Rappelling Gear

Rappelling Gear

Whether rappelling down a sheer cliff wall, embarking in a descent into the center of a cave, or descending a majestic waterfall it is important to always be prepared for any of the elements that may be encountered. Rappelling should never be taken lightly and is not a simple walk in the park.

Your gear must be ready to withstand the toughest conditions while providing the necessary strength, durability, protection, and best fit for your needs. That is why these products were selected and thorough reviews completed about their performance.

I’ve spent countless hours researching and testing the quality, strength, and value each piece of gear brings to the table. Not to mention that many other customers have tried these same products and given their voice of approval.

Each of the products selected may not be the highest end items but will still deliver high quality at an affordable price.

While actively rappelling, I caution you to not buy used equipment for your personal safety. So much can happen in rappelling that it is best to buy new or upgrade your current rappelling gear when it is worn and showing signs of distress. Your life can literally hang by a thread.  Don’t test these limits by cutting corners to save a few bucks now.  You may regret doing so in the future.

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