall, it’s a fantastic trailer.

Here are some other great perks to this Jay Feather:

  • Dinette
  • 3 Top Cooktop Burner
  • Power Awning
  • TV included
  • Sofa
  • Options for an Outdoor Kitchen
  • Night Stand/Storage Area

Jay Feathers has 4-stars. Different years have different ratings but 2019 has 5 Stars. To see the rating for each individual year, click here.

7. 2019 Keystone RV Passport 199ML Express

This Keystone RV Passport is a smaller size than some of the other trailers on the list at 22 ft and 9 inches. Because it is smaller, it is easier to tow.

The dry weight of this Keystone is 3,930 lbs, so it will probably be around 4,600 lbs when it is ready to rock and roll. A lot of people like that about this trailer, because there are more trucks that are able to tow it, and it is not as hard on the truck.

The overall floorplan is fairly open because of the Murphy bed. The sofa is visible when the Murphy bed is tucked away, and leaves a nice entry space right by the door.

Across from the door is the Dinette. It’s U-Shaped, like a circular dinning booth, so it can fit everybody comfortably at dinner. The Dinnete is expandable.

This trailer is for a smaller sized family. It sleeps 4 people in beds. However, it is a VERY nice travel trailer for 4 people. There is a tub/shower combo in the full bathroom and lots of storage space.

Not only is there a wardrobe near the bathroom, but there is also pass-thru storage near the Murphy bed. This means there will be a lot of places to store your gear and keep it nice and tidy inside.

Here are some other perks of the Keystone RV Passport 199ML:

  • Slide-out
  • 3 Burner stovetop
  • Hardwood cabinet doors
  • Option for an outdoor shower
  • Full-sized bathroom
  • 43-gallon freshwater capacity
  • Flatscreen TV

To see all the specifications or to purchase this trailer, click here.

6. 2019 Prime Time RV Tracer Breeze 22MDB

This Forest River is a medium-sized travel trailer. At 25 ft and 8 inches, it is on the mid spectrum when it comes to trailers on the list. However, it is a great trailer. The Prime Time Tracer Breeze is great for big families.

It weighs 4,374 lbs without any gear on it. You should count on at least 1,500 extra lbs when you are trying to figure out the gross weight. The water tank on this guy is 48 gallons so that will add about 400 lbs just by itself.

The floorplan shows a bed near the entryway, towards the front of the trailer. This bed is a Murphy bed, so it will be nice and tucked away until you need it.

During the day, there is a big sofa and lots of wardrobe storage. There are even end tables. The extra touches and attention to details are what makes this a perfect travel trailer.

That being said, this trailer only holds 7, so keep that in mind before purchasing. It’s meant for a lot of people.

One thing else that will make you want this trailer is the bathroom in the back. The bathroom takes up a nice space in the back. The shower is pretty spacious for a trailer.

In the back is where you will find double bunk beds. This is where you will have a lot of your guests stay.

The kitchen is nice too, a good space to cook. There are some small pantries.

The dinette is a little small for 7 people but with the sofa, there will be some more room to sit.

Here are some extra features, in case you need to fall even more in love with the Tracer Breeze:

  • Full bath
  • Option for outdoor speakers
  • 56-inch couch
  • Storage
  • Pass-thru storage.

5. 2017 Venture RV Sonic SN200VML

The sonic SN200VML is a 23ft trailer that streamlines all the necessities that you could want in a trailer. Entering the trailer you have the refrigerator to your left and the bathroom right in front of you.

With 7 cubic feet of storage in the refrigerator, you’ll be able to store plenty of food for your travels. It also has a dry weight of 3,760 lbs.

The bathroom, located opposite the door on the rear passenger side of the trailer, is minimalistic in nature. You have a sink, medicine cabinet, toilet, and radius shower. Small simple and effective.

The living area is separated by an accordion door so that you can separate yourself from your other guests or keep your sleeping quarters dark. Here you have your Murphy bed which will reach queen size when fully unfolded at 60” to 75” in length.

The Murphy folds beautifully up into the wall with its Murphy bed mattress which gives you the option of lounging on the couch to enjoy whatever screens or other devices that you add to the entertainment center.

You have the kitchen area comprised of a double kitchen sink, two burner range, and overhead cabinets. You can keep your food preparation on the opposite side of the trailer from the entertainment center and couches.

That way you can prepare food with your music playing or make food for the family while looking over at the dramatic parts of the movie.

On the other end of the trailer you have the trailers one slide, a jiffy sofa, and a freestanding table. This is positioned right next to the entertainment center and pantry so you have easy access to any devices that you have brought on your travels.

The trailer continues with a 14’ awning outside allowing for you to have some shade while you spend some time outdoors. This combines well the loads of storage space at the head of the trailer right behind the hitch where you can use the pass-thru storage and overhead cabinets to store larger items that you may want to use outside.

4. 2017 Forest River RV Rockwood Ultra Lite 2304DS

The Rockwood Ultra Lite 2304DS has two slides and a U shaped dinette. This provides a lot of extra space that allows for more amenities within the trailer. When you enter the trailer you have the Murphy bed/ sofa ottoman combo to your left and have the slide of the kitchen out to the the right.

The kitchen space has a three range stove, mid-size refrigerator are a double sink. The pantry is located right by the refrigerator so cold or warm food you’ll be able to store stuff all in the same spot.

The real highlights to this trailer is the amount of space made available for the couch since you have a full u dinette and a 72 inch sofa you are able to easily fit 6 people in your trail to watch whatever it is you are putting on your entertainment center’s screen.

Use this to your advantage by investing in the right devices for your entertain center and enjoying loads of space to lounge on.

When looking at the sleeping size you are only going to be able to fit 4 people. There is plenty of storage space for whatever it is that you want to bring with you available in exterior storage and pass-thru storage.

So keep only the essential on you, but keep the rest of the camper clear so that you’ll have to most space possible for sleeping and lounging.

The camper comes in at a length of 25 ft and 1-inch a width of 8 feet and a height of 11 ft. The dry weight of the camper is 5195 lbs and cargo weight of 1403 lbs. The storage capacity for water is 43 gallons of freshwater. 37 gallons grey water, and 27 black water gallons.

3. 2019 Forest River RV Flagstaff MICRO LITE 21DS

placeholder image until rights are obtained

This trailer comes in at a length of 21 feet and 9 inches. Width of 8 feet, and a height of 10 feet 11 inches. This trailer is the perfect size for 3 or 4 people. It sleeps up to four and has room to fit about 6 people just sitting. The entertainment center is really close to the couch and isn’t visible from u dinette.  

So having four or three people works a little better as you can use the dinette when you need to, or you can use the couch to see anything based on the entertainment center.

The outside amenities of the Flagstaff microlite 21DS are a gas grill 13-foot awning and pass-thru storage. So you’ll be able to enjoy the outdoors without being majorly assaulted by the sun or precipitation.  

The bathroom is in the passenger side rear corner of the trailer with a sink, medicine cabinet,  radius shower, and toilet. It is a bit small but that’s to save space for the “u” dinette and on the passenger side next to the bathroom you have the double sink and the three burner range stove for your kitchen needs.

The double door refrigerator and pantry are on the opposite side of the bathroom from the sinks and stoves. But they are within short reaching distance of your work station providing you with ease of access to the ingredients that you need.

Water storage for this trailer includes freshwater tank holding 43 gallons, gray water of 30 gallons, and a black water tank of 30 gallons.

2. 2018 Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB

The Jayco Hummingbird 16MRB is on the smaller end of these travel trailers that we have mentioned. It is 19.7 ft in length and its dry weight is 2,670 lbs. Naturally, the amount of water it can hold will not be as much. It can hold 25 gallons each of freshwater, greywater, and black water.

The is more on the simple side of travel trailers. It has the Murphy bed which is 60” by 75”. It takes up a good chunk of space but it works well. You will only be about to fit two people to sleep in here because there is only the bed and sofa. The bedsit over the sofa so you can use them individually.

This is the bare minimum you can have. It has what you need but nothing more. If you are someone who prioritizes what you experience outside more than you experience with your trailer.

This is my kind of trailer because I like my experiences outside more than what the trailer can offer me.

1. 2019 Forest River RV Rockwood Geo Pro 19FD


This is a mid-sized travel trailer that is 20’ long. It sleeps about 3 people. The dry weight is 2,829 lbs. The freshwater capacity is 37 gallons and 30 gallons each of the grey water and black water.

This is perfect for camping and it comes with a gas grill to grill up your favorite meal. The Murphy bed is 54” by 72” with a 73” sofa underneath. The entry is right next to the bed as well. There is a 32” dinette which can hold your third person. It has a nice 13’ awning as well.

Because of its smaller size, it can be pulled by a large or mid-sized SUV. If camping is your thing and you use your trailer as a home base at the end of the day, then this trailer should work for you.

I could not find a good spot for the TV but if you are going to spend your days outside, then you probably do not need one.

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