11 Perfect Sledding Spots Near Flagstaff Arizona

sledding spots in flagstaff arizona
best sledding in flagstaff
sledding in flagstaff arizona

Flagstaff is arguably one of the most beautiful towns in Northern Arizona. It is surrounded by gorgeous mountains that offer endless opportunities to enjoy winter activities such as sledding. You don’t have to travel too far to find and enjoy one of the many perfect sledding spots near Flagstaff!

Bundle your family up in your warmest winter gear and try out a few of these magical sledding spots.

Please remember clean up your trash and broken sleds. Numerous sledding locations around the US have been closed because of left over sleds and trash from visitors. Because of this, I will be holding a clean up competition you may find on this page here. The winner of the completion will win $25 to Dicks Dporting Goods.

Be sure to check out our Winter Homepage for more fun winter activities!

1. Crowley Pit (closed for 2021 season)

Closure is due to a monstrous amount of trash and heavy erosion from people using vehicles to climb the hills. Please remember to never leave behind any broken sleds and always take your trash home with you. Not doing so leads to more closures of some great sledding locations.

Also, remember to never sled into any roadways or parking lots. Cars may drive super fast and I don’t want you to put you or your family at risk.

Location: Crowley pit is a scenic 25-minute drive northeast of Flagstaff. It is off of highway 180 just past mile marker 233.

Cost of Crowley Pit: Free


This particular spot is known as one of the best areas to near Flagstaff to sled. For this reason, it can get a little crowded. In order to beat the crowds, it is suggested that you arrive at this sledding spot earlier in the morning (preferably before 11 am.)

Crowley Pit is operated by the US Forest Rangers by the Flagstaff Ranger District and has been closed for extended periods in the past. It should be open to the public as of this year, but it might not be a bad idea to check online before making the drive up.

This favorite spot offers two to three main hills for sledding. One hill is bigger and steeper, while the other is smaller, flatter, and more suitable for the kiddos.

The drive up is absolutely beautiful and will leave you in awe. You will absolutely enjoy the mountain scenery on the sledding hills as well. The thick smell of pine will refresh you as you glide through the powdery snow.

Be sure to bring you plenty of snacks, water, and folding chairs as there are little to no facilities, such as, restrooms, benches, picnic areas, or concessions available.

Because this place is free, sledding is a first come, first serve basis. Parking can get a little dicey, therefore it is good to get there early or go on a week day.

Also, be sure to bring a good sled. Plastic sleds are often destroyed by the snow and leave litter on the slopes. Remember to always respect nature by picking up after yourself.

Things to Know

Highway 180 is the only road going into Flagstaff from that particular direction. It can get very crowded due to the high volume of people driving on it when Snowbowl (a nearby ski resort) closes.

It is suggested that you leave before this ski resort closes in order to beat the traffic.

2. Flagstaff Snow Park

Location: This sledding spot is located 14 minutes south of Flagstaff off of I-17. It is very easy to find if you take exit 337.

Cost: Ticket prices range from $9 to $15 per person depending on age and whether or not you are planning on staying for a whole day or just a half of a day. For more ticketing information visit their website.

Hours: The Flagstaff Snow Park is open from 9 am to 5 pm all days of the week.


Flagstaff Snow Park will leave you and your family in awe. It offers groomed hills and gorgeous views at a reasonable price.

This particular area averages an annual snowfall of about 100 inches. In addition to those 100 inches, they also make their own snow. There will be plenty of snow to play in!

Flagstaff Snow Park is a perfect place for both adults and kids. They offer a variety of tubing hills based upon experience level. There is a kiddie hill that is perfect for the little ones. Various longer and steeper hills are available for those who are more experienced and are seeking a more thrilling ride.

Unlike Crowley Pit, the Flagstaff Snow Park has many services and amenities. They have restrooms, a large outdoor fire pit, picnic areas, food and beverage vendors, and they even sell things like gloves and hats.

Not only can you enjoy the fast-paced nature of tubing, but you can also relax and warm up by the fire pit or grab a bite to eat.

This sledding spot got great ratings online with reviewers raving about how the staff was wonderful and how it is the perfect spot for kids.

In fact, one reviewer says:

“It was excellent. Definitely a place to bring your kids of all ages. Adults can have a blast also. There are many varieties of hills at which to tube down. Long, fast runs for older kids and short runs for very young kits. Porta potties were plentiful.”

Things to Know

This place is a tubing hill. There is no need to bring your own sled. Sleds are included in the initial entry cost.

3. Walker Lake Sledding Area

Location: These informal sledding hills are located 38 minutes north of Flagstaff off of highway 180.

Cost: Free


Walker Lake Sledding Area (also known as Kendrick Watchable Wildlife Area), is a 2000 acre area of land that is owned and kept by the US Forest Service.

This sledding spot is a great place to beat the crowds. It is a little more secluded and thus less popular. One can fully enjoy being in the wilderness and may even see some winter wildlife!

Upon arrival, the nearest sledding hill is located about a mile away from the parking lot. A little hike is required to get to it. Depending on the snow, it may be a good idea to snowshoe or cross country ski to the desired sledding location.

If you prefer not to walk a mile to the sledding hills, the parking lot and surrounding area are great for other snow play activities such as, building a snowman or starting a snowball fight.

There are a few facilities that can be used by the public. There are restrooms, plenty of parking, and the park itself has many paved and dirt trails available for use.

Things to Know

Because Walker Lake Sledding Area is owned by the US Forest Service sleds are not available to rent, therefore you are required to bring your own sled.

Be sure to wear proper winter clothes as there will be a little bit of a walk to get to the actual sledding areas.

4. Oak Hill Snow Play Area

Location: Oak Hill Snow Play Area is located in the picturesque Kaibab National Forest just west of Flagstaff. It is a 25-30 minute drive and is off of I-40.

Cost: Free


Oak Hill Snow Play Area is a very unique place to sled. It used to be an alpine ski area that was operated during the 1950s. The land now serves as a superb sledding area.

The former ski area is perfect for sledding due to its two main sledding hills. One sledding hill is long and steep. This hill is around 900 ft. long and is great for adults who are more experienced with sledding.

The second hill is shorter and less steep. This sled run is more suited for the kiddos to have fun on. It is only 400 ft. and length and is safer.

If you need a break from the excitement of sledding, Oak Hill offers a warming shelter, picnic tables, restrooms, and a fire pit.

Things to Know

Oak Hill Snow Play Area does not allow plastic sleds to be used on the hills. These sleds have a tendency to crack and break, thus leaving a lot of litter on the hills. Instead of plastic, it is suggested that you bring foam or inflatable sleds.

You should be aware of rocks and tree stumps that are sticking up out of the snow. It is smart to only go sledding when there is at least a foot of snow on the ground.

Lastly, sledders are not allowed to build jumps on the hill. This is done in order to ensure the safety of all who want to enjoy sledding at this location.

sledding spots in flagstaff arizona
best sledding in flagstaff
sledding in flagstaff arizona

5. Mormon Lake Lodge

Location: Mormon Lake Lodge is a little further away than the previous spot that has been mentioned but is still well worth visiting. It is about 40 minutes southeast of Flagstaff located off of S Lake Mary Rd.

Cost: It varies depending on the activity and how many people are buying the tickets. Day passes cost $8 per person and $25 for a group of four people or more. Snowmobiling costs $60 to $70 per hour. For more information visit the Mormon Lake Lodge website.

Hours: 9 am – 4 pm


If you want to take your sledding adventure up a notch you should definitely visit Mormon Lake Lodge. Not only are there decent areas to sled but you have the opportunity to go on a one to two-hour snowmobile tour.

This area is full of various choices for winter activities. You also have the option of snowshoeing as well.

Mormon Lake Lodge is located in an extremely beautiful area with tower pine and aspen trees. Being there almost make you feel like you are in the Swiss Alps.

The beauty is what makes this place an ideal location to go sledding. You have a couple of sledding options to choose from.

There are decent hills near the actual lodge or you can explore the surrounding area and find a hill to sled on.

When you are done sledding, it is a must to try the steakhouse. The steakhouse serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There is also a country store and a saloon worth checking out.

The country store is perfect for warming yourself up after a full day of being outside. They offer hot chocolate, snacks, gas, gifts, and even sell winter clothing and supplies.

The saloon comes equipped with a full bar that will leave reminiscing about the day’s activities with your friends and family.

In addition to that, the lodge provides plenty of parking. You won’t want to miss out on this sledding location. Grab your sled, dress warm, and don’t forget your camera.

Things to Know

If cross country skiing is in your plans, the Mormon Lake Lodge offers rentals of skis, boots, poles, and even snowshoes as well.

Sleds are not available to rent, so be sure to bring your own.

6. Benham Snow Play Area

Location: Benham Snow Play Area is located 45 minutes west of Flagstaff right outside of a town called Williams. It is right off of Perkinsville Road.

Cost: Free.


Benham Snow Play area is a wonderful place to go if you want to beat the crowds. Because it is further away from Flagstaff, there are a lot fewer people driving out to sled in that area.

This sledding spot is not only ideal for sledding but is also a great area for snowball fights and other snow activities.

It is located just east of Bill Williams Mountain at an elevation of 7,195 feet. Its location makes it a good place to go if you want to enjoy the snow.

Because this area is secluded and not crowded, it usually means you’ll be able to sled on some nice, untouched, powdery snow.

Things to Know

You should definitely bring your own sled for this one.

If you have further questions about snow conditions or anything else it is recommended that you get in contact with the Coconino National Forest at 928-527-3600.

7. Elk Ridge

Location: Elk Ridge is also located near Williams right off of I-40. It is about a 50-minute drive west of Flagstaff.

Cost: Costs vary depending on multiple factors. Tubing costs anywhere from $50 to $210 for individuals and $200 to $600 for families. Your best bet is to check out the Elk Ridge webpage.


Elk Ridge is a ski resort that includes a tubing area as well. It was recently sold and purchased and the new owner plans on expanding the services offered.

It is a great place to go if you are looking for a fun-filled tubing experience! This location offers various hills for various types of experience levels.

There are two main runs that will leave you grinning from ear to ear from the rush of sliding downhill.

Not only is it a great place for adults but the kids will have a fun time tubing in a safe environment.

If you get tired of sledding, I recommend checking out the skiing hills that Elk Ridge offers. There are a few short runs that look like they’d be a lot of fun.

Things to Know

Elk Ridge is a family friendly place. If you are looking for more extreme sledding, this might not be the place for you.

8. Sunrise Park Resort

Location: This is by far the furthest located sledding spot from Flagstaff Arizona, but I promise that it is worth the drive. Sunrise is located 3 hours southeast of Flagstaff by Pinetop Arizona.

Cost: For two hours of tubing, it costs anywhere from $15 to $18 dollars for individuals and around $55 for a family. Be sure to check on their site for official pricing.


Sunrise Park Resort is nothing short of amazing. I highly recommend it! I have gone skiing and tubing here a couple of times and it has never disappointed.

There are a couple of groomed hills that are perfect for tubing. In addition to there be great hills for tubing, you don’t even have to worry about carrying your tube back up the hill because there is a rope pole that carts you up the hill.

The park also offers nighttime tubing!

When you are done tubing, you can relax in the lodge area where there is a snack bar that serves hot cocoa. Bathrooms are also easily accessible.

Things to Know

The surrounding area is extremely beautiful and offers great picture taking opportunities. I would suggest that you check out the surround areas.

Also, if you are hungry, the towns Pinetop and Lakeside have some great restaurants to choose from.

Be sure to dress warm! It get cold up there.

9. Lone Tree Sledding Area

Location: Lone Tree Sledding Area is within the Flagstaff area. IT is located just south of Northern Arizona University of S Lake Mary Rd.

Cost: Free.


The Lone Tree Sledding Area is a hidden gem of a sledding spot. It is not very popular or well know. Lucky for you and I, that means that there will be less of a crowd.

It is essentially one hill that is quite steep and will shoot you off pretty fast! That being said, it may not be the best option for the kiddos.

Parking is free and easy to find. There are no restroom facilities, however, there is a Mobil Gas Station nearby that serves as a great place to use the bathroom and stock up on snacks.

Things to Know

Parking space is limited to only 15 cars and there has been problems with cars blocking the road. The US Forrest Service wants you to help maintain safety and not park your car anywhere besides the designated parking spots.

Lone Tree sledding area may also be at risk of closure due to broken sleds and trash. Please remember to bring everything home with you so this doesn’t happen.

Bring your own sled and be careful!

10. Forest Roads

In addition to the specific places that have been listed above, there are various other places that you can sled.

The Flagstaff area is full of various forest roads that you can drive down in search of good sledding hills.

Forest Road 749 is one option. There are some great sledding hills located on various pullouts along the road. There is a good one just a mile south of the Flagstaff Nordic Center on the east side of the road.

Forest Road 151 has a good pull off that is just two miles past the Wing Mountain Snow Play Area.

Be Safe

Always remember to be smart and safe when choosing a hill! Especially in non-designated areas, it can be a little more dangerous.

Do not sled in or near the paved roadway. Even if it looks like a country road, cars are still driving around 60mph!

11. Flagstaff Parks

Within in Flagstaff, there are various parks that have hills with decent sledding.

I would suggest trying Foxglenn Park, Thorpe Park, or Buffalo Park. All of these parks not only offer sledding opportunities but are great for snowman building and snowball fights

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sledding spots in flagstaff arizona
best sledding in flagstaff
sledding in flagstaff arizona

Wing Mountain Is Closed

Wing Mountain Sledding area used to be one of the most popular places to go sledding. It will often pop up as one of the first results for a great place to go sledding near Flagstaff.

It unfortunately just closed down. The owner of the property shut it down for good.

Have Fun!

Hopefully, you enjoy each of the 11 perfect sledding spots listed above! Get out there, be safe, and most importantly have fun!!

A Message From Your US Forrest Service Flagstaff Ranger District

Use the WAZE app to update closures, traffic, and full parking lots using Map Chat function.

Check the weather forecast and road conditions before you go: weather.gov/flagstaff, @NWSFlagstaff, 511.com, @ArizonaDOT

Follow @CoconinoNF for forest updates! For the Kaibab that’s @KaibabNF

Visit our Winter Sledding Page Before You Go to The Hills!

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Whether you are on a tight budget or you simply don’t own a sled, I’ve got you covered. There is no reason to miss out on a fun day of sledding because you lack a proper sled! Head out to a hill near you and try one of these amazing options today.

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